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Our research

Our core aim is to improve the process-based understanding of land-atmosphere exchange, focusing on emissions, atmospheric transport and chemical transformation, deposition and effects.

We do this by integrating measurements, data, models and new understanding of complex interactions. Our research supports policy development for the mitigation of air pollutants and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

World-class science and innovation

  • Flagship monitoring sites (eg Auchencorth Moss) and national-scale monitoring networks (eg GHG Flux Network) generate long-term, high frequency time series of atmospheric composition change and its key drivers.
  • We develop state-of-the-art process-based models from our measurements and field experiments.
  • Our models quantify the emissions, dispersion and deposition/removal of pollutants from the atmosphere and their environmental fate.
  • We investigate the impact of changes in meteorology and atmospheric composition on the biodiversity and biogeochemical cycling of macro- and micronutrients in natural and managed ecosystems.


Science Area Head: Dr Eiko Nemitz

Research Development Manager: Dr Colin Mackechnie

Science Area Coordinator: Dr Johanna Howes

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