Why do we need to develop a better data science framework?

Because this will create a step-change in the ability of the research community and others to understand, predict and manage the environment.

UK-SCAPE Work Package 2: Aims

This work package will make it much easier for researchers and other stakeholders to find and use the data they need.

Linking across all UK-SCAPE work packages, we will create a truly innovative data platform providing open access to scientific evidence, models and observational data through a Data Science Framework. This will allow the UK environmental research community to combine and explore future scenario projections within new Virtual Data Labs. We will develop the framework using scientific case studies across air, water, soil and biodiversity which will answer specific science questions.

Our approach will ensure that data, information and forecasting capabilities are accessible, timely and efficient.


Our case studies will each address a specific knowledge gap, allowing us to make significant advances while developing the data science infrastructure. Our initial focus will be on air quality and water availability:

  • 2.1 How can we protect human and ecosystem health by improving our understanding of interactions between air pollution, vegetation and climate? Contact John Watkins for more information.
  • 2.2 How will future climate influence water availablity and quality? Contact John Watkins for more information.

Key innovation

We will establish a Data Science Framework currently not seen in the UK, with outputs and products accessible to the wider community.

We will bring together data, models and processes from different sources to produce high quality, integrated products at appropriate spatial and temporal resolutions. Maps of status, trend and change, including uncertainty, will be produced. APIs will be created to enable data and models to be incorported into evidence chains and to allow researchers to explore virtual futures.