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2017-06-01 517261 An aerial survey of gannets on Westray, Orkney, in August 2016 article Michael Harris Yes 22026 View xml
2017-06-01 517293 Estimation of cumulative fluxes of nitrous oxide: uncertainty in temporal upscaling and emission factors article Dr. Peter Levy, Dr. Nicholas J Cowan, Marcel Van Oijen, Dr. Julia Drewer, Dr. Julia Drewer, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 22023 View xml
2017-06-01 517198 Fisheries impacts on lake ecosystem structure in the context of a changing climate and trophic state article Dr. Stephen Thackeray Yes 22021 View xml
2017-06-01 517252 The field scale soil moisture analysis using COSMOS-India network to explore water resource quantity and quality for water supply, agriculture and aquaculture over the Indian regions conference_item Dr. Ross Morrison, Dr. Lucy Ball, Hollie Cooper, Dr. Jonathan Evans, Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes 22002 View xml
2017-06-01 517235 Characterising the upland landscapes of Great Britain conference_item Claire M. Wood Yes 22003 View xml
2017-06-01 517236 A comparison between lowland arable landscapes in Great Britain with those in a Baltic State, Estonia conference_item Claire M. Wood Yes 22004 View xml
2017-06-01 517249 Fifty years of raptor research article Yes 22000 View xml
2017-06-01 517245 White Mere: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Yes 21995 View xml
2017-06-01 517244 Marton Pool: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Yes 21996 View xml
2017-06-01 517246 Natural expansion versus translocation in a previously human-persecuted bird of prey article Yes 21994 View xml
2017-06-01 517243 Crose Mere: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Yes 21991 View xml
2017-06-01 517241 Bomere Pool: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Yes 21993 View xml
2017-06-01 517204 The European 2015 drought from a hydrological perspective article Christel Prudhomme, Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 21985 View xml
2017-06-01 517152 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: May 2017 monograph Katie Muchan, Lucy Barker, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21974 View xml
2017-06-01 517143 Electromagnetic induction mapping at varied soil moisture reveals field-scale soil textural patterns and gravel lenses article David A. Robinson Yes 21969 View xml
2017-06-01 517125 Activity of type I methanotrophs dominates under high methane concentration: methanotrophic activity in slurry surface crusts as influenced by methane, oxygen, and inorganic nitrogen article Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes 21966 View xml
2017-06-01 514419 The 2015 Indian summer monsoon onset - phenomena, forecasting and research flight planning article Dr. Christopher Taylor Yes 21963 View xml
2017-06-01 517106 A methodology to link national and local information for spatial targeting of ammonia mitigation efforts article Edward Carnell, Dr. Tony Dore, Prof. Mark Sutton, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits Yes 21951 View xml
2017-06-01 516853 Bioindication and modelling of atmospheric deposition in forests enable exposure and effect monitoring at high spatial density across scales article Dr. Harry Harmens Yes 21905 View xml
2017-06-01 516635 Synchrony in population counts predicts butterfly movement frequencies article Dr. Tom Oliver, Dr. Gary D. Powney Yes 21884 View xml
2017-06-01 516920 Area-based vs tree-centric approaches to mapping forest carbon in Southeast Asian forests from airborne laser scanning data article Dr. Lindsay F. Banin Yes 21873 View xml
2017-06-01 516797 Estimating the water budget components and their variability in a pre-alpine basin with JGrass-NewAGE article Yes 21771 View xml
2017-06-01 515990 The integration of empirical, remote sensing and modelling approaches enhances insight in the role of biodiversity in climate change mitigation by tropical forests article Dr. France Gerard Yes 21678 View xml
2017-06-01 516128 Comparative transcriptome analysis of PBMC from HIV patients pre- and post-antiretroviral therapy article Yes 21429 View xml
2017-05-31 517114 Blueprint of the European Radioecology ALLIANCE functioning monograph Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett, Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 21952 View xml
2017-05-31 517105 Flood impacts on rare fish spawning habitats. Second draft final report monograph Mr. Ben James No 21950 View xml
2017-05-28 518329 Developing drought impact functions for drought risk management article Dr. Cecilia Svensson, Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 22364 View xml
