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Keeping people safe

The SHE team are available to provide advice and support with any safety, health or environmental queries as UKCEH works to ensure that the organisation functions as close to normally as possible. Please send enquiries to Kim Parmar and John Kentisbeer in the first instance.

To help aid staff and managers understand the SHE arrangements in place, we are making available the following documents:

COVID-19 risk assessment for UKCEH

This document outlines the measures UKCEH have put in place to minimise the risk to UKCEH persons from COVID-19, and measures individuals can take themselves, and supports the information provided in the updates to staff. Links to sources of further guidance are provided within the risk assessment.

[Link to COVID-19 risk assessment]

Home working risk assessment

We understand that everyone’s home working setup will be different from what we can provide on UKCEH sites and will not necessary be ideal, but we should follow the DSE guidance. The SHE team have prepared this generic risk assessment for home working which anyone working from home should aim to follow to the best of their ability.

[Link to Home working risk assessment]

You can find out more information, including what equipment you are permitted to take home from the office to help improve your home working situation here, tips on healthy home working in the infographic below and within the risk assessment.

We understand colleagues may be feeling anxious or isolated during this period of social distancing, particularly if you are working from home. There are further tips and links available in the above risk assessments. We recommend you arrange a daily ‘chat’ by phone or Teams with people you would normally meet up with for coffee or colleagues you would regularly check in with.  

Please remember that Welfare Officers and the Employee Assistance Programme are also available should you need any extra support during this time.

Welfare support

The welfare team would like to reassure everyone that they remain contactable at this time for confidential advice and support. Please see more information on the service here.

Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme is a valuable confidential service that staff and students may find helpful at this time. The 24/7 free telephone service is running as usual on 0800 048 2702. When you call, please inform the call handler that you work for UKCEH. This will allow you to access their full services. For more information contact Henry Kew (HR).