We are a major custodian of environmental datasets. A range of our hydrological and land cover datasets available under licence for commercial, non-commercial and academic use are listed here. Environmental datasets not mentioned below may be available for download from the UKCEH Environmental Information Portal.

Further information is available in our PDF icon UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Data Licensing Policy.pdf.

A sample of CEH Land Cover® plus: Crops data
National maps estimate average fertiliser and pesticide applications
Part of a map depicting Great Britain woody linear features framework
Modelled dataset describing distribution of boundaries of hedges and lines of trees in Great Britain
3D rendering of Edinburgh and surrounding area in Land Cover Map 2015
The latest land cover information for the UK
Detail from Land Cover plus Crops Map 2015 showing crop types
Digital mapping of arable cropping on an annual basis
1km Rainfall Depth-Duration-Frequency Grids
Predicts amount of rainfall over a specified period of time
Northern Ireland in Land Cover Map 2007
Land cover information for the whole of the UK
Land Cover Map 2000 Wales and S England
The first land cover dataset to cover all of the UK
Part of Scotland in Land Cover Map 1990
The first satellite imagery-derived land cover map for the whole of Great Britain
Flood risk map data product
Digital flood risk maps for Scotland and Northern Ireland
Hydrology of soil types data product
Groups 29 soil classes by their hydrological properties
QT grids data product
Flood peak river flows estimated at 50m intervals along the UK river network
Integrated Hydrological Digital Terrain Model
Digital terrain model in five separate gridded datasets