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2018-08-01 520670 Soil bacterial networks are less stable under drought than fungal networks article Dr. Robert Griffiths, Prof. Mark J Bailey, Dr. A Keith, Dr. A Keith, Kelly Mason, Dr. Anna Oliver Yes 22840 View xml
2018-08-01 520668 Closing the global ozone yield gap: quantification and cobenefits for multistress tolerance article Prof. Gina Mills, Dr. Katrina Sharps Yes 22839 View xml
2018-08-01 520634 Lateral carbon transfer from erosion in noncroplands matters article David A. Robinson Yes 22816 View xml
2018-08-01 520633 Extinction risk from climate change is reduced by microclimatic buffering article Dr. Nick Isaac, Dr. Tom August Yes 22815 View xml
2018-08-01 520598 Camouflaged as degraded wax: hygroscopic aerosols contribute to leaf desiccation, tree mortality, and forest decline article Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 22799 View xml
2018-08-01 520205 Evaluating the stable isotopic composition of phosphate oxygen as a tracer of phosphorus from waste water treatment works article Dr. Mike Bowes, Dr. Mike Bowes Yes 22764 View xml
2018-08-01 520079 Major threats of pollution and climate change to global coastal ecosystems and enhanced management for sustainability article Angus Garbutt Yes 22639 View xml
2018-08-01 520076 Acute sensitivity of three Cladoceran species to different types of microplastics in combination with thermal stress article Dr. Jan Baas Yes 22638 View xml
2018-07-27 522025 Report on algal growth experiments in the River Severn and Thames 2017-2018 monograph Dr. Mike Bowes, Mr. David Nicholls, Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 23193 View xml
2018-07-25 521327 EKLIPSE: engaging knowledge holders and networks for evidence-informed European policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services article Dr. Allan Watt, Dr. Gill Ainsworth, Dr. Juliette Young Yes 23003 View xml
2018-07-10 522901 Hydrological outlook UK - July 2018 monograph David Boorman, Stephen Turner Yes 23506 View xml
2018-07-10 520694 Natural and human influences on the link between meteorological and hydrological drought indices for a large set of catchments in the contiguous United States article Lucy Barker Yes 22854 View xml
2018-07-01 522529 Grasslands of the Arieş Valley and the Comana Natural Park, Romania: a Stapledon Travelling Fellowship report monograph Yes 23372 View xml
2018-07-01 522455 Impacts of vegetation on urban air pollution monograph Yes 23339 View xml
2018-07-01 522454 Air pollution from agriculture monograph Yes 23338 View xml
2018-07-01 521602 Deriving hyper spectral reflectance spectra from UAV data collected in changeable illumination conditions to assess vegetation condition book_section Dr. France Gerard, Charles George, Dr. Richard K Broughton, Dr. Karsten Schönrogge Yes 23075 View xml
2018-07-01 521596 Capabilities of lidar- and satellite data in assessing the drivers of avian diversity in a fragmented landscape book_section Dr. Shelley Hinsley, Dr. Richard K Broughton Yes 23074 View xml
2018-07-01 521505 2018 joint progress report on policy-relevant scientific findings monograph Yes 23069 View xml
2018-07-01 521427 Sequence variation in multidrug-resistant plasmid pLUH01, isolated from human nasopharyngeal swabs article Dr. Glenn Rhodes Yes 23049 View xml
2018-07-01 520883 Advanced methods for uncertainty assessment and global sensitivity analysis of a Eulerian atmospheric chemistry transport model article Ksenia Aleksankina, Dr. Stefan Reis, Dr. Massimo Vieno Yes 22921 View xml
2018-07-01 520816 Toward sustainable environmental quality: priority research questions for Europe article Dr. David Spurgeon Yes 22887 View xml
2018-07-01 520815 Changing environments and biomolecule coronas: consequences and challenges for the design of environmentally acceptable engineered nanoparticles article Dr. Marianne Matzke Yes 22886 View xml
2018-07-01 520813 Influence of soil porewater properties on the fate and toxicity of silver nanoparticles to Caenorhabditis elegans article Dr. Carolin Schultz, Dr. Elma Lahive, Dr. Alan Lawlor, Dr. Claus Svendsen, Dr. David Spurgeon Yes 22885 View xml
2018-07-01 520812 Effects of multiple stressors on cyanobacteria abundance varies with lake type article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly, Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly, Philip J Taylor, Prof. Laurence Carvalho Yes 22884 View xml
2018-07-01 520805 Soil nitrous oxide flux following land-use reversion from Miscanthus and SRC willow to perennial ryegrass article Dr. Rebecca L Rowe, Mr. Dafydd Elias, Dr. Jeanette Whitaker, Prof. Niall P McNamara Yes 22881 View xml
