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2105-10-01 513119 Metal speciation from stream to open ocean: modelling v. measurement article Dr. Edward Tipping, Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes 18482 View xml
2019-03-01 522015 Influence of turbid flood water release on sediment deposition and phosphorus distribution in the bed sediment of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China article Dr. Mike Bowes Yes 23188 View xml
2019-03-01 521963 Protecting and restoring Europe's waters: an analysis of the future development needs of the Water Framework Directive article Prof. Laurence Carvalho, Dr. Ellie Mackay, Dr. Bryan M. Spears Yes 23174 View xml
2019-02-15 521198 Research challenges for cultural ecosystem services and public health in (peri-)urban environments article Dr. Jan Dick, Dr. Laurence Jones, Dr. Lindsay Claire Maskell, Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton, Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 22993 View xml
2019-02-01 521904 Increased fire severity alters initial vegetation regeneration across Calluna-dominated ecosystems article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 23161 View xml
2019-02-01 521782 Global multi-pollutant modelling of water quality: scientific challenges and future directions article Mr. Richard J Williams Yes 23144 View xml
2019-02-01 521795 Validation of ammonia diffusive and pumped samplers in a controlled atmosphere test facility using traceable Primary Standard Gas Mixtures article Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Sarah Leeson, Dr. Matthew Jones, Dr. Christine Braban Yes 23122 View xml
2019-02-01 521805 Using dissolved organic matter fluorescence to identify the provenance of nutrients in a lowland catchment; the River Thames, England article Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Dr. Pam Naden, Dr. Mike Bowes, Colin Roberts, Mr. Peter Michael Scarlett, Mr. David Nicholls, Linda Armstrong, Heather Wickham, Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 23117 View xml
2019-02-01 521729 Simulation of timothy nutritive value: a comparison of three process-based models article Marcel Van Oijen Yes 23100 View xml
2019-02-01 521731 Models for assessing engineered nanomaterial fate and behaviour in the aquatic environment article Mr. Richard J Williams, Dr. Virginie Keller, Dr. Stephen Lofts, Dr. Claus Svendsen Yes 23099 View xml
2019-02-01 521614 δ15N of lichens reflects the isotopic signature of ammonia source article Dr. Lucy Sheppard, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 23081 View xml
2019-02-01 521610 Response of sediment organic phosphorus composition to lake trophic status in China article Yes 23078 View xml
2019-02-01 521401 Macroinvertebrate community responses to river impoundment at multiple spatial scales article Prof. Michael Acreman, Dr. Cedric Laize Yes 23028 View xml
2019-02-01 521366 Optimizing land management strategies for maximum improvements in lake dissolved oxygen concentrations article Dr. Alex Elliott Yes 23020 View xml
2019-02-01 521036 Phosphorus footprint in China over the 1961–2050 period: historical perspective and future prospect article Prof. Helen Jarvie Yes 22937 View xml
2019-01-01 522037 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: December 2018 monograph Lucy Barker, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes 23192 View xml
2019-01-01 520940 An assessment of the potential for Natural Flood Management to offset climate change impacts article Dr. Alison L Kay, Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Dr. Vicky Bell, Helen Davies Yes 23191 View xml
2019-01-01 522002 EJP-CONCERT. D 9.13 – Improving models and learning from post-Fukushima studies monograph Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett, Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23185 View xml
2019-01-01 521452 Response of crop yield to different time-scales of drought in the United States: spatio-temporal patterns and climatic and environmental drivers article Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 23054 View xml
2019-01-01 521064 A novel application of remote sensing for modelling impacts of tree shading on water quality article Nuria Bachiller-Jareno, Dr. Michael Hutchins, Dr. Mike Bowes Yes 22964 View xml
2019-01-01 521061 Temporal and spatial variations of trophic status of a small lowland river article Yes 22963 View xml
2019-01-01 521035 The full carbon balance of a rewetted cropland fen and a conservation-managed fen article Annette Burden, Dr. Jonathan Evans, Dr. Ross Morrison, Dr. Jennifer Williamson, Prof. Chris Evans Yes 22940 View xml
2019-01-01 520838 Exploring taxonomic and phylogenetic relationships to predict radiocaesium transfer to marine biota article Yes 22898 View xml
2018-12-14 521931 Air pollution and brain health: defining the research agenda article Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 23171 View xml
