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Studying the exchange of gases and aerosols between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere
Helping to maintain ecosystems and the delivery of ecosystem services
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We possess unique, long-term and large-scale datasets that describe the state of the environment


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A range of hydrological and land cover datasets available under licence for commercial, non-commercial and academic use
Advanced modelling solutions for flooding at local, catchment, national scales
Most software and models are available to be downloaded.


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Professor David Fowler of CEH speaking at the Ozone Symposium
16th Sep 2016
Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016
Lifetime achievement Sarah Wanless and Mike Harris
15th Sep 2016
Deserved accolade for seabird ecologists
State of Nature 2013 and State of Nature 2016 report covers
13th Sep 2016
Trends and biases in biological records