Professional summary

Eiko is an Environmental Physicist, who leads the Science Area of Atmospheric Chemistry & Effects at UKCEH's Edinburgh site. His work encompasses the measurement of surface / atmosphere exchange fluxes of a wide range of trace gases and aerosols, using micrometeorological flux measurement approaches. This includes fluxes of reactive nitrogen compounds, greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds, ozone, sulphur dioxide and aerosols above vegetation and urban areas. The data are analysed to quantify dry deposition inputs and to develop the understanding of the exchange processes, which feeds into the development of parametrisations of both emission and dry deposition.

Eiko works closely with chemistry and transport modellers to apply these parameterisations in numerical models, ranging from the local to the global scale. This work underpins UK and European policy on nitrogen deposition, particulate matter and emissions.

A particular interest is the interaction between surface / atmosphere exchange fluxes and chemical processes in the surface layer and within plant canopies, as well as the development of new flux measurement setups with state-of-the-art instrumentation, for example instrumentation to measure chemically resolved aerosol fluxes using wet-chemistry gradient systems and two versions of the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer. His group contributes to the standardisation of flux measurements approaches and long-term observations with advanced measurement approaches.