2018-12-07 521841 Earlier seasonal onset of intense mesoscale convective systems in the Congo Basin since 1999 article Dr. Christopher Taylor, Cornelia Klein, Dr. Phil Harris Yes 23159 View xml
2018-12-04 521792 Coupling high-frequency stream metabolism and nutrient monitoring to explore biogeochemical controls on downstream nitrate delivery article Prof. Helen Jarvie, Mr. Richard J Williams Yes 23112 View xml
2018-12-03 521867 Experimental evidence for sustained carbon sequestration in fire-managed, peat moorlands article Rob Rose Yes 23147 View xml
2018-12-01 522005 Modelling spatial patterns of correlations between concentrations of heavy metals in mosses and atmospheric deposition in 2010 across Europe article Dr. Harry Harmens, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 23182 View xml
2018-12-01 521916 Meteorological measurements at Auchencorth Moss from 1995 to 2016 article Mhairi Coyle, Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Carole Helfter, Dr. Matthew Jones, Mr. John Kentisbeer, Sarah Leeson, Dr. Neil Mullinger, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Elin Roberts, Mr. Ivan Simmons, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Netty van Dijk Yes 23168 View xml
2018-12-01 521913 Characterization of ozone deposition to a mixed oak–hornbeam forest – flux measurements at five levels above and inside the canopy and their interactions with nitric oxide article Mhairi Coyle, Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 23164 View xml
2018-12-01 521896 The WASCAL hydrometeorological observatory in the Sudan Savanna of Burkina Faso and Ghana article Cornelia Klein Yes 23160 View xml
2018-12-01 521889 Methane emissions from a pristine southern African wetland conference_item Dr. Carole Helfter, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 23158 View xml
2018-12-01 521892 Insect population trends and the IUCN Red List process article Dr. Colin A Harrower Yes 23157 View xml
2018-12-01 521890 Standardisation of chamber technique for CO2, N2O and CH4 fluxes measurements from terrestrial ecosystems article Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 23156 View xml
2018-12-01 521848 Standardisation of eddy-covariance flux measurements of methane and nitrous oxide article Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 23150 View xml
2018-12-01 521850 Towards long-term standardised carbon and greenhouse gas observations for monitoring Europe´s terrestrial ecosystems: a review article Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 23148 View xml
2018-12-01 521878 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: November 2018 monograph Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes 23146 View xml
2018-12-01 521775 Urbanization, rural development and environmental health in China article Prof. Alan Jenkins Yes 23104 View xml
2018-12-01 521642 Root architecture governs plasticity in response to drought article Prof. James Bullock Yes 23082 View xml
2018-12-01 521608 Human-mediated dispersal and the rewiring of spatial networks article Prof. James Bullock, Dr. Daniel Stephen Chapman Yes 23077 View xml
2018-12-01 521476 Wind and trophic status explain within and among-lake variability of algal biomass article Dr. Heidrun Feuchtmayr, Dr. Ian Jones Yes 23063 View xml
2018-12-01 521461 Molecular signatures of divergence and selection in closely related pine taxa article Dr. Witold Wachowiak, Annika Perry, Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes 23057 View xml
2018-12-01 519932 Spatial scales of marine conservation management for breeding seabirds article Dr. Francis Daunt, Michael Harris, Mark Newell, Prof. Sarah Wanless Yes 23046 View xml
2018-12-01 521364 Seasonal fluxes of carbon monoxide from an intensively grazed grassland in Scotland article Dr. Nicholas J Cowan, Dr. Carole Helfter, Dr. Ben Langford, Mhairi Coyle, Dr. Peter Levy, Dr. Janet Moxley, Mr. Ivan Simmons, Sarah Leeson, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 23017 View xml
2018-12-01 521204 The influence of residential and workday population mobility on exposure to air pollution in the UK article Dr. Stefan Reis, Dr. Massimo Vieno, Edward Carnell, Rachel Beck, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Mr. Samuel James Tomlinson, David Leaver Yes 22994 View xml
2018-12-01 521060 Acute toxicity of organic pesticides to Daphnia magna is unchanged by co-exposure to polystyrene microplastics article Alice Horton, Dr. Elma Lahive, Dr. David Spurgeon, Dr. Claus Svendsen, Dr. Jan Baas Yes 22962 View xml
2018-12-01 520790 Sources of PM2.5 at an urban-industrial Mediterranean city, Marseille (France): application of the ME-2 solver to inorganic and organic markers article Yes 22875 View xml
2018-12-01 520646 Small water bodies in Great Britain and Ireland: ecosystem function, human-generated degradation, and options for restorative action article Prof. Helen Jarvie Yes 22825 View xml
2018-12-01 520589 Radioecology in CONFIDENCE: dealing with uncertainties relevant for decision making article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22797 View xml
