Professional summary

Dr Amaia Green Etxabe’s current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of action and functional consequence of pollutants across a range of species. Amaia is particularly interested in sublethal biomarkers and response profiles of pollutants with the aim of aiding predictions of species-sensitivity for improved environmental risk assessment and monitoring. Her recent work involves investigating the effects of nanoparticles and metals across invertebrates, as well as the exposure of birds to legacy waste. Amaia has an extensive background of applying molecular techniques to diverse “non-model" species.

Selected publications
Other Publications

Green Etxabe A, Short S, Flood T, Johns T, Ford AT. 2015. Pronounced and prevalent intersexuality does not impede the ‘Demon Shrimp’ invasion. PeerJ 

Cragg, S.M., Beckham, G.T., Bruce, N.C., Bugg, T.D., Distel, D.L., Dupree, P., Green Etxabe, A., Goodell, B.S., Jellison, J., McGeehan, J.E. and McQueen-Mason, S.J., 2015. Lignocellulose degradation mechanisms across the Tree of Life. Current opinion in chemical biology29,108-119.