2018-07-01 520787 Interaction between pollution and climate change augments ecological risk to a coastal ecosystem article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes 22873 View xml
2018-07-01 520665 Community-wide decline in the occurrence of lesser sandeels Ammodytes marinus in seabird chick diets at a North Sea colony article Prof. Sarah Wanless, Michael Harris, Mark Newell, Dr. Francis Daunt Yes 22832 View xml
2018-07-01 520664 Navigating cascades of uncertainty — as easy as ABC? Not quite… article Dr. Katie A Smith, Christel Prudhomme Yes 22831 View xml
2018-07-01 520659 The Brisbane Declaration and Global Action Agenda on Environmental Flows (2018) article Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 22829 View xml
2018-07-01 520429 TetraDENSITY: a database of population density estimates in terrestrial vertebrates article Dr. Nick Isaac Yes 22827 View xml
2018-07-01 520640 Is the partial root drying irrigation method suitable for sandy soils? Field experiment and modelling using the Saltmed model article Prof. Ragab Ragab Yes 22818 View xml
2018-07-01 520632 Ecosystem carbon dynamics differ between tundra shrub types in the western Canadian Arctic article Yes 22814 View xml
2018-07-01 520625 Celebrating the 350th anniversary of phosphorus discovery: a conundrum of deficiency and excess article Prof. Helen Jarvie Yes 22812 View xml
2018-07-01 520619 Resilience of benthic ecosystem C-cycling to future changes in dissolved oxygen availability article Dr. Andrew W. Stott Yes 22809 View xml
2018-07-01 520558 Eddy covariance flux observations at a semi-natural grassland on the Indo-Gangetic Plain conference_item Dr. Ross Morrison, Hollie Cooper, Dr. Jonathan Evans, Dr. Jenna Thornton, Dr. Christopher Taylor Yes 22806 View xml
2018-07-01 520609 A short guide to using British and Irish plant occurrence data for research monograph Yes 22803 View xml
2018-07-01 520608 Carbon budgets for 1.5 and 2°C targets lowered by natural wetland and permafrost feedbacks article Dr. Edward Comyn-Platt, Dr. Garry Hayman, Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 22802 View xml
2018-07-01 520603 How does roadside vegetation management affect the diversity of vascular plants and invertebrates? A systematic review article Prof. James Bullock Yes 22801 View xml
2018-07-01 520588 Large but decreasing effect of ozone on the European carbon sink article Dr. Rebecca Oliver Yes 22793 View xml
2018-07-01 520584 A review of the population and conservation status of British mammals monograph Dr. Colin A Harrower, Prof. Richard Shore Yes 22792 View xml
2018-07-01 520582 Partitioning global land evapotranspiration using CMIP5 models constrained by observations article Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 22790 View xml
2018-07-01 520575 Weak isolation by distance and geographic diversity gradients persist in Scottish relict pine forest article Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes 22786 View xml
2018-07-01 520569 The frequency of cyclonic wind storms shapes tropical forest dynamism and functional trait dispersion article Dr. Jill Thompson Yes 22783 View xml
2018-07-01 520567 Vegetation distribution and terrestrial carbon cycle in a carbon cycle configuration of JULES4.6 with new plant functional types article Yes 22781 View xml
2018-07-01 520564 High dispersal ability is related to fast life-history strategies article Prof. James Bullock Yes 22776 View xml
2018-07-01 520561 Moult location and diet of auks in the North Sea inferred from coupled light-based and isotope-based geolocation article Prof. Sarah Wanless, Michael Harris, Dr. Francis Daunt Yes 22774 View xml
2018-07-01 520549 Radiocaesium transfer and radiation exposure of frogs in Fukushima Prefecture article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22773 View xml
2018-07-01 520540 Development and analysis of the Soil Water Infiltration Global database article Dr. Sabine Reinsch, Dr. Sabine Reinsch, David A. Robinson Yes 22772 View xml
2018-07-01 520548 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: June 2018 monograph Simon Parry, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes 22770 View xml
2018-07-01 520448 The effects of insecticides on butterflies – a review article Dr. Melanie Gibbs Yes 22768 View xml
2018-07-01 520376 Both low temperature and shorter duration of food availability delay testicular regression and affect the daily cycle in body temperature in a songbird article Dr. Alistair Dawson Yes 22758 View xml
