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2105-10-01 513119 Metal speciation from stream to open ocean: modelling v. measurement article Dr. Edward Tipping, Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes Link 18482 View xml
2017-12-01 517070 MicroRNA-275 and its target vitellogenin-2 are crucial in ovary development and blood digestion of Haemaphysalis longicornis article Yes Link 21938 View xml
2017-12-01 517052 An alternative approach to risk rank chemicals on the threat they pose to the aquatic environment article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Rachel Donnachie, Dr. Monika D. Jürgens, Claudia Moeckel, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira Yes Link 21937 View xml
2017-11-01 517098 Microbial use of low molecular weight DOM in filtered and unfiltered freshwater: role of ultra-small microorganisms and implications for water quality monitoring article Yes Link 21943 View xml
2017-10-01 517722 Do charismatic species groups generate more cultural ecosystem service benefits? article Prof. James Bullock Yes Link 22146 View xml
2017-10-01 517441 Integrated modelling of urban spatial development under uncertain climate futures: a case study in Hungary article Dr. Paula A. Harrison Yes Link 22091 View xml
2017-09-21 517821 Transfer parameters for ICRP's Reference Animal and Plants in terrestrial Mediterranean ecosystems conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes Link 22192 View xml
2017-09-11 517740 The link between catchment precipitation forecast skill and spread to that of downstream ensemble hydrological forecasts article Mr. Robert James Moore, Dr. Steven Cole Yes Link 22166 View xml
2017-09-05 517720 Causes and consequences of individual variability and specialization in foraging and migration strategies of seabirds article Dr. Sue Lewis, Dr. Francis Daunt Yes Link 22145 View xml
2017-09-01 517819 Transfer parameters for ICRP's Reference Animals and Plants in a terrestrial Mediterranean ecosystem article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes Link 22203 View xml
2017-09-01 517816 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: August 2017 monograph Simon Parry, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes Link 22186 View xml
2017-09-01 517762 Ecology and management history drive spatial genetic structure in Scots pine article Annika Perry (née Telford), Dr. Witold Wachowiak, Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes Link 22165 View xml
2017-09-01 517761 Crop bioaccumulation and human exposure of perfluoroalkyl acids through multi-media transport from a mega fluorochemical industrial park, China article Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes Link 22164 View xml
2017-09-01 517753 Biodiversity in species, traits, and structure determines carbon stocks and uptake in tropical forests article Dr. Jill Thompson, Dr. Laurence Jones, Dr. Terry Parr Yes Link 22161 View xml
2017-09-01 517742 Long-term changes in lowland calcareous grassland plots using Tephroseris integrifolia subsp. integrifolia as an indicator species article Owen Mountford Yes Link 22155 View xml
2017-09-01 517476 Urbanisation impacts on storm runoff along a rural-urban gradient article James Miller Yes Link 22153 View xml
2017-09-01 517573 Regulation of the Calvin–Benson–Bassham cycle in the enigmatic diatoms: biochemical and evolutionary variations on an original theme article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes Link 22109 View xml
2017-09-01 517496 Sensitivity analysis and Bayesian calibration for testing robustness of the BASGRA model in different environments article Marcel Van Oijen Yes Link 22101 View xml
2017-09-01 514265 Climate-driven variability in the occurrence of major floods across North America and Europe article Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes Link 22096 View xml
2017-09-01 517086 Stable carbon isotope analysis of Cedrus atlantica pollen as an indicator of moisture availability article Helen Kathryn Grant Yes Link 21976 View xml
2017-09-01 516989 Do fungi need to be included within environmental radiation protection assessment models? article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes Link 21906 View xml
2017-09-01 516872 Long-term nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment alters vegetation species composition and reduces carbon storage in upland soil article Ed Rowe Yes Link 21823 View xml
2017-08-25 517667 Catchment Typologies Workshop report, Feb 2017, Edinburgh monograph Dr. Linda May, Prof. Laurence Carvalho Yes Link 22129 View xml
2017-08-23 517213 Phosphorus availability of sewage sludge-based fertilizers determined by the diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) technique article Dr. Ryo Sekine Yes Link 22128 View xml
