Professional summary

Mike is a plant scientist and ecologist, interested in applying findings from his and others' research to aid successful restoration in different contexts, from local to global scales. He has expertise in environmental change effects on ecosystems gained using observational, experimental and simulation modelling approaches. His work involves research sites in the UK, Europe, Australia and South America, with collaborations across the globe, mainly in forests and grasslands. At UKCEH, he is working with the ozone team at Bangor to improve the understanding of ozone's effects on semi-natural and cropland systems in the context of other environmental changes, including drought and nitrogen deposition.

He also helps co-ordinate ICP Vegetation activities, including leading a review on the critical levels for nitrogen oxides. He has considered co-benefits and trade-offs among mitigation and adaptation outcomes from climate actions and is contributing to an integrated understanding of climate and biodiversity impacts on financial systems. He is a subject matter editor for two disciplinary journals — Ecosphere and Restoration Ecology — and has experience of MSc and PhD student supervision and group teaching at Masters, undergraduate and school level. Mike has an ongoing Senior Lecturer adjunct appointment, at The UWA Institute of Agriculture, The University of Western Australia.