Land Cover Map 2000 (LCM2000) updates and substantially upgrades the Land Cover Map of Great Britain 1990 but also covers Northern Ireland, producing for the first time an all-UK dataset.

LCM2000 was classified using a hierarchical nomenclature corresponding to the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) Broad Habitats, encompassing the entire range of UK habitats. It is produced in both vector and raster formats, with a number of different versions containing varying levels of detail and at different spatial resolutions.

LCM2000 is the second map in the series and includes Northern Ireland. The production of LCM2000 used object based image analysis (OBIA) techniques. Instead of representing the land surface as regular sized pixels, OBIA considers the land surface as a collection of discrete irregular objects such as forests, lakes, urban areas and fields. Land cover objects for LCM2000 were derived from image segments and were assigned land cover values according to the pixel distributions within. These classifications were then refined using contextual and ancillary information.

Land Cover Map 2000: Technical details

Vector data format

The vector product is the most detailed. Each polygon represents a parcel of land and has attributes describing land cover and metadata describing how this information was derived (see Table 1).

  • Scale: Minimum Mappable Unit for land cover parcels: 0.5ha
  • Supply Format: ESRI® Shapefile format
  • Coverage: UK

Raster data format

Five raster products simplify this information. A 25x25m raster gives the most likely Broad Habitat for each pixel.

Four freely available 1x1km raster products summarise the 25x25m raster. Metadata for the LCM2000 raster formats are available in Table 3 and Table 4.

  • Scale: 25m and 1km pixel size
  • Supply Format: GeoTiff
  • Coverage: UK

Obtaining LCM2000

Please see the information here on how to request our Land Cover Maps for various uses.

Further information

Further information on LCM2000 can be found in the LCM2000 final report, user guides and sample attached below.

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