The Windermere Humic Aqueous Model (WHAM7) simulates the chemical reactions that occur when metals enter soil and water systems. In particular, it investigates how metals bind to humic substances, the most dominant form of non-living organic matter in terrestrial and aquatic environments.

These simulations are critical for understanding how pollution is affecting the environment. It makes WHAM7 especially useful for conducting environmental risk assessments.

About WHAM

More than 100 labs now use the model which, since 1992, has grown to include 248 data sets and 17116 data points.

WHAM7 also includes a solution speciation model, as well as a set of submodels for ion binding to:

  • humic and fulvic acids
  • clay
  • oxides of iron, aluminium, manganese and silicon

Calibration data for Humic Ion-Binding Model VII

The proton- and metal-binding data used to calibrate Humic-Ion Binding Model VII may be obtained on request.

WHAM licensing

WHAM7 is free to existing users of WHAM6. For new users, please see a summary of pricing at the bottom of this page. 

Because we do not receive sufficient funding to cover the entire cost of developing and writing our software, we must charge for WHAM. The proceeds go towards covering the costs of technical support and development of future versions of the software.

Purchasers can buy one of two licence types for WHAM:

  • A SINGLE USER LICENCE allows the use of a single copy on a single PC.
  • A GROUP LICENCE allows use on a specified number of PCs. When ordering you specify how many PCs you want to be licensed for.

You can always add extra users to licences. This allows you to either change a single user licence to a group licence, or expand it to an existing group licence.

Potential users from developing countries may contact us regarding special pricing.

Using WHAM for educational purposes

We wish to make it easy and convenient to use WHAM for all educational purposes. If you are a member of staff of a bona fide educational institution, all licences (both single and group) allow you to install WHAM on one PC per student. This is for the purposes of course teaching only.

Ordering WHAM

To order WHAM7, contact us to receive an order form by email or post.


WHAM licences cost as follows (all prices in pounds Sterling):

1 £300        
2 £550
3 £800
4 £1000
5 £1150
6 or more £150 per extra user

These prices include carriage but exclude UK sales tax (VAT) of 20%. VAT is payable if you are based in the United Kingdom or the EU and are not VAT exempt.

You will be asked to provide your VAT Registration Number if applicable.

Contact us

For more information, please contact the Spatial Data team