2018-12-01 520590 Extended Kd distributions for freshwater environment article Claire Wells, Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 22796 View xml
2018-12-01 520507 Review of Russian language studies on radionuclide behaviour in agricultural animals: transfer to animal tissues article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard, Claire Wells Yes 22771 View xml
2018-12-01 520381 Multimedia fate and transport simulation of perfluorooctanoic acid/perfluorooctanoate in an urbanizing area article Dr. Monika D. Jürgens Yes 22760 View xml
2018-11-28 521875 Quantifying the impact of future land use scenarios to 2050 and beyond. Final report monograph Dr. Amanda Thomson, Dr. Janet Moxley, Gwen Buys, Prof. Chris Evans, Heath Malcolm, Dr. Jeanette Whitaker, Dr. Niall P McNamara, Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes 23167 View xml
2018-11-15 521876 Land use: reducing emissions and preparing for climate change monograph Yes 23165 View xml
2018-11-12 521478 Biases in model-simulated surface energy fluxes during the Indian monsoon onset period article Dr. Ross Morrison, Dr. Jonathan Evans Yes 23060 View xml
2018-11-10 521503 Increase of apoplastic ascorbate induced by ozone is insufficient to remove the negative effects in tobacco, soybean and poplar article Dr. Harry Harmens Yes 23066 View xml
2018-11-09 521438 The spatial and temporal variation of water quality at a community garden site in an urban setting: citizen science in action article Dr. Michael Hutchins, Nuria Bachiller-Jareno Yes 23065 View xml
2018-11-06 521790 Vanadium: a re-emerging environmental hazard article James Watt, Heath Malcolm, Justyna Olszewska, Dr. Bryan M. Spears Yes 23110 View xml
2018-11-01 522038 Direct isotopic evidence of biogenic methane production and efflux from beneath a temperate glacier article Dr. Niall P McNamara, Mr. Simon Oakley, Dr. Andrew W. Stott Yes 23194 View xml
2018-11-01 522007 Long-term evolution of the impacts of ozone air pollution on agricultural yields in Europe: a modelling analysis for the 1990-2010 period monograph Dr. Harry Harmens Yes 23187 View xml
2018-11-01 521930 Fungal diversity regulates plant-soil feedbacks in temperate grassland article Mr. Simon Oakley, Kelly Mason Yes 23169 View xml
2018-11-01 521907 Creating productive diverse grassland for multi-ecosystem services: an example of agri-environment schemes policies driven by science in United Kingdom article Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Prof. Richard Pywell Yes 23163 View xml
2018-11-01 521791 Effects of model choice, network structure, and interaction strengths on knockout extinction models of ecological robustness article Yes 23111 View xml
2018-11-01 521786 Surface–atmosphere exchange of inorganic water-soluble gases and associated ions in bulk aerosol above agricultural grassland pre- and postfertilisation article Dr. Chiara F. Di Marco, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Dr. Nicholas J Cowan, Dr. Matthew Jones, Sarah Leeson, Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 23108 View xml
2018-11-01 521777 The MaRIUS-G2G datasets: Grid-to-Grid model estimates of flow and soil moisture for Great Britain using observed and climate model driving data article Dr. Vicky Bell, Dr. Alison L Kay, Dr. Ali Rudd, Helen Davies Yes 23105 View xml
2018-11-01 521701 Functionally richer communities improve ecosystem functioning: dung removal and secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in the Western Palaearctic article Rob Rose Yes 23097 View xml
2018-11-01 521661 Transport through a network of topological channels in twisted bilayer graphene article Yes 23086 View xml
2018-11-01 521609 Acid gases and aerosol measurements in the UK (1999–2015): regional distributions and trends article Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Christine Braban, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Mr. Ivan Simmons, David Leaver, Netty van Dijk, Janet Poskitt, Sarah Thacker, Manisha Patel, Heather Carter, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Dr. Paddy Keenan, Dr. Alan Lawlor, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 23080 View xml
2018-11-01 521612 Isotopic evidence for oligotrophication of terrestrial ecosystems article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 23079 View xml
2018-11-01 521522 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: October 2018 monograph Katie Muchan, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes 23073 View xml
2018-11-01 521363 The cultural importance and international recognition of the Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus populations of Windermere, UK article Ian J Winfield Yes 23067 View xml
2018-11-01 521460 United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme annual report 2017 monograph Dr. Marc Botham, Dr. David Roy Yes 23058 View xml
2018-11-01 521459 Multiscale socio-ecological networks in the age of information article Dr. Jan Dick, Helen Woods Yes 23056 View xml