2017-08-10 517560 Soil natural capital in Europe; a framework for state and change assessment article David A. Robinson Yes Link 22103 View xml
2017-08-07 517804 Do trees in UK-relevant river catchments influence fluvial flood peaks? monograph Mr. Charlie Stratford, James Miller, Andrew House, Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Prof. Michael Acreman, Dr. Manuel Angel Dueñas, Dr. Mark Robinson Yes Link 22175 View xml
2017-08-02 517576 Building essential biodiversity variables (EBVs) of species distribution and abundance at a global scale article Dr. Nick Isaac Yes Link 22114 View xml
2017-08-01 517561 Global climate - lake surface temperature article Dr. Linda May Yes Link 22162 View xml
2017-08-01 517750 Long-term chloride concentrations in North American and European freshwater lakes article Don Monteith Yes Link 22157 View xml
2017-08-01 517748 The impacts of urbanisation and climate change on urban flooding and urban water quality: a review of the evidence concerning the United Kingdom article James Miller, Dr. Michael Hutchins Yes Link 22156 View xml
2017-08-01 517713 Risk management to prioritise the eradication of new and emerging invasive non-native species article Prof. Helen Roy Yes Link 22144 View xml
2017-08-01 517687 Florally rich habitats reduce insect pollination and the reproductive success of isolated plants article Tracie Evans, Dr. Stephen Cavers, Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen, Prof. Matthew Heard Yes Link 22140 View xml
2017-08-01 517686 Genome sequence of human papillomavirus type 20, strain HPV-20/Lancaster/2015 article Dr. Glenn Rhodes Yes Link 22139 View xml
2017-08-01 517685 Micropathogen community analysis in Hyalomma rufipes via high-throughput sequencing of small RNAs article Yes Link 22138 View xml
2017-08-01 517604 Changing climate shifts timing of European floods article Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Dr. Shaun Harrigan Yes Link 22115 View xml
2017-08-01 517582 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: July 2017 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Stephen Turner, Katie Muchan, Sandie Clemas Yes Link 22113 View xml
2017-08-01 516013 Climate and land-use change impact on faecal indicator bacteria in a temperate maritime catchment (the River Conwy, Wales) article Amy Rose Carmel Thomas, Dario Masante, Dr. Laurence Jones, Prof. Jack Cosby, Prof. Bridget Emmett, Christel Prudhomme Yes Link 22108 View xml
2017-08-01 517376 Relatedness and body size influence territorial behaviour in Salmo salar juveniles in the wild article Yes Link 22058 View xml
2017-08-01 517340 Constraining uncertainty and process-representation in an algal community lake model using high frequency in-lake observations article Dr. Ian Jones, Dr. Alex Elliott, Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly, Dr. Ellie Mackay, Mitzi De Ville, Dr. Heidrun Feuchtmayr Yes Link 22036 View xml
2017-08-01 517273 How natural capital delivers ecosystem services: a typology derived from a systematic review article Dr. Paula A. Harrison Yes Link 22022 View xml
2017-08-01 516907 Correcting errors from spatial upscaling of nonlinear greenhouse gas flux models article Marcel Van Oijen, David Cameron, Peter Levy Yes Link 21907 View xml
2017-08-01 516916 Long-term nitrogen deposition increases heathland carbon sequestration article Prof. Chris Evans, Prof. Nancy Dise, Jane Hall Yes Link 21868 View xml
2017-07-26 517254 The function of soil biodiversity as indicators of soil quality: Insights from the UK Defra SQID project book_section Claire M. Wood Yes Link 22066 View xml
2017-07-20 517351 Long-term vegetation monitoring in Great Britain - the Countryside Survey 1978-2007 and beyond article Claire M. Wood, Dr. Simon Mark Smart, Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton, Dr. Lindsay Claire Maskell, Dr. David Howard, Dr. Peter Andrew Henrys Yes Link 22051 View xml
2017-07-06 517283 Measuring labile metals in soils: a critical assessment of the use of chemical extraction methods conference_item Judith Garforth, Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes Link 22016 View xml
2017-07-06 517281 Empirical ratios: pros and cons conference_item Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes Link 22014 View xml
2017-07-06 517280 Radionuclide transfer to reptiles at accident and legacy sites conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes Link 22015 View xml
2017-07-06 517282 The use of multi surface models to describe trace element partitioning, speciation and fate: a review conference_item Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes Link 22013 View xml
