UKCEH continues to be at the leading edge in the development of water resource management methods and tools for government and industry. Using the results of its latest research and access to major research facilities, it specialises in delivering advanced modelling tools to address major challenges of increasing demand and environmental change upon the world's freshwater resources.

Our Services 

  • National freshwater status monitoring and reporting
  • Short-term hydrological outlooks and seasonal forecasting
  • Multi-scale hydrological modelling, from field- to global-scale
  • Climate change impact and vulnerability assessments; scenario-based analyses
  • Decision Support Systems for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
  • Soil moisture monitoring and modelling
  • Irrigation water planning and management; assessment of crop water demands
  • Wastewater reuse and management in agriculture
  • Environmental flows (E-flows) modelling, tools and advice
  • Advice on Water Framework Directive (WFD) implementation, monitoring and compliance
  • Catchment abstraction management advice
  • Monitoring and modelling the state and fate of pollutants in rivers
  • Source-apportionment modelling of point- and diffuse-pollution sources
  • Reservoir and lake water quality monitoring, modelling and management
  • Hydrological time-series and spatial-data management and analyses
  • Hydrometeorological monitoring network design and implementation

Our Experience

  • UK monthly hydrological forecasts of water resources 3-6 months into the future
  • UK COSMOS soil moisture monitoring network
  • UK Future Flows: a consistent assessment of the impact of climate change on river flows and groundwater levels across England, Wales and Scotland using the latest projections from the UK Climate Impact Programme (UKCIP)
  • Water4Crops: one of the largest Euro-India collaborative projects exploring biotechnological waste water treatments and reuse in agronomical systems
  • Climate change impacts of glacier-fed river flows in the Himalayas
  • Water quality improvements in the Songhuajiang-Liaohe River Basin, Liaoning & Heilongjiang Provinces, China
  • Lake Victoria:¬†New water release and abstraction policy. East Africa Community
  • Futures of European water resources under different policy, development and demographic scenarios
  • UK future water resources and water quality


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