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Coronavirus update:

UKCEH has cancelled the course scheduled for 9-11 June 2020. We may set a new date in the future.

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UKCEH Wallingford, Maclean Building, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BB Location map & travel directions


£799 Professionals

£599 registered students

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Short Course Description:

This 3-day course will prepare participants to develop microbial field survey techniques and experiment design skills, to collect high-quality microbial samples in the field and prepare them for analysis, and to understand the bioinformatics and statistic requirements to publish such studies.

Day 1: Theoretical preparation and sampling design requirements.

Day 2 starts with a field component where you will take riverine and soil microbial samples, and a lab work component in the afternoon, when you will prepare the sampled DNA for shotgun sequencing.

Day 3: You will analyse different types of microbial data samples in the morning. In the afternoon, you will convert the data into a publishable format, followed by a session about paper writing.  

Course Objectives:

The course participants will gain a better understanding of

1) what is required to design a scientifically sound sampling strategy

2) what is required to conduct scientifically viable fieldwork

3) what is required to prepare a publication once the data has been collected

Learning outcomes:

Course participants will be able to identify what elements are needed to successfully design a study including microbial field- and lab work and take it through to publication.


Accommodation is not included in the cost.  More detail: see FAQ and our guide to accommodation near UKCEH Wallingford.





Course participants should have undergraduate-level knowledge of microbial ecology and fieldwork design.

Course Leader:

Dr Katja Lehmann, Microbial Ecologist and Bioinformatician, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. Dr Lehmann has more than 9 years experience in conducting fieldwork campaigns and bioinformatics analyses for publication.

Target Audience:

MSc and PhD students studying microbiology, ecology or any related field.

Citizen scientists with sampling experience.

Course delivery:

Blended learning, with lectures, discussions, practicals and elements of problem-based learning

Relevant links and key publications

Lehmann, K. "Sampling of riverine or marine bacterial communities in remote locations: from field to publication." Marine Genomics: Methods and Protocols (2016): 1-11.