2017-05-25 517099 Telomere length measurement by qPCR in birds is affected by storage method of blood samples article Dr. Francis Daunt, Dr. Sue Lewis Yes 21948 View xml
2017-05-19 517051 Crummock Water: Arctic charr monitoring and assessment of the potential impacts of drought permit implementation. Final Report monograph Mr. Ben James Yes 21930 View xml
2017-05-16 517029 Radiocaesium and other radionuclides in the environment conference_item Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 21921 View xml
2017-05-15 516980 Designing a global assessment of climate change on inland fish and fisheries: knowns and needs article Yes 21933 View xml
2017-05-10 516955 Non-native fish occurrence and biomass in 1943 Western Palearctic lakes and reservoirs and their abiotic and biotic correlates article Yes 21910 View xml
2017-05-09 522916 Hydrological outlook UK - May 2017 monograph Simon Parry, Katie Muchan Yes 23487 View xml
2017-05-04 516567 State of nature 2016 monograph Dr. Tom August, Dr. Nick Isaac, Dr. Gary D. Powney, Dr. David Roy, Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 21893 View xml
2017-05-01 518399 The UKC2 regional coupled environmental prediction system article Dr. Alberto Martínez-de la Torre, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Dr. Vicky Bell, Helen Davies, Dr. Toby Richard Marthews, Nick Reynard Yes 22423 View xml
2017-05-01 518218 COMET Deliverable (D-No. 2.5). Report on development of innovative mechanisms for joint programming and implementation for future research in radioecology monograph Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22360 View xml
2017-05-01 517307 Multi-annual carbon fluxes from a lowland agricultural peatland conference_item Prof. Chris Evans, Dr. Ross Morrison Yes 22043 View xml
2017-05-01 517263 Soil erosion by aeolian action at an intensively cultivated lowland peatland conference_item Dr. Ross Morrison Yes 22020 View xml
2017-05-01 517274 High-end climate change in Europe: impacts, vulnerability and adaptation monograph Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 22019 View xml
2017-05-01 517248 Seven Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2016/2017 article Yes 21998 View xml
2017-05-01 517148 Long-term increases in soil carbon due to ecosystem fertilization by atmospheric nitrogen deposition demonstrated by regional-scale modelling and observations article Dr. Edward Tipping, Dr. Peter Andrew Henrys, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Edward Carnell, Dr. Tony Dore, Prof. Mark Sutton, Mr. Samuel James Tomlinson Yes 21971 View xml
2017-05-01 517119 Sphagnum fuscum and Sphagnum beothuk in Britain and Ireland article Mark Hill Yes 21964 View xml
2017-05-01 517083 Multi-colony tracking reveals spatio-temporal variation in carry-over effects between breeding success and winter movements in a pelagic seabird article Dr. Maria Bogdanova, Prof. Sarah Wanless, Michael Harris, Mark Newell, Dr. Francis Daunt, Dr. Francis Daunt Yes 21942 View xml
2017-05-01 516002 MODIS VCF should not be used to detect discontinuities in tree cover due to binning bias. A comment on Hanan et al. (2014) and Staver and Hansen (2015) article Dr. France Gerard, Dr. Danny Hooftman, Dr. Steven White Yes 21940 View xml
2017-05-01 517044 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: April 2017 monograph Simon Parry, Katie Muchan, Lucy Barker, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21932 View xml
2017-05-01 517057 Genome sequence of human papillomavirus 23 strain HPV-23/Lancaster/2015 article Dr. Glenn Rhodes Yes 21931 View xml
2017-05-01 516990 The Chernobyl exclusion zone: a radioecological observatory - a focus for joint, long-term, radioecological research article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 21909 View xml
2017-05-01 516988 Forage grasses with lower uptake of caesium and strontium could provide ‘safer’ crops for radiologically contaminated areas article Beth Penrose, Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 21897 View xml
2017-05-01 516976 The spatial distribution of ammonia, methane and nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture in the UK 2015 monograph Edward Carnell, Mr. Samuel James Tomlinson, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits Yes 21895 View xml
2017-05-01 516854 Quantifying tropical peatland dissolved organic carbon (DOC) using UV-visible spectroscopy article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 21806 View xml
2017-05-01 516775 Environmental tastes as predictors of environmental opinions and behaviors article Dr. Jan Dick Yes 21762 View xml
2017-05-01 516686 Urban indicators for UK butterflies article Dr. David Roy Yes 21722 View xml
