Dr Brenda Howard

Dr Brenda Howard, MBE


Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Lancaster Environment Centre
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Research interests

My research interests include radionuclide transfer to animals in agricultural and semi-natural ecosystems, radiation protection of organisms other than humans, remediation after nuclear accidents and analysis and application of radioecological data.

Radiation protection of the environment

Within the EURATOM project, PROTECT (Protection of the environment from ionising radiation in a regulatory context), we evaluated the different approaches to protection of the environment from ionising radiation and compared these with those used for non-radioactive contaminants. This provided a scientific justification to propose numerical targets or standards for protection of the environment from ionising radiation. I recently led a NERC Knowledge Exchange project which is provided training to regulators, industry and others concerned with radiological environmental assessment on the application of the ERICA Tool. Whilst chairing Working Group 5 of the IAEA EMRAS II programme (Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety) we produced a Handbook compiling Concentration Ratio (CRwo-media) values to quantify the transfer of radionuclides from environmental media to wildlife (whole-organism) with sufficient information provided to carry out probabilistic assessments.

Radionuclide transfer in the foodchain

I have studied the transfer of radionuclides to agricultural and wild animals for more than 30 years. I led a team which provided an updated list of transfer parameter values for animal products in the human foodchain for a major international reference source produced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (Technical report Series TRS 472). Within the IAEA MODARIA (Modelling and Data for Radiological Impact Assessments) programme I am chairing WG 4 addressing Analysis of radioecological data in IAEA TRS publications to identify key radionuclides and associated parameter values for human and wildlife exposure assessment.

Remediation after nuclear accidents

I have provided assistance to Japanese colleagues and the relevant Ministry in their response to the environmental and agricultural consequences of the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident. I was also a technical editor of an IAEA handbook (TRS 475) on ‘Guidelines for Remediation strategies to reduce the radiological consequences of environmental contamination’.


Brief CV

I have a PhD in physiological heavy metal detoxification mechanisms. I have produced more than 140 refereed papers, focusing largely on factors affecting radionuclide behaviour in the terrestrial environment and nuclear accident remediation. I have published 20 books, including five special issues of Journals and made contributions to a number of IAEA documents.

I was awarded an MBE for my radioecological work in 2002. I am a member of the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) and sub committees on Authorisations and Contaminations. I have co-ordinated eight EU framework projects, currently lead CEH participation in the Strategy for Allied radioecology (STAR) network and am the Secretary of the European Radioecology Alliance.



Recent publications

See the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA)

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Other publications

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Journal Special Issues

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