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2016-12-01 515634 Vendace book_section Yes 21275 View xml
2016-12-01 515472 Statistical distributions for monthly aggregations of precipitation and streamflow in drought indicator applications article Dr. Cecilia Svensson, Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 21274 View xml
2016-12-01 515649 Scientific and normative foundations for the valuation of alien-species impacts: thirteen core principles article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 21273 View xml
2016-12-01 515597 Landscape simplification weakens the association between terrestrial producer and consumer diversity in Europe article Dr. Nick Isaac, Dr. Gary D. Powney Yes 21266 View xml
2016-12-01 515518 Identifying sediment discontinuities and solving dating puzzles using monitoring and palaeolimnological records article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes 21240 View xml
2016-12-01 515510 Population and age structure in Hungary: a residential preference and age dependency approach to disaggregate census data article Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 21234 View xml
2016-12-01 515512 Offshore renewable energy and nature conservation: the case of marine tidal turbines in Northern Ireland article Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 21232 View xml
2016-12-01 515517 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: November 2016 monograph Simon Parry, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21226 View xml
2016-12-01 515462 Monitoring long-term and large-scale deposition of air pollutants based on moss analysis book_section Dr. Harry Harmens Yes 21211 View xml
2016-12-01 515470 Synthesis and review: tackling the nitrogen management challenge: from global to local scales article Dr. Stefan Reis, Clare Howard, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 21210 View xml
2016-12-01 515294 Quantifying global soil carbon losses in response to warming article Prof. Bridget Emmett, Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes 21193 View xml
2016-12-01 515335 The winter 2015/2016 floods in the UK: a hydrological appraisal article Lucy Barker, Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Katie Muchan, Stephen Turner, Simon Parry Yes 21189 View xml
2016-12-01 515307 Responsible management of lowland peatland soils: a carbon perspective conference_item Dr. Ross Morrison, Prof. Chris Evans Yes 21183 View xml
2016-12-01 513738 The tectonic and metallogenic framework of Myanmar: a Tethyan mineral system article Yes 20554 View xml
2016-12-01 514159 Supplying trees in an era of environmental uncertainty: identifying challenges faced by the forest nursery sector in Great Britain article Dr. Stephen Cavers, Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes 18990 View xml
2016-11-29 515308 Cosmic-ray soil water content monitoring: development of the COSMOS-India network conference_item Dr. Ross Morrison, Dr. Lucy Ball, Hollie Cooper, Dr. Jonathan Evans, Daniel Rylett, Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes 21184 View xml
2016-11-28 515421 Safeguarding pollinators and their values to human well-being article Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen Yes 21195 View xml
2016-11-26 517568 Dear Dr Perring… correspondence in the Atlas of the British Flora archive conference_item Dr. Christopher Preston Yes 22104 View xml
2016-11-22 515225 Acoustic communication within ant societies and its mimicry by mutualistic and socially parasitic myrmecophiles article Dr. Karsten Schönrogge Yes 21164 View xml
2016-11-17 513902 Perspectives in visual imaging for marine biology and ecology: from acquisition to understanding book_section Yes 20513 View xml
2016-11-16 515805 A Miscanthus plantation can be carbon neutral without increasing soil carbon stocks article Dr. Jeanette Whitaker, Dr. Ross Morrison, Prof. Niall P McNamara Yes 21422 View xml
2016-11-14 515136 Temperature response of soil respiration largely unaltered with experimental warming article Prof. Bridget Emmett, Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes 21148 View xml
2016-11-10 520602 UK Eutrophying and Acidifying Atmospheric Pollutants (UKEAP) Annual Report 2015 monograph Dr. Christine Braban, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Dr. Matthew Jones, Mr. Ivan Simmons, Mhairi Coyle, Mr. John Kentisbeer, Sarah Leeson, Netty van Dijk, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Dr. Ben Langford, Dr. Bill Bealey, David Leaver, Janet Poskitt, Heather Carter, Sarah Thacker, Manisha Patel, Dr. Paddy Keenan, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Dr. Alan Lawlor, Alan Warwick, Philip Farrand, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 22830 View xml
