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Project: TerraFIRMA: Future Impacts, Risks and Mitigation Actions in a changing Earth system
Timescale: Nov 2022-Oct 2026
Funder: UKRI Natural Environment Research Council
Lead institute: National Centre for Atmospheric Science


Project overview

Global climate change is the leading environmental challenge facing humanity today. Reliable guidance on the risks and impacts of future climate change, combined with robust information on mitigation options for limiting future change, are urgently required.

TerraFIRMA will examine a range of climate mitigation strategies, from afforestation and rewilding, to cutting methane emissions and other pathways to net zero (not adding to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere).

TerraFIRMA is funded by the NERC National Capability Multi-Centre Science programme – designed to bring science centres together for more ambitious, integrated, and large-scale research into critical environmental challenges.