2018-07-01 520242 Drought reduces floral resources for pollinators article Prof. James Bullock Yes 22694 View xml
2018-07-01 520194 Evaluation of changing surface water abstraction reliability for supplemental irrigation under climate change article Christel Prudhomme Yes 22691 View xml
2018-07-01 520161 Modelling grass yields in northern climates – a comparison of three growth models for timothy article Marcel Van Oijen Yes 22684 View xml
2018-07-01 520024 Comparison of the impacts of acid and nitrogen additions on carbon fluxes in European conifer and broadleaf forests article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 22633 View xml
2018-07-01 519957 Global assessment of the effect of climate change on ammonia emissions from seabirds article Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Mr. Samuel James Tomlinson, Dr. Francis Daunt, Prof. Sarah Wanless, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Christine Braban, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 22624 View xml
2018-07-01 519920 The effect of tillage management and its interaction with site conditions and plant functional traits on plant species establishment during meadow restoration article Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock Yes 22608 View xml
2018-07-01 519825 Effects of elevated ozone concentration and nitrogen addition on ammonia stomatal compensation point in a poplar clone article Dr. Tony Dore Yes 22581 View xml
2018-07-01 519815 Refining flood estimation in urbanized catchments using landscape metrics article James Miller Yes 22579 View xml
2018-06-19 520337 A case study of turbulence in the nocturnal boundary layer during the Indian summer monsoon article Dr. Ross Morrison Yes 22751 View xml
2018-06-08 522902 Hydrological outlook UK - June 2018 monograph Dr. Katie A Smith, Katie Muchan Yes 23504 View xml
2018-06-01 522104 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland national report on IHP related activities, 23rd session of the IHP Intergovernmental Council, Paris, June 2018 monograph Prof. Harry Dixon, Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes 23218 View xml
2018-06-01 522024 Phosphorus the pollutant book_section Dr. Mike Bowes Yes 23186 View xml
2018-06-01 520876 Inter-comparison of gauge-corrected global satellite rainfall estimates and their applicability for effective water resource management in a transboundary river basin: the case of the Meghna river basin article Nikolaos Mastrantonas Yes 22899 View xml
2018-06-01 520811 Higher than … or lower than ….? Evidence for the validity of the extrapolation of laboratory toxicity test results to predict the effects of chemicals and ionising radiation in the field article Dr. David Spurgeon Yes 22883 View xml
2018-06-01 520599 Defining and delivering resilient ecological networks: nature conservation in England article Dr. Nick Isaac, Prof. James Bullock, Prof. Rosemary Hails Yes 22810 View xml
2018-06-01 520597 Predicting risks from down-the-drain chemicals in a developing country: Mexico and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate as a case study article Dr. Virginie Keller, Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Mr. Richard J Williams Yes 22798 View xml
2018-06-01 520574 Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: present-day tropospheric ozone distribution and trends relevant to vegetation article Prof. Gina Mills, Dr. Katrina Sharps, Dr. Katrina Sharps, Dr. Harry Harmens Yes 22785 View xml
2018-06-01 520572 Predicting indoor emissions of cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes from the use of personal care products by university students article Yes 22784 View xml
2018-06-01 520565 Water & sanitation: an essential battlefront in the war on antimicrobial resistance article Dr. Andrew C Singer Yes 22778 View xml
2018-06-01 520563 Design flood estimation and utility of high-resolution calibration data in small, heavily urbanised catchments article Dr. Gianni Vesuviano, James Miller Yes 22775 View xml
2018-06-01 520447 Ozone effects on crops and consideration in crop models article Stephanie Osborne, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 22767 View xml
2018-06-01 520417 Are we choosing the right flagships? The bird species and traits Australians find most attractive article Dr. Gill Ainsworth Yes 22763 View xml
2018-06-01 520416 Mapping Portuguese Natura 2000 sites in risk of biodiversity change caused by atmospheric nitrogen pollution article Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Prof. Nancy Dise, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 22762 View xml
