Software / Models

CEH offers a range of environmental software, much of which is available free of charge. Our other resources include the JULES model (opens in new window).

Family taking part in the first national farm pollinator survey in June 2012. Photo: Barnaby Smith
Identifies and presents vegetation classification types
Classifies samples and multivariate species data
A digital data entry system to capture and store River Habitat Survey data in the field
Updated list of freshwater algae recordings in Britain and Ireland
River Lambourn
Coded list of standard names and identifying codes for freshwater macroinvertebrates in the British Isles
Predicts soil moisture and crop success in salinity-prone soils
Thames flooding at Wallingford
Produces forecasts of river level and flow in real-time and provides tools for off-line use
River Findhorn, Scotland
Water quality and flow model for river networks
Weather radar providing flood warnings based on estimated rainfall