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NOTE: The secure portal requires an authorised NERC Key. Please contact your local IT support helpdesk to request one. 


To access your Novell home directory via Secure FTP, you can use standard SFTP tools on whatever platform you are on. For Windows Platforms, you can download WinSCP (WINdows Secure CoPy).

NOTE - to connect to these services you must either connect from a NERC site or have an active VPN session. 

  • UKCEH Edinburgh :
  • UKCEH Lancaster :


Unix systems within UKCEH should be accessed via SSH (providing an encrypted session). For Linux/Unix platforms, SSH Tools are generally included in the standard tools.

For Windows Platforms, puTTY can be downloaded from here and WinSCP can be downloaded from here.

NERC Open Research Archive

To access the NERC Open Research Archive, please go to the NORA website.

Wireless HotSpot Locators

You can use the hotspot locator engines below to help when planning your wireless access when on the move: