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1984-01-01 5145 Moorland management: a study of Exmoor. book Yes 14230 View xml
1984-01-01 6646 Transfer to terrestrial surfaces article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13604 View xml
1984-01-01 10472 Eutrophication and fisheries in Loch Leven book_section Yes 12241 View xml
1984-01-01 6279 The use of simple data in the production of strategic sampling systems book_section Yes 13792 View xml
1984-01-01 6032 The use of remote sensing for monitoring change in agriculture in the uplands and lowlands. book_section Yes 13868 View xml
1984-01-01 6028 The effects of eutrophication on aquatic wildlife. book_section Yes 13872 View xml
1984-01-01 6024 Models for predicting changes in rural land use in Great Britain book_section Yes 13876 View xml
1984-01-01 6011 Lead poisoning in mute swans - an East Anglian survey book_section Yes 13884 View xml
1984-01-01 5980 Agriculture and the environment book Yes 13892 View xml
1984-01-01 6862 Effects of trees on soil properties, a resampling of J.D.Ovington's plots at Abbotswood monograph Yes 13504 View xml
1984-01-01 6858 Effects of trees on soil properties, a resampling of J.D.Ovington's Pinus nigra var maritima plots at Bedgebury, Abbotswood, an monograph Yes 13508 View xml
1984-01-01 10313 Eutrophication of Loch Leven book_section Yes 12289 View xml
1984-01-01 507635 Lower Mekong Basin Water Balance Study phase 2 report monograph Yes 8967 View xml
1984-01-01 9538 Distribution maps of the mammals of the British Isles book Yes 12469 View xml
1984-01-01 12563 Soil temperature and the tree line: a note article Yes 11950 View xml
1984-01-01 21340 Radionuclide levels and distribution in grazed saltmarsh in West Cumbria article Yes 10171 View xml
1984-01-01 6649 Chemical composition of rainfall and wet deposition over northern Britain. article Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13601 View xml
1984-01-01 6645 Die Postulate von Koch und ie Luftverschumtzung article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13605 View xml
1983-12-01 511917 Gully - meter users manual monograph Yes 17972 View xml
1983-10-13 5852 1977 United Kingdom joint flight experiment: final report monograph Yes 21055 View xml
1983-09-01 509684 Chemical composition of rainfall and wet deposition over northern Britain conference_item Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 16861 View xml
1983-09-01 509686 On the episodic nature of wet deposited sulphate and acidity conference_item Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 16860 View xml
1983-02-01 511198 Seasonal and diel changes in plasma cortisol levels of the brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17926 View xml
1983-01-01 10439 Rotifer occurrence in relation to water temperature in Loch Leven, Scotland article Dr. Linda May Yes 12254 View xml
1983-01-01 5305 Distribution and breeding of the barn owl Tyto alba on Anglesey, North Wales monograph Yes 14116 View xml
1983-01-01 9537 Distribution maps of the amphibians & reptiles of the British Isles book Yes 12470 View xml
1983-01-01 5297 A land characteristic data bank for Great Britain monograph Yes 14124 View xml
1983-01-01 6594 Seabird populations of the Isle of May article Michael Harris Yes 13646 View xml
1983-01-01 6713 Land characteristic data banks developed from map-derived material book_section Yes 13574 View xml
1983-01-01 6709 Introduction (Ecological mapping from ground, air and space) book_section Yes 13578 View xml
1983-01-01 7277 Provisional atlas of the Characeae of the British Isles, including a catalogue of specimens held in the Herbarium of the Britis book Yes 13314 View xml
1983-01-01 6275 A stratification system for ecological sampling book_section Yes 13794 View xml
1983-01-01 7146 Biological influences in some units of sand dune landscapes book_section Yes 13366 View xml
1983-01-01 5304 Breeding of the magpie Pica pica on Anglesey, North Wales monograph Yes 14117 View xml
1983-01-01 6856 Current mycorrhizal research: abstracts of communications presented at the Mycorrhiza Group Meeting, Lancaster University, Marc monograph Yes 13510 View xml
1983-01-01 8754 Succession of mycorrhizal fungi on birch: infection of seedlings planted around mature trees article Yes 12750 View xml
1983-01-01 6712 The availability and use of archival sources of information book_section John Sheail Yes 13575 View xml
1983-01-01 6708 Ecological mapping from ground, air and space book Yes 13579 View xml
1983-01-01 6273 Estimates of present forest cover in Great Britain book_section Yes 13795 View xml
1983-01-01 10396 The plankton ecology of Loch Leven book_section Dr. Linda May Yes 12272 View xml
1983-01-01 6854 Interactions between ecology and economics monograph Yes 13511 View xml
1983-01-01 8817 Birds of prey and pollution: interim report monograph Michael Harris, Michael Harris, Michael Harris Yes 12727 View xml
1983-01-01 6715 Aerial photographs as records of changing vegetation patterns book_section Yes 13572 View xml
1983-01-01 6711 Analysis of spatial data book_section Yes 13576 View xml
1983-01-01 19347 Provisional atlas of the hoverflies of (Diptera: syrphidae) of the British isles book Yes 10619 View xml
1983-01-01 507892 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1982 monograph Yes 8931 View xml
1983-01-01 5144 Marine gymnamoebae book Yes 14231 View xml
1983-01-01 6714 The British Rail land survey book_section Yes 13573 View xml
1983-01-01 6710 Strategy for successful survey book_section Yes 13577 View xml