2017-07-05 517275 Radiation protection of the environment: recent progress in improving capabilities to quantify transfer in assessments conference_item Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes Link 22009 View xml
2017-07-05 517308 Examining the relationship between local extinction risk and position in range article Dr. Nick Isaac Yes Link 22033 View xml
2017-07-01 517760 Dynamics of avian species and functional diversity in secondary tropical forests article Prof. James Bullock, Philip Martin Yes Link 22163 View xml
2017-07-01 517752 The flux of organic matter through a peatland ecosystem: the role of cellulose, lignin, and their control of the ecosystem oxidation state article Rob Rose Yes Link 22158 View xml
2017-07-01 517743 Land use change impacts on floods at the catchment scale: challenges and opportunities for future research article Dr. Mark Robinson Yes Link 22154 View xml
2017-07-01 517729 Bacterial physiological adaptations to contrasting edaphic conditions identified using landscape scale metagenomics article Dr. Ashish Malik, Prof. Mark J Bailey, Dr. Robert Griffiths Yes Link 22149 View xml
2017-07-01 517701 Temporary streams in temperate zones: recognizing, monitoring and restoring transitional aquatic-terrestrial ecosystems article Catherine Sefton Yes Link 22141 View xml
2017-07-01 517684 Nitrogen-induced terrestrial eutrophication: cascading effects and impacts on ecosystem services article Dr. Laurence Jones Yes Link 22134 View xml
2017-07-01 517486 Tick-borne viruses and biological processes at the tick-host-virus interface article Prof. Patricia Nuttall Yes Link 22095 View xml
2017-07-01 517439 Caught between personal and collective values: biodiversity conservation in European decision-making article Dr. Paula A. Harrison Yes Link 22090 View xml
2017-07-01 517411 Separating British marsh tits Poecile palustris and willow tits P. montana using a new feature trialled in an online survey article Dr. Richard K Broughton Yes Link 22089 View xml
2017-07-01 517080 National-scale analysis of simulated hydrological droughts (1891–2015) article Dr. Ali Rudd, Dr. Vicky Bell, Dr. Alison L Kay Yes Link 22068 View xml
2017-07-01 517350 A global water resources ensemble of hydrological models: the eartH2Observe Tier-1 dataset article Dr. Alberto Martinez-de la Torre Yes Link 22048 View xml
2017-07-01 517348 High temporal resolution modelling of environmentally-dependent seabird ammonia emissions: description and testing of the GUANO model article Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Francis Daunt, Prof. Sarah Wanless, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes Link 22046 View xml
2017-07-01 517310 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: June 2017 monograph Lucy Barker, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes Link 22031 View xml
2017-07-01 517247 Accurate crop yield predictions from modelling tree-crop interactions in gliricidia-maize agroforestry article Julia Wilson Yes Link 21997 View xml
2017-07-01 516700 The relative risk and its distribution of endocrine disrupting chemicals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products to freshwater organisms in the Bohai Rim, China article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Dr. Monika D. Jürgens Yes Link 21731 View xml
2017-07-01 516699 Which persistent organic pollutants in the rivers of the Bohai region of China represent the greatest risk to the local ecosystem? article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Dr. Monika D. Jürgens Yes Link 21730 View xml
2017-07-01 516636 Thematic issue on modelling human and ecological health risks article Dr. Stefan Reis Yes Link 21701 View xml
2017-07-01 516496 Does exposure to domestic wastewater effluent (including steroid estrogens) harm fish populations in the UK? article Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes Link 21637 View xml
2017-06-30 517304 Climate and basin drivers of seasonal river water temperature dynamics article Dr. Cedric Laize Yes Link 22027 View xml
2017-06-26 517217 Temporal scaling phenomena in groundwater-floodplain systems using robust detrended fluctuation analysis article Katie Muchan Yes Link 21987 View xml
2017-06-14 517149 The relevance of speciation to the environmental behaviour of radionuclides conference_item Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes Link 21968 View xml
2017-06-13 517305 River invertebrate classification tool database and delivery system monograph Filip Kral, Matt Fry, Dr. Cedric Laize Yes Link 22042 View xml
2017-06-12 517153 An operational definition of essential biodiversity variables article Dr. Nick Isaac Yes Link 21975 View xml
