Professional summary

Arlete is a soil biogeochemist working in the Land Use group at Lancaster. She obtained a PhD in Environmental Science from Lancaster University in 2018, focusing on the impacts of interactions between land management and climate change on greenhouse gas emissions. She then moved to the Netherlands to undertake a post-doctoral position at Wageningen University & Research, investigating how different plant species can improve plant productivity while reducing their environmental impact. She recently joined UKCEH and has contributed to a diverse range of regional and national research projects, focusing on the impacts of land use change to bioenergy cropping on biodiversity, soil carbon and ecosystem processes.

Arlete specialises in soil biogeochemical processes, investigating the impact of land management on carbon and nitrogen cycling, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change mitigation. Her recent focus is on using plant traits as a tool to predict and mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from grassland soils.

Other Publications

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