2017-04-30 517024 Flood impacts on rare fish spawning grounds. Draft final report monograph Mr. Ben James No 21935 View xml
2017-04-27 516941 Variation in the mineral element concentration of Moringa oleifera Lam. and M. stenopetala (Bak. f.) Cuf.: role in human nutrition article Dr. David Odee, Dr. David Odee Yes 21891 View xml
2017-04-27 516896 Frequency of extreme Sahelian storms tripled since 1982 in satellite observations article Dr. Christopher Taylor, Danijel Belusic, Dr. Phil Harris, Cornelia Klein Yes 21901 View xml
2017-04-24 517002 The nitrogen, carbon and greenhouse gas budget of a grazed, cut and fertilised temperate grassland article Dr. Carole Helfter, Dr. Carole Helfter, Margaret Anderson, Mhairi Coyle, Netty van Dijk, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Chiara F. Di Marco, Netty van Dijk, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Dr. Peter Levy, Prof. Mark Sutton, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 21903 View xml
2017-04-24 516954 A method for the objective selection of landscape-scale study regions and sites at the national level article Dr. Daniel Morton, Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 21896 View xml
2017-04-20 516912 Plants in aquatic ecosystems: current trends and future directions article Iain Gunn Yes 21869 View xml
2017-04-19 516877 Further consideration of the incidence of cancers around the nuclear installations at Sellafield and Dounreay.(COMARE Seventeenth report) book Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 21839 View xml
2017-04-19 516879 Understanding and quantifying the atmospheric nitrogen cycle. 2nd ACCENT Barnsdale Expert Meeting book Prof. David Fowler Yes 21830 View xml
2017-04-19 516455 Surface-atmosphere exchange of fixed nitrogen book_section Prof. David Fowler Prof. David Fowler Yes 21827 View xml
2017-04-19 516454 Modelling short-range dispersion and deposition of ammonia. Contribution to topic 3 book_section Prof. David Fowler Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 21825 View xml
2017-04-19 516451 Challenges in quantifying biosphere - atmosphere exchange of nitrogen species book_section Prof. David Fowler Prof. Mark Sutton, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba, Dr. Chiara F. Di Marco, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Deena C Mobbs, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Dr. Peter Levy, Dr. Deena C Mobbs, Prof. David Fowler Yes 21826 View xml
2017-04-13 516357 River health assessment and the EU Water Framework Directive monograph Dr. François Edwards Yes 21801 View xml
2017-04-12 516564 UK Biodiversity Indicators 2015. Technical background document: Deriving indicators from occupancy models monograph Dr. Nick Isaac, Dr. Gary D. Powney, Dr. Tom August, Dr. Stephen Freeman Yes 21796 View xml
2017-04-12 516926 Size dependence of silver nanoparticle removal in a wastewater treatment plant mesocosm measured by FAST single particle ICP-MS article Dr. Monika D. Juergens Yes 21904 View xml
2017-04-11 522917 Hydrological outlook UK - April 2017 monograph David Boorman, Stephen Turner Yes 23486 View xml
2017-04-01 517957 The diversity and evolution of ecological and environmental citizen science article Mrs. Joanna Savage, Mrs. Joanna Savage, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 22243 View xml
2017-04-01 517356 Four years (2011–2015) of total gaseous mercury measurements from the Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory article Mr. John Kentisbeer Yes 22053 View xml
2017-04-01 517355 Influenza C in Lancaster, UK, in the winter of 2014–2015 article Dr. Glenn Rhodes Yes 22052 View xml
2017-04-01 517349 Spatiotemporal evaluation of EMEP4UK-WRF v4.3 atmospheric chemistry transport simulations of health-related metrics for NO2, O3, PM10, and PM2. 5 for 2001–2010 article Dr. Massimo Vieno Yes 22047 View xml
2017-04-01 517311 The energy and entropy budgets of UK peatlands – are some peatlands near equilibrium? conference_item Dr. Ross Morrison, Prof. Chris Evans Yes 22044 View xml
2017-04-01 517144 A TDR array probe for monitoring near-surface soil moisture distribution article David A. Robinson Yes 21970 View xml
2017-04-01 514996 Citizen science and invasive alien species: predicting the detection of the oak processionary moth Thaumetopoea processionea by moth recorders article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy, Dr. Marc Botham Yes 21913 View xml
2017-04-01 516930 Dispersal capacity shapes responses of river island invertebrate assemblages to vegetation structure, island area, and flooding article Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen, Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Dr. Alan Gray, Christopher Andrews, Mr. Stephen Ives, Dr. Cedric Laize, Dr. Cedric Laize, Dr. Daniel Stephen Chapman Yes 21908 View xml
