Professional summary

Research Interests

My research relates to the timing of seasonal events, such as breeding and moult, in avian annual cycles and the consequences of environmental change on this. Birds need to time their breeding attempts to coincide with the annual peak in food abundance. Breeding seasons can vary widely between species both in timing and duration and with latitude within species. Gonadal maturation needs to be timed appropriately. The annual cycle in photoperiod is the major environmental cue that birds use to control the time gonadal maturation and regression, yet breeding seasons are rarely, if ever, symmetrical with change in photoperiod. Moult also needs to occur when food is relatively abundant, but not at the same time as breeding or migration. Discovering the neuroendocrine and endocrine mechanisms involved is a key theme of my research. Understanding these processes is important when assessing the potential consequences of environmental change and the viability of mitigation strategies, such as moving to higher latitudes.

A full list of my publications can be found on Researcher ID here.

Brief CV

IMP Scientist and Head of Site, CEH Edinburgh 2008-

President, British Ornithologists' Union 2007-20011

Deputy Director, then Acting Director and Head of Site, CEH Monks Wood 2002-2008

President, International Society for Avian Endocrinology 2000-2004

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Bristol 1986-1994

Joined ITE (later CEH) Monks Wood 1978


DSc (University of Wales 1995)

PhD (University of Wales 1978)

BSc Zoology (University of Wales, Bangor 1975)