2018-06-01 520415 The design, deployment, and testing of kriging models in GEOframe with SIK-0.9.8 article Yes 22761 View xml
2018-06-01 520348 Demonstrating the utility of a drought termination framework: prospects for groundwater level recovery in England and Wales in 2018 or beyond article Simon Parry, Christel Prudhomme Yes 22729 View xml
2018-06-01 520322 A review of the population and conservation status of British mammals: technical summary monograph Dr. Colin A Harrower, Prof. Richard Shore Yes 22716 View xml
2018-06-01 520282 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: May 2018 monograph Katie Muchan, Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Lucy Barker, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes 22713 View xml
2018-06-01 520261 Environment and host as large-scale controls of ectomycorrhizal fungi article Yes 22708 View xml
2018-06-01 520249 Factors affecting the leaching of dissolved organic carbon after tree dieback in an unmanaged European mountain forest article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 22703 View xml
2018-06-01 520243 Seasonal and herbivore-induced dynamics of foliar glucosinolates in wild cabbage (Brassica oleracea) article Prof. James Bullock Yes 22696 View xml
2018-06-01 519930 Evaluating year-to-year anomalies in tropical wetland methane emissions using satellite CH4 observations article Dr. Edward Comyn-Platt, Dr. Garry Hayman Yes 22610 View xml
2018-06-01 519794 Long-term interactive effects of N addition with P and K availability on N status of Sphagnum article Dr. Lucy Sheppard, Sarah Leeson, Sarah Leeson, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 22577 View xml
2018-05-17 520366 Thermodynamic control of the carbon budget of a peatland article Rob Rose Yes 22757 View xml
2018-05-16 520359 The effect of filtration method on the efficiency of environmental DNA capture and quantification via metabarcoding article Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 22753 View xml
2018-05-10 522903 Hydrological outlook UK - May 2018 monograph Simon Parry, Stephen Turner Yes 23503 View xml
2018-05-01 523979 FutureDAMS research consortium: Environmental flow mini review monograph Dr. François Edwards Yes 23670 View xml
2018-05-01 523977 Management of the transboundary Rhine. monograph Dr. François Edwards Yes 23664 View xml
2018-05-01 520624 Towards a coordination of European activities to diagnose and manage insect diseases in production facilities article Dr. Helen Hesketh Yes 22811 View xml
2018-05-01 520592 Navigating the water trilemma: a strategic assessment of long-term national water resource management options for Great Britain article Yes 22795 View xml
2018-05-01 520377 Hydro-chemical effects following restoration mowing in two rich fen plant communities article Prof. Chris Evans, Prof. Chris Evans, Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 22759 View xml
2018-05-01 520365 Differences between low-end and high-end climate change impacts in Europe across multiple sectors article Prof. Paula A. Harrison, Dr. Rob Dunford Yes 22756 View xml
2018-05-01 520364 The ecology of plant extinction: rates, traits and island comparisons article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 22755 View xml
2018-05-01 520360 Overcoming the challenges of public data archiving for citizen science biodiversity recording and monitoring schemes article Dr. David Roy Yes 22754 View xml
2018-05-01 520306 The impact of ditch-blocking on fluvial carbon export from a UK blanket bog article Prof. Chris Evans, Dr. Inma Lebron Robinson, Dr. Nathan Callaghan Yes 22714 View xml
2018-05-01 520270 EJP-CONCERT. D 6.4 – Publishing the first version of a web-handbook based on the newsletters each featuring a different type of infrastructure and their access monograph Yes 22711 View xml
2018-05-01 520251 The influence of sex, parasitism, and ontogeny on the physiological response of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) to an abiotic stressor article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 22706 View xml
2018-05-01 520250 Bridging uncertainty concepts across narratives and simulations in environmental scenarios article Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 22705 View xml
2018-05-01 520245 Functional diversity positively affects prey suppression by invertebrate predators: a meta-analysis article Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Prof. Richard Pywell Yes 22700 View xml
2018-05-01 520193 The energetic cost of parasitism in a wild population article Dr. Sarah Burthe, Dr. Francis Daunt, Mark Newell Yes 22690 View xml