Our research facilities are state-of-the-art. They play a vital role in our integrated terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems science and investigate everything from radiation in freshwater to bacteria in soil. 

The facilities below are used to further CEH science and are open for contract use by business, policy and civil society partners. For information about access, please contact the individual facilities below. 

Chemistry labs at CEH's Lancaster site. Photo - Heather Lowther
Bringing together experts to support a range of projects
Analytical chemistry laboratory at Wallingford
Providing high quality chemistry data for the Thames Initiative Project
Analytical chemistry laboratory at Wallingford
Researching ecological and hydrological systems
Solardomes at the Air Pollution Facility
Researching ozone's effects on vegetation
Providing isolated sites for controlled ecological experiments
Dead forest near Chernobyl with radioactivity warning sign
Radiochemical measurements
Researcher measuring isotopes
Isotope analysis in terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems
Organics sketch of a chicken
Identifying organic substances in the natural environment
Contributing to projects on water, soil and vegetation
Periodic table
Identifying metals in natural and experimental environments
General view of CEH Bangor Analytical Laboratory
Providing high quality chemistry data to a range of projects
A monitoring buoy on Loch Leven
Enabling real-time data on lake conditions
The experimental aquatic mesocosm facility at CEH
Isolating environmental pressures on water systems