National Hydrological Monitoring Programme - Hydrological Review of the Year

The National Hydrological Monitoring Programme (NHMP) published an annual review of hydrological events and hydrological conditions within each calendar year until 2010; thereafter the series was superseded by the quarterly UK Hydrological Bulletins. Based on analysis and interpretation of the data holdings of the National River Flow Archive and the National Groundwater Level Archive, the annual reviews placed the year in its hydrological context, focussing on rainfall, evaporation and soil moisture, river flows, and groundwater levels.

The Hydrological Review of the Year is available electronically in various formats:

From 2006 to the most recent edition in 2010 as a pdf:

2010 [PDF, 1.6 MB] 2009 [PDF, 9.58 MB] 2008 [PDF, 12.4 MB] 2007 [PDF, 9.34 MB]
2006 [PDF, 7.82 MB]      

As a collection of webpages pages from 1996 to 2005:

2005 2004 2003 2002
2001 2000 1999 1998
1997 1996    

From 1981 to 1996 the annual reviews were featured in the Yearbooks published in the Hydrological data UK series; hard copies of these Yearbooks are available from the National River Flow Archive Office, though a few editions are out of print.

The Yearbooks can now be downloaded as a pdf, digitised from the original printed version:

1995 [PDF, 12.0 MB] 1994 [PDF, 13.3 MB] 1993 [PDF, 11.2 MB] 1992 [PDF, 10.1 MB]
1991 [PDF, 11.4 MB] 1990 [PDF, 12.8 MB] 1989 [PDF, 12.4 MB] 1988 [PDF, 12.4 MB]
1987 [PDF, 11.8 MB] 1986 [PDF, 13.8 MB] 1985 [PDF, 14.1 MB] 1984 [PDF, 16.9 MB]
1983 [PDF, 12.5 MB] 1982 [PDF, 8.8 MB] 1981 [PDF, 13.8 MB]  

A history of the production of the hydrological yearbook and precursor publications can be found here.

Yearbook Feature Articles

Some of the feature articles, relating to significant hydrological events or issues, from the earlier Yearbooks have been digitised. The articles are listed below, and PDF versions of the articles can be downloaded - please note that because of the scanning process some of the figures and plates reproduce poorly in monochrome.

Yearbook Article Author Download
Flow Gauging on the River Thames - The First 100 Years A.E. Jones
PDF [0.7 KB]
Inland Water Surveying in the United Kingdom - A Short History M.L. Lees
PDF [1.2 MB]
The McClean Hydrometric Data Collection A. Werritty
PDF [0.4 MB]
The Acquisition and Archiving of River Flow Data - Past and Present T.J. Marsh
PDF [1.3 MB]
The October 1987 Flood on the River Tywi J.R. Frost and E.C. Jones
PDF [0.7 MB]
Hydrological Analysis of the Truro floods of January and October 1988 M.C. Acreman
PDF [0.5 MB]
The 1988/89 Drought - A Hydrological Review M.L. Lees, S.J. Bryant and T.J. Marsh
PDF [1.1 MB]
1990 - A Year of Floods and Droughts T.J. Marsh and S.J. Bryant
PDF [1.0 MB]
The Great Tay Flood of January 1993 A.R. Black and J.L. Anderson
PDF [0.8 MB]
The Chichester Flood, January 1994 S.M. Taylor
PDF [0.4 MB]
Regional Flooding in Strathclyde, December 1994 A.R. Black and A.M. Bennett
PDF [0.5 MB]
The 1995 Drought - a water resources review in the context of the recent hydrological instability T.J. Marsh
PDF [0.7 MB]


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