2017-06-08 504922 EPrints Services Second Test article Yes Link 21956 View xml
2017-06-01 517815 Responses of Ottelia alismoides, an aquatic plant with three CCMs, to variable CO2 and light article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes Link 22194 View xml
2017-06-01 517734 Mechanistic species distribution modeling reveals a niche shift during invasion article Dr. Daniel Stephen Chapman, Prof. James Bullock Yes Link 22150 View xml
2017-06-01 517706 Climate change, climatic variation and extreme biological responses article Dr. David Roy Yes Link 22142 View xml
2017-06-01 517494 Bringing it all together: multi-species integrated population modelling of a breeding community article Michael Harris, Prof. Sarah Wanless, Dr. Stephen Freeman Yes Link 22100 View xml
2017-06-01 517491 Land surface model performance using cosmic-ray and point-scale soil moisture measurements for calibration article Dr. Eleanor Blyth Yes Link 22099 View xml
2017-06-01 517346 Modeling the water budget of the Upper Blue Nile basin using the JGrass-NewAge model system and satellite data article Dr. Giuseppe Formetta Yes Link 22045 View xml
2017-06-01 517306 Loss of habitat and connectivity during drought conference_item Dr. Cedric Laize, Dr. Vicky Bell, Prof. Michael Acreman Yes Link 22038 View xml
2017-06-01 517261 An aerial survey of gannets on Westray, Orkney, in August 2016 article Michael Harris Yes Link 22026 View xml
2017-06-01 517293 Estimation of cumulative fluxes of nitrous oxide: uncertainty in temporal upscaling and emission factors article Peter Levy, Nicholas Cowan, Marcel Van Oijen, Dr. Julia Drewer, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes Link 22023 View xml
2017-06-01 517198 Fisheries impacts on lake ecosystem structure in the context of a changing climate and trophic state article Dr. Stephen Thackeray, Ian J Winfield Yes Link 22021 View xml
2017-06-01 517235 Characterising the upland landscapes of Great Britain conference_item Claire M. Wood Yes Link 22003 View xml
2017-06-01 517236 A comparison between lowland arable landscapes in Great Britain with those in a Baltic State, Estonia conference_item Claire M. Wood Yes Link 22004 View xml
2017-06-01 517252 The field scale soil moisture analysis using COSMOS-India network to explore water resource quantity and quality for water supply, agriculture and aquaculture over the Indian regions conference_item Ross Morrison, Dr. Lucy Ball, Dr. Jonathan Evans, Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes Link 22002 View xml
2017-06-01 517249 Fifty years of raptor research article Yes Link 22000 View xml
2017-06-01 517246 Natural expansion versus translocation in a previously human-persecuted bird of prey article Yes Link 21994 View xml
2017-06-01 517245 White Mere: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Ian J Winfield Yes Link 21995 View xml
2017-06-01 517244 Marton Pool: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Ian J Winfield Yes Link 21996 View xml
2017-06-01 517241 Bomere Pool: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Ian J Winfield Yes Link 21993 View xml
2017-06-01 517243 Crose Mere: role of fish in lake management. Final report monograph Ian J Winfield Yes Link 21991 View xml
2017-06-01 517204 The European 2015 drought from a hydrological perspective article Christel Prudhomme, Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes Link 21985 View xml
2017-06-01 517152 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: May 2017 monograph Katie Muchan, Lucy Barker, Sandie Clemas Yes Link 21974 View xml
2017-06-01 517143 Electromagnetic induction mapping at varied soil moisture reveals field-scale soil textural patterns and gravel lenses article David A. Robinson Yes Link 21969 View xml
2017-06-01 517125 Activity of type I methanotrophs dominates under high methane concentration: methanotrophic activity in slurry surface crusts as influenced by methane, oxygen, and inorganic nitrogen article Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes Link 21966 View xml
2017-06-01 514419 The 2015 Indian summer monsoon onset - phenomena, forecasting and research flight planning article Christopher Taylor Yes Link 21963 View xml
2017-06-01 517106 A methodology to link national and local information for spatial targeting of ammonia mitigation efforts article Edward Carnell, Dr. Tony Dore, Prof. Mark Sutton, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits Yes Link 21951 View xml
2017-06-01 516853 Bioindication and modelling of atmospheric deposition in forests enable exposure and effect monitoring at high spatial density across scales article Dr. Harry Harmens Yes Link 21905 View xml