CEH offers a range of environmental software, much of which is available free of charge. Our other resources include the JULES model (opens in new window).

FEH web service
Industry standard methods for assessing flood risk in the UK
Flood Estimation Handbook
Estimates flood risk in order to develop resilient infrastructure
Screengrab from ELUM Model
The ELUM Model
Future Flows river flow changes in 2050
Provides a projection of river flows and groundwater levels throughout the country
PROTECH model graph
Assesses phytoplankton for lake management
Examples of countryside vegetation
Allows vegetation to be compared across many classification systems
Soil water measurement
Simulates the resulting reactions of metals entering water and soil systems
A river in April
Estimates the ecological health of new running water sites
Identifies unit hydrographs and component flows from rainfall, evaporation and streamflow data
Drought cover
Provides estimates of river flows in the UK
MAVIS front screen
Classifies species and samples - a Windows-based version of TWINSPAN