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2105-10-01 513119 Metal speciation from stream to open ocean: modelling v. measurement article Dr. Edward Tipping, Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes 18482 View xml
2019-07-01 522469 Regional variations in the link between drought indices and reported agricultural impacts of drought article Dr. Maliko Tanguy Yes 23329 View xml
2019-06-01 522449 Species indicators for naturally-regenerating and old calcareous grassland in southern England article Dr. Markus Wagner, Prof. James Bullock, Prof. Richard Pywell Yes 23321 View xml
2019-05-01 522366 DEIMS-SDR – A web portal to document research sites and their associated data article Mr. Mike Wilson Yes 23294 View xml
2019-05-01 522284 Fit-for-purpose modelling of radiocaesium soil-to-plant transfer for nuclear emergencies: a review article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23270 View xml
2019-05-01 522094 Rebuilding the linkage between livestock and cropland to mitigate agricultural pollution in China article Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 23209 View xml
2019-04-01 522626 Toxicogenomic responses of Caenorhabditis elegans to pristine and transformed zinc oxide nanoparticles article Dr. Claus Svendsen Yes 23411 View xml
2019-04-01 522586 Why so many published sensitivity analyses are false: a systematic review of sensitivity analysis practices article Ksenia Aleksankina Yes 23393 View xml
2019-04-01 522430 Human health risk associated with the management of phosphorus in freshwaters using lanthanum and aluminium article Dr. Bryan M. Spears Yes 23309 View xml
2019-04-01 522348 Nitrogen availability does not affect ozone flux-effect relationships for biomass in birch (Betula pendula) saplings article Dr. Felicity Hayes, Dr. Katrina Sharps, Dr. Harry Harmens, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 23289 View xml
2019-04-01 522330 Combining policy analyses, exploratory scenarios, and integrated modelling to assess land use policy options article Dr. Rob Dunford, Dr. Juliette Young, Dr. Jan Dick, Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 23282 View xml
2019-04-01 522297 What is the most ecologically-meaningful metric of nitrogen deposition? article Dr. Laurence Jones, Edward Carnell, Mr. Samuel James Tomlinson, Dr. Tony Dore, Prof. Nancy Dise, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits Yes 23272 View xml
2019-04-01 522201 Effects of four years of elevated ozone on microbial biomass and extracellular enzyme activities in a semi-natural grassland article Dr. Felicity Hayes, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 23235 View xml
2019-03-01 522629 Drought and the interannual variability of stem growth in an aseasonal, everwet forest article Dr. Jill Thompson Yes 23413 View xml
2019-03-01 522627 The role of age of first breeding in modeling raptor reintroductions article Yes 23412 View xml
2019-03-01 522622 Quantifying the three-dimensional effects of anisotropic soil horizons on hillslope hydrology and stability article Dr. Giuseppe Formetta Yes 23409 View xml
2019-03-01 522526 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: February 2019 monograph Catherine Sefton, Lucy Barker, Sandie Clemas Yes 23373 View xml
2019-03-01 522453 Country-scale greenhouse gas budgets using shipborne measurements: a case study for the UK and Ireland article Dr. Carole Helfter, Dr. Neil Mullinger, Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 23340 View xml
2019-03-01 522443 Advanced methods for uncertainty assessment and global sensitivity analysis of an Eulerian atmospheric chemistry transport model article Ksenia Aleksankina, Dr. Stefan Reis, Dr. Massimo Vieno Yes 23319 View xml
2019-03-01 522418 Model-based hypervolumes for complex ecological data article Dr. Susan Jarvis, Dr. Peter Andrew Henrys, Dr. A Keith, Dr. Ellie Mackay, Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 23306 View xml
2019-03-01 522390 Developing a list of invasive alien species likely to threaten biodiversity and ecosystems in the European Union article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy, Dr. Hannah Dean, Jodey Peyton, Stephanie Rorke, Dr. Karsten Schönrogge Yes 23295 View xml
2019-03-01 522217 Exploring relationships between land use intensity, habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity to identify and monitor areas of High Nature Value farming article Dr. Lindsay Claire Maskell, Dr. Marc Botham, Dr. Peter Andrew Henrys, Dr. Susan Jarvis, David A. Robinson, Dr. Clare Rowland, Dr. Simon Mark Smart, Prof. Bridget Emmett Yes 23257 View xml
2019-03-01 522239 Rates and spatial variability of peat subsidence in Acacia plantation and forest landscapes in Sumatra, Indonesia article Prof. Chris Evans, Dr. Jennifer Williamson Yes 23252 View xml
2019-03-01 522141 Burning increases post-fire carbon emissions in a heathland and a raised bog, but experimental manipulation of fire severity has no effect article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 23221 View xml
2019-03-01 522015 Influence of turbid flood water release on sediment deposition and phosphorus distribution in the bed sediment of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China article Dr. Mike Bowes Yes 23188 View xml
2019-03-01 521963 Protecting and restoring Europe's waters: an analysis of the future development needs of the Water Framework Directive article Prof. Laurence Carvalho, Dr. Ellie Mackay, Dr. Bryan M. Spears Yes 23174 View xml
2019-02-19 522491 Assessing contributions of agricultural and nonagricultural emissions to atmospheric ammonia in a Chinese megacity article Dr. Tony Dore Yes 23348 View xml
2019-02-19 522336 Multi‐year carbon budget of a mature commercial short rotation coppice (SRC) willow plantation article Dr. Ross Morrison, Dr. Rebecca L Rowe, Dr. Niall P McNamara