2017-04-01 516945 Mapping our natural capital article Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton Yes 21902 View xml
2017-04-01 516993 Whole-organism concentration ratios in wildlife inhabiting Australian uranium mining environments article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 21900 View xml
2017-04-01 516818 Developing hydro–climatic services for water security: report of scientific workshop 29 Nov–1 Dec 2016 monograph No 21871 View xml
2017-04-01 516915 Partitioning of ecosystem respiration of CO2 released during land-use transition from temperate agricultural grassland to Miscanthus × giganteus article Prof. Niall P McNamara Yes 21867 View xml
2017-04-01 516893 Rainfall and temperature effects on fruit body production by stipitate hydnoid fungi in Inverey Wood, Scotland article Dr. Susan Jarvis Yes 21846 View xml
2017-04-01 515519 Assessing patterns in introduction pathways of alien species by linking major invasion data bases article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy, Dr. Colin A Harrower Yes 21845 View xml
2017-04-01 516878 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: March 2017 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21837 View xml
2017-04-01 515427 The evolution of climate change guidance for fluvial flood risk management in England article Nick Reynard, Dr. Alison L Kay Yes 21824 View xml
2017-04-01 516812 Drivers of plant species’ potential to spread: the importance of demography versus seed dispersal article Prof. James Bullock, Dr. Danny Hooftman, Dr. Steven White Yes 21783 View xml
2017-04-01 516808 Impacts of invasive plants on carbon pools depend on both species’ traits and local climate article Philip Martin, Prof. James Bullock Yes 21780 View xml
2017-04-01 516807 Profound daily vertical stratification and mixing in a small, shallow, wind-exposed lake with submerged macrophytes article Yes 21779 View xml
2017-04-01 516805 Home produced eggs: an important pathway of human exposure to perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) around a fluorochemical industrial park in China article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes 21777 View xml
2017-04-01 516789 Temporal changes in photoreactivity of dissolved organic carbon and implications for aquatic carbon fluxes from peatlands article Dr. Amy Pickard Yes 21768 View xml
2017-04-01 516769 The importance of canopy complexity in shaping seasonal spider and beetle assemblages in saltmarsh habitats article Hilary Ford, Angus Garbutt Yes 21761 View xml
2017-04-01 516756 The cost of surviving nitrogen excess: energy and protein demand in the lichen Cladonia portentosa as revealed by proteomic analysis article Dr. Lucy Sheppard Yes 21756 View xml
2017-04-01 516725 Atmospheric stilling leads to prolonged thermal stratification in a large shallow polymictic lake article Yes 21739 View xml
2017-04-01 516720 Territory occupancy and breeding success of peregrine falcons Falco peregrinus at various stages of population recovery article Yes 21733 View xml
2017-04-01 516411 Leaf traits and photosynthetic responses of Betula pendula saplings to a range of ground-level ozone concentrations at a range of nitrogen loads article Dr. Harry Harmens, Dr. Felicity Hayes, Dr. Katrina Sharps, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 21574 View xml
2017-04-01 516074 Comparing strengths and weaknesses of three ecosystem services modelling tools in a diverse UK river catchment article Dr. Katrina Sharps, Dario Masante, Dr. Amy Rose Carmel Thomas, Mr. John W. Redhead, Mr. John W. Redhead, Dr. Linda May, Prof. Jack Cosby, Prof. Bridget Emmett, Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 21401 View xml
2017-04-01 515741 Microclimate in tree cavities and nest-boxes: implications for hole-nesting birds article Dr. Richard K Broughton Yes 21348 View xml
2017-03-31 516730 Impact of drought orders on Arctic charr. Draft final report monograph Mr. Ben James Yes 21749 View xml
2017-03-31 516737 Monitoring the fish populations of Bassenthwaite Lake and Derwent Water, 2016 monograph Mr. Ben James Yes 21750 View xml
2017-03-31 516738 Monitoring the fish populations of Windermere, 2016 monograph Mr. Ben James Yes 21751 View xml
2017-03-31 516728 Flood impacts on rare fish spawning grounds. Progress report for period March 2017 monograph Mr. Ben James Yes 21741 View xml
2017-03-28 516664 Ecological intensification to mitigate impacts of conventional intensive land use on pollinators and pollination article Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen Yes 21714 View xml