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Accessing IT services from off-site

If you are working away from the UKCEH network, you can still access a range of services, including Outlook email and Office365 applications such as SharePoint and Teams and Workday. Some can be accessed directly and some require a UKCEH laptop and VPN connection.

Please read the DSE guidance below.

You will be required to setup multi-factor authentication prior to being able to access certain services.
Multi-Factor Authentication (to be completed in the office):
  - Enable MFA (Multi-factor authentication) for your Microsoft Office Account: Please follow the “Microsoft Office MFA Setup for offline access” procedure.
  - Connecting Workday to Okta authenticator: Please follow the “UKCEH Procedure - Accessing Workday from outside the CEH Network” procedure.

Services not requiring VPN access: Workday - Outlook (email) - Teams - OneDrive - SharePoint - Calendar - Other Microsoft Office Platforms (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) - UKCEH Wiki

Please use the following procedures to access all of these services:

Services Requiring VPN Access include (but not limited to): Shared network drives - UKCEH Intranet - Software that requires a server-based licence
VPN allows you to access the UKCEH network as if you were on site. If you have been provided with a UKCEH laptop and a VPN account, instructions for connecting can be found in the Using Checkpoint VPN procedure.

Using OneDrive To Access Files: If you plan to access data while out of the office using OneDrive, please follow the “Using Microsoft OneDrive Online” procedure.

If you experience any difficulties during off-site work, the IT department, CCS, is available during normal office working hours. Please email the helpdesk for your site:
Bangor, Wallingford, Edinburgh or Lancaster

DSE arrangements for temporary working at home arrangements at this time

Individuals working at home due to Covid-19 restrictions should ensure they have all of the equipment and materials they require:

  1. You may take home any specialist IT equipment that the SHE team have provided you with e.g. ergonomic mice and keyboards – please notify the SHE team of items you take home.
  2. You may take home monitors, keyboards, mice, webcams, docking stations but not desktop PCs* - You MUST let CCS know everything you plan to take home – please email your local IT help desk with “Kit for home working” as the subject line.
  3. You may take your office chair home with you, though you must inform Facilities that you intend to, and notify them when you bring it back. No special measures will be required prior to you bringing your chair back to the office.

* Staff are NOT permitted to take desktop PCs home for a number of reasons. For the detailed reasons please see this document.

UKCEH recognise that the ‘ideal’ workstation conditions will not be available to most individuals, but we must all do our best to maintain business as usual. At this time we do not know how long these arrangements will last; a full DSE assessment will not be required at this time. However, where possible, individuals should try to mimic your office set up and ensure that the basic principles of the workstation assessment are met - you may re-take your online DSE training module for assistance. (There is no need to carry out the DSE assessment section.)

If anyone has any specific medical issues that may be aggravated because of working from home in these circumstances, they should discuss these with their line manager.

Where possible you should aim to:

  • Sit at a table or desk of a suitable height
  • Use a stable chair (ideally adjustable 'office style’)
  • Use a separate monitor, keyboard and/or mouse if available and adjust them accordingly
  • Where a separate monitor is not available, but where separate keyboard and mouse are used, you should raise the height of the laptop to position the screen at a height similar to that of your office monitor. This will minimise ‘hunching’ over the laptop
  • Take suitable breaks to change position, stretch or move around.

Whilst the SHE team are available to try and help with DSE related concerns, please bear in mind support for homeworking due to covid19 will be limited – and you should in the first instance refer to the online DSE training and guidance to help resolve issues as best you can.

Please email John Kentisbeer if you have any queries.