CEH’s integrated national-scale multi-disciplinary scientific capabilities allow it to provide flexible solutions that address key water management issues. CEH has world-leading expertise in all aspects of hydrometeorological data, from collection in the field to interpretation and dissemination. CEH offers expertise in hydrometeorological monitoring and information systems to support capacity development in the fields of:

  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), helping to define appropriate responses to hydrological disasters (floods and droughts)
  • Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), to aid management decisions and water resources allocation in river basins
  • Climate Services, to assess and mitigate climate-related risks

Our Services 

  • Support for hydrometeorological monitoring
  • Advice on national and international data collection programmes
  • Assist hydrometeorological data management processes and tools development
  • Design, installation and operation of decision support systems for water management
  • Delivery of quantitative hydrometeorological information to support Integrated Water Resource Management and Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Capacity building, staff training and knowledge transfer

Our Experience

CEH has a long history of supporting governments and NGOs around the world to develop and operate national and regional hydrometric monitoring and data systems.

  • Development of transboundary data exchange policies in the Balkans - for WMO
  • Technical assistance to India Hydrology Project - for World Bank and Government of India
  • Capacity building to national hydrological agencies in Hindu Kush Himalayas under FRIEND programme - for DFID and UNESCO
  • Guidance and training on hydrological monitoring networks, data management and water resources assessment methods to SADC national hydrological agencies - for DFID and EU
  • Development and support of HYDATA software for managing national hydrometric data in more than ten countries.


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David Fraser
Business Development Manager
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