2018-11-01 521414 Stoichiometric constraints on the microbial processing of carbon with soil depth along a riparian hillslope article Dr. David Martin Cooper Yes 23034 View xml
2018-11-01 521367 Canopy structure and topography jointly constrain the microclimate of human-modified tropical landscapes article Mr. Dafydd Elias Yes 23019 View xml
2018-11-01 521178 Global monitoring of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) using seabird preen gland oil article Prof. Sarah Wanless, Dr. Francis Daunt Yes 22980 View xml
2018-11-01 520639 Environmentally relevant exposure to an antidepressant alters courtship behaviours in a songbird article Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Prof. Richard Shore Yes 22824 View xml
2018-11-01 520576 An assessment of the state of nature in the United Kingdom: a review of findings, methods and impact article Charlie Outhwaite, Dr. Tom August, Dr. Nick Isaac, Dr. Gary D. Powney, Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 22787 View xml
2018-11-01 520568 Nocturnal flight activity of northern gannets Morus bassanus and implications for modelling collision risk at offshore wind farms article Prof. Sarah Wanless Yes 22782 View xml
2018-11-01 520355 The relative performance of smooth snakes inhabiting open heathland and conifer plantations article Christopher Reading Yes 22752 View xml
2018-11-01 520198 Modelling study of soil C, N and pH response to air pollution and climate change using European LTER site observations article Ed Rowe Yes 22692 View xml
2018-10-05 521146 Transfer parameters values for 90Sr and 137Cs isotopes in Mediterranean ecosystem conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23000 View xml
2018-10-04 521143 The CONFIDENCE project conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22997 View xml
2018-10-03 521149 Human food chain modelling - reducing uncertainties conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22996 View xml
2018-10-02 521145 Quantifying exposure of plants and animals to radiation: a new methodology conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22999 View xml
2018-10-01 521802 The low-resolution version of HadGEM3 GC3.1: development and evaluation for global climate article Dr. Rich Ellis Yes 23116 View xml
2018-10-01 521796 Carbon and nitrogen inputs differentially affect priming of soil organic matter in tropical lowland and montane soils article Dr. Andrew W. Stott, Dr. Jeanette Whitaker Yes 23115 View xml
2018-10-01 521793 The status of the invertebrate fauna on the South Atlantic island of St Helena: problems, analysis, and recommendations article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 23113 View xml
2018-10-01 521607 Spread of a model invasive alien species, the harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridis in Britain and Ireland article Dr. David Roy, Dr. Colin A Harrower, Dr. Hannah Dean, Stephanie Rorke, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 23076 View xml
2018-10-01 521500 Second generation anticoagulant rodenticide residues in barn owls 2017 monograph Prof. Richard Shore, Mr. Lee Anthony Walker, Elaine Potter, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Darren Sleep, Nicola Thompson Yes 23068 View xml
2018-10-01 521456 Fit is fat: winter body mass of Atlantic puffins Fratercula arctica article Michael Harris Yes 23055 View xml
2018-10-01 521451 Soil N2O emissions with different reduced tillage methods during the establishment of Miscanthus in temperate grassland article Dr. Rebecca L Rowe, Dr. Niall P McNamara, Mr. Dafydd Elias Yes 23053 View xml
2018-10-01 521437 Impacts of abiotic stresses on the physiology and metabolism of cool-season grasses: a review article Prof. Gina Mills, Dr. Felicity Hayes, David A. Robinson Yes 23052 View xml
2018-10-01 521424 Assessing binary mixture effects from genotoxic and endocrine disrupting environmental contaminants using infrared spectroscopy article Prof. Richard Shore, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira Yes 23048 View xml
2018-10-01 521421 The importance of small artificial water bodies as sources of methane emissions in Queensland, Australia article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 23047 View xml
2018-10-01 521417 Peatland ditch blocking has no effect on dissolved organic matter (DOM) quality article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 23035 View xml
2018-10-01 521408 Resource-Area-Dependence Analysis: inferring animal resource needs from home-range and mapping data article Yes 23030 View xml
2018-10-01 521398 A vision for global biodiversity monitoring with citizen science article Dr. Tom August, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 23027 View xml
2018-10-01 521370 Estimating radiological exposure of wildlife in the field article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23023 View xml
2018-10-01 521150 The STORE platform for data and resource sharing in radiation biology, radioecology and epidemiology conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23001 View xml