Professional summary

Emma J Barton is a meteorologist whose research topic is land-atmosphere interaction, using Earth Observation and model data to characterise land, in particular soil moisture, influence on the lower atmosphere, with a focus on extreme storms.

Emma is currently researching the influence of the land surface on intense storms around the world using observations and k-scale simulations. In past research projects she has participated in international collaborations including VERA which was work to understand the impact of vegetation on extreme storms in West Africa and GCRF AFRICAN SWIFT, a major project to build capacity in African weather forecasting on multiple timescales. 

With partners in India, Emma has been involved in the INCOMPASS project to improve forecasting of the Indian summer monsoon through characterisation of key land-atmosphere feedbacks, and CASPER, an evaluation of high-resolution forecast model behaviour over the Indian summer monsoon region with particular focus on extreme rainfall events. 

Emma has also been part of the PORCELAIN collaboration with Chinese partners to understand the influence of land-atmosphere interactions on the East Asian monsoon.