1982-02-01 511199 Recovery of the brown trout, Salmo trutta L., from acute handling stress: a time-course study article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17925 View xml
1982-01-01 6014 Regional variation in quarries. book_section Yes 13881 View xml
1982-01-01 5289 A system for the digitisation and processing of V-notch weir hydrograph records monograph Yes 14132 View xml
1982-01-01 507890 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1981 monograph Yes 8932 View xml
1982-01-01 6818 Soil temperature in a deciduous woodland in north-west England monograph Yes 13526 View xml
1982-01-01 4308 A field key for classifying British woodland vegetation. Part 1 book Yes 14611 View xml
1982-01-01 6851 A preliminary visual presentation of land classes in Britain monograph Yes 13514 View xml
1982-01-01 7498 Atlas of the lichens of the British Isles. Volume 1 book Yes 13206 View xml
1982-01-01 7392 Towards an understanding of plant responses to pollutants. book_section Yes 13234 View xml
1982-01-01 5983 Ecology of quarries: the importance of natural vegetation book Yes 13890 View xml
1982-01-01 5236 Culturing algae. A guide for schools and colleges book Yes 14169 View xml
1982-01-01 5230 Climatological maps of Great Britain book Yes 14173 View xml
1982-01-01 5288 Burrows and burrowing of the puffin (Fratercula arctica) monograph Yes 14133 View xml
1982-01-01 6849 The effect of afforestation with Sitka spruce on soil carbon dynamics at Gisburn: a simple model study monograph Yes 13515 View xml
1982-01-01 7391 Air pollutants in agriculture and horticulture book_section Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13235 View xml
1982-01-01 10468 The composition and abundance of phytoplankton in Loch Leven (Scotland) 1977-1979 and a comparison with the succession in earli article Yes 12244 View xml
1982-01-01 5303 A wing-tagging system for marking larger passerine birds monograph Yes 14118 View xml
1982-01-01 507636 Lower Mekong Basin Water Balance Study phase 1 report monograph Yes 8966 View xml
1982-01-01 5207 Vegetation change in upland landscapes book Yes 14190 View xml
1982-01-01 5295 Preliminary studies on the laboratory simulation of nutrient transfers within a podzol soil monograph Yes 14126 View xml
1982-01-01 5160 Predatory birds, pesticides and pollution book Yes 14218 View xml
1982-01-01 5275 Plant growth analysis book Yes 14142 View xml
1982-01-01 6650 Rainfall acidity in northern Britain. article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13600 View xml
1982-01-01 6821 The effect of afforestation on carbon and nitrogen in the soil at Gisburn: a pilot study monograph Yes 13524 View xml
1982-01-01 7882 Culture Centre of Algae and Protozoa: list of strains 1982 book Yes 13096 View xml
1982-01-01 7504 Provisional atlas of the myxomycetes of the British Isles book Yes 13200 View xml
1982-01-01 10497 The spawning of perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland. article Yes 12233 View xml
1982-01-01 7272 Distribution maps of the butterflies of the British Isles book Yes 13316 View xml
1982-01-01 6016 Seedling demography in quarry habitats book_section Yes 13880 View xml
1982-01-01 5206 The use of land classification in resource assessment and rural planning book Yes 14191 View xml
1982-01-01 5270 Parasitic protozoa in British wild animals book Yes 14147 View xml
1982-01-01 6820 Population dynamics: models based on individual growth, resource allocation and competitive ethology monograph Yes 13525 View xml
1982-01-01 6852 Study on models of single populations monograph Yes 13513 View xml
1981-10-13 5817 Remote sensing in hydrology monograph Yes 21054 View xml
1981-01-01 10398 Loch Leven phytoplankton succession book_section Yes 12270 View xml
1981-01-01 7065 Abundance of field voles (Microtus agrestis) in conifer plantations book_section Yes 13397 View xml
1981-01-01 7061 Trees and the phytophagous insects data bank book_section Yes 13401 View xml
1981-01-01 7057 Possibilities of controlled reproduction in trees book_section Yes 13405 View xml
1981-01-01 7053 Effects of trees on soils book_section Yes 13409 View xml
1981-01-01 7043 Dry deposition of airborne pollutants on forests book_section Prof. David Fowler Yes 13417 View xml
1981-01-01 7039 The conservation of pasture-woodlands book_section Paul Harding Yes 13421 View xml
1981-01-01 7035 Woodland regeneration with examples drawn from investigations of oak woodland book_section Yes 13425 View xml
1981-01-01 7031 British woodlands in an European context. book_section Yes 13429 View xml
1981-01-01 5898 Land classes in Great Britain: preliminary descriptions for users of the Merlewood method of land classification monograph Yes 13905 View xml
1981-01-01 5285 A bulk precipitation sampler for use in a geochemical cycling project. A description of the construction, installation and ope monograph Yes 14136 View xml
1981-01-01 5281 A geochemical cycling study in an upland grassland catchment: an introduction to the project monograph Yes 14140 View xml
1981-01-01 7930 Forest and woodland ecology: an account of research being done in ITE book Yes 13078 View xml
1981-01-01 7878 Butterfly Monitoring Scheme: instructions for independent recorders book Yes 13098 View xml
1981-01-01 7866 A preliminary review of the occurrence of Asellus (Crustacea Isopoda) in the British Isles book Paul Harding Yes 13106 View xml
1981-01-01 7502 Provisional atlas of the marine dinoflagellates of the British Isles book Yes 13202 View xml
1981-01-01 10500 Ten years of ice records for Loch Leven, Kinross. article Yes 12231 View xml