2016-11-01 520729 Summary baseline for AMMA-2050 monograph Yes 22903 View xml
2016-11-01 517822 Seasonal variation of concentration ratios for ICRP's reference animal and plants in terrestrial mediterranean ecosystems conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22193 View xml
2016-11-01 517154 A tour of 36 years of challenges in radioecology conference_item Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 21973 View xml
2016-11-01 516908 Modelling responses of forages to climate change with a focus on nutritive value article Marcel Van Oijen Yes 21886 View xml
2016-11-01 516928 Sustained biogeochemical impacts of wildfire in a mountain lake catchment article Prof. Chris Evans, Mr. David Andrew Norris, Don Monteith Yes 21881 View xml
2016-11-01 516913 Metrics for evaluating the ecological benefits of decreased nitrogen deposition article Ed Rowe, Prof. Laurence Jones, Prof. Nancy Dise, Prof. Chris Evans, Prof. Gina Mills, Prof. Mark Sutton, Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Tony Dore, Prof. Bridget Emmett Yes 21865 View xml
2016-11-01 516869 Arguing for biodiversity in practice: a case study from the UK article Esther Carmen, Dr. Allan Watt, Dr. Juliette Young Yes 21821 View xml
2016-11-01 516751 A prototype system for multilingual data discovery of International Long-Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Network data article Yes 21754 View xml
2016-11-01 516416 The peak flow data story: from FSR to NRFA and onward conference_item Catherine Sefton, Prof. Harry Dixon, Filip Kral, Oliver Swain Yes 21636 View xml
2016-11-01 516465 Cold storage as a method for the long-term preservation of tropical dissolved organic carbon (DOC) article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 21594 View xml
2016-11-01 516103 A metrological approach to improve accuracy and reliability of ammonia measurements in ambient air article Dr. Christine Braban, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg Yes 21588 View xml
2016-11-01 516392 Cold season soil NO fluxes from a temperate forest: drivers and contribution to annual budgets article Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 21548 View xml
2016-11-01 516349 The development of a condition assessment framework for priority freshwater habitats in England. Draft final report on work undertaken under MOA BD14/15 84024 – 018 monograph Dr. François Edwards, Mr. Peter Michael Scarlett, Prof. Laurence Carvalho, Mr. Gearoid Webb, Dr. Cedric Laize Yes 21542 View xml
2016-11-01 516187 Valuing cultural ecosystem services article Dr. Rob Dunford Yes 21460 View xml
2016-11-01 516163 Coupled production and emission of short chain perfluoroalkyl acids from a fast developing fluorochemical industry: evidence from yearly and seasonal monitoring in Daling river basin, China article Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes 21448 View xml
2016-11-01 515662 Time for responsible peatland agriculture article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 21425 View xml
2016-11-01 516067 Assessment of the vendace refuge population of Loch Skeen 2016 monograph Yes 21400 View xml
2016-11-01 513081 Modelling the future impacts of climate and land-use change on suspended sediment transport in the River Thames (UK) article Christel Prudhomme Yes 21391 View xml
2016-11-01 516045 The peatland vegetation burning debate: keep scientific critique in perspective. A response to Brown et al. and Douglas et al. article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 21390 View xml
2016-11-01 516040 The rich sides of mountain summits - a pan-European view on aspect preferences of alpine plants article Dr. Jan Dick Yes 21385 View xml
2016-11-01 515670 A comparison of remediation after the Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi accidents article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 21369 View xml
2016-11-01 515632 Assessment of the vendace refuge population of Loch Skeen 2016. Draft report monograph No 21285 View xml
2016-11-01 515646 Adaptive and plastic responses of Quercus petraea populations to climate across Europe article Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes 21272 View xml
2016-11-01 515644 LakeMetabolizer: an R package for estimating lake metabolism from free-water oxygen using diverse statistical models article Yes 21271 View xml
2016-11-01 515643 Consequences of gas flux model choice on the interpretation of metabolic balance across 15 lakes article Yes 21270 View xml
2016-11-01 515640 Performance of site-specific parameterizations of longwave radiation article Yes 21268 View xml
2016-11-01 515520 Cold season soil NO fluxes from a temperate forest: drivers and contribution to annual budgets article Prof. Ute Maria Skiba No 21237 View xml
2016-11-01 515504 BBS Spring Meeting 2016, Radnorshire, 7-12 April 2016 article Mark Hill Yes 21222 View xml
2016-11-01 515500 Understanding orographic effects on surface observations at Macquarie Island article Danijel Belusic Yes 21221 View xml
2016-11-01 515471 Role of regional wetland emissions in atmospheric methane variability article Dr. Garry Hayman, Dr. Edward Comyn-Platt, Dr. Toby Richard Marthews Yes 21216 View xml
2016-11-01 515461 Current and future ozone risks to global terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem processes article Prof. Gina Mills, Dr. Harry Harmens, Dr. Felicity Hayes, Dr. Katrina Sharps Yes 21200 View xml
2016-11-01 515027 Building the new international science of the agriculture–food–water–environment nexus in China and the world article Prof. Matthew Heard, Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes 21174 View xml
2016-11-01 515293 Inter-annual variability of soil respiration in wet shrublands: do plants modulate its sensitivity to climate? article Dr. Sabine Reinsch, Dr. Sabine Reinsch, Prof. Bridget Emmett Yes 21172 View xml
2016-11-01 514328 Between-individual variation in nematode burden among juveniles in a wild host article Dr. Francis Daunt, Dr. Sarah Burthe Yes 21168 View xml
2016-11-01 515061 A model of the extent and distribution of woody linear features in rural Great Britain article Dr. Paul Scholefield, Dr. Daniel Morton, Dr. Clare Rowland, Dr. Peter Andrew Henrys, Dr. David Howard, Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton Yes 21166 View xml
2016-11-01 515150 How knowledge of the gastrointestinal absorption of elements could be used to predict transfer to milk article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard, Claire Wells, Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett Yes 21149 View xml
2016-11-01 515115 The role of sediment properties and solution pH in the adsorption of uranium(VI) to freshwater sediments article Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes 21145 View xml
2016-11-01 515122 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: October 2016 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21143 View xml
2016-11-01 515117 Assessment of the bimodality in the distribution of bacterial genome sizes article Prof. Mark J Bailey, Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 21139 View xml
2016-11-01 509468 Developing surface water flood forecasting capabilities in Scotland: an operational pilot for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow article Dr. Steven Cole, Mr. Robert James Moore Yes 21131 View xml
2016-11-01 515065 Model simulations of cooking organic aerosol (COA) over the UK using estimates of emissions based on measurements at two sites in London article Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Stefan Reis, Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 21127 View xml
2016-11-01 515062 Impact of drought orders on Arctic charr. Progress report for period April to November 2016 monograph Janice Fletcher, Mr. Ben James Yes 21126 View xml
2016-11-01 514736 Is it time for a socio-ecological revolution in agriculture? article Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton Yes 21090 View xml
2016-11-01 514662 Abyssal hills: influence of topography on benthic foraminiferal assemblages article Yes 20933 View xml
2016-11-01 514563 Effects of future sea-level rise on tidal processes on the Patagonian Shelf article Yes 20436 View xml
2016-11-01 514623 Nitrogen deposition does not enhance Sphagnum decomposition article Sarah Leeson, Dr. Lucy Sheppard, Sarah Leeson, Dr. Lucy Sheppard Yes 19085 View xml
2016-11-01 514537 Air quality and climate change: designing new win-win policies for Europe article Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 19062 View xml
2016-11-01 514313 PM2.5 pollution is substantially affected by ammonia emissions in China article Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 18997 View xml
2016-11-01 514288 The long shadow of our chemical past – high DDT concentrations in fish near a former agrochemicals factory in England article Dr. Monika D. Juergens, Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes 18992 View xml
2016-11-01 514006 Mapping the combined risk of agricultural fine sediment input and accumulation for riverine ecosystems across England and Wales article Dr. Pam Naden Yes 18903 View xml
2016-10-20 514984 Reducing uncertainty in small-catchment flood peak estimation article Dr. Gianni Vesuviano, Lisa Stewart Yes 21440 View xml
2016-10-16 518183 IDMM-ag v3: An improved model for prediction of metal concentrations in soils and receiving waters of agricultural catchments monograph Dr. Stephen Lofts, Mr. Lee Anthony Walker Yes 22363 View xml
2016-10-15 513280 Erosion-driven uplift in the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains of East Antarctica article Yes 20825 View xml
2016-10-15 514259 Long-term record of Barents Sea Ice Sheet advance to the shelf edge from a 140,000 year record article Yes 20843 View xml
2016-10-13 20895 A hydrological perspective on UK evaporation: historical trends and future projections monograph Dr. Alison L Kay, Dr. Vicky Bell, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Sue Crooks, Helen Davies, Nick Reynard Yes 21071 View xml
2016-10-13 18536 Great Fen Project: hydro-ecological model development, sustainability assessment and refined vision (stage 2) monograph Dr. James Blake, Owen Mountford, Owen Mountford, Mr. Charlie Stratford, Colin Roberts, Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21070 View xml
2016-10-13 17555 Using earth observation data to evaluate the performance of a land surface model at high northern latitudes conference_item Dr. Douglas Clark, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Dr. Rich Ellis, Charles George, Dr. Garry Hayman Yes 21069 View xml
2016-10-13 12767 Wetland Extent and Methane Dynamics: An Overview of the ESA ALANIS-Methane Project conference_item Dr. Garry Hayman, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Dr. Douglas Clark Yes 21058 View xml
2016-10-12 14680 Applying ecological principles to microbial systems: Partitioning core and satellite taxa from within bacterial communities conference_item Yes 21049 View xml
2016-10-12 1397 Significant changes in the bacterioplankton community structure of a maritime Antarctic freshwater lake following nutrient enrichment article Yes 21050 View xml
2016-10-11 514759 Introduction to integrated environmental modelling to solve real world problems: methods, vision and challenges book_section Yes 20864 View xml
2016-10-11 514085 Modeling the Jovian magnetic field and its secular variation using all available magnetic field observations article Yes 20868 View xml
2016-10-11 514325 Recording, monitoring and managing the conservation of historic sites : a new application for BGS Sigma conference_item Yes 20960 View xml
2016-10-11 513204 Estimating the leakage contribution of phosphate dosed drinking water to environmental phosphorus pollution at the national‐scale article Yes 20341 View xml
2016-10-11 514390 Water, oceanic fracture zones and the lubrication of subducting plate boundaries : insights from seismicity article Yes 20900 View xml
2016-10-11 514758 Model fusion at the British Geological Survey: experiences and future trends book_section Yes 20828 View xml
2016-10-11 513802 Petrogenesis of rare-metal pegmatites in high-grade metamorphic terranes: a case study from the Lewisian Gneiss Complex of north-west Scotland article Yes 20912 View xml
2016-10-11 514368 Atlantic meridional overturning circulation observed by the RAPID-MOCHA-WBTS (RAPID-Meridional Overturning Circulation and Heatflux Array-Western Boundary Time Series) array at 26N from 2004 to 2015 monograph Yes 20924 View xml
2016-10-11 512900 Clumped isotope composition of cold-water corals: a role for vital effects? article Yes 20932 View xml
2016-10-11 513923 Management of 3D geological models at the British Geological Survey conference_item Yes 21016 View xml
2016-10-11 513435 Fluvio-marine sediment partitioning as a function of basin water depth article Yes 20389 View xml
2016-10-11 514697 Magmatic rifting and active volcanism: introduction book_section Yes 21020 View xml
2016-10-11 513199 Unlocking the subsurface for new spatial planning : developing standardised digital data for the UK on the subsurface conference_item Yes 20401 View xml
2016-10-11 514205 Exact elastic impedance matrices for transversely isotropic medium article Yes 21036 View xml
2016-10-11 514462 The effectiveness of beach mega-nourishment, assessed over three management epochs article Yes 20417 View xml
2016-10-11 513950 BGS Civils : mapping the earth you move article Yes 20497 View xml
2016-10-11 513425 Reaction path models of magmatic gas scrubbing article Yes 20501 View xml