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Studying the exchange of gases and aerosols between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere
Helping to maintain ecosystems and the delivery of ecosystem services
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We possess unique, long-term and large-scale datasets that describe the state of the environment


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A range of hydrological and land cover datasets available under licence for commercial, non-commercial and academic use
Advanced modelling solutions for flooding at local, catchment, national scales
Most software and models are available to be downloaded.


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ARMA 2016 conference logo
13th Jun 2016
ARMA 2016 conference
A 7-spot ladybird with the characteristic cocoon of the Dinocampus coccinellae wasp parasite
8th Jun 2016
Tackling a complex ecological puzzle of ladybirds and parasites
table of chemical risk ranking
25th May 2016
Identifying the single most dangerous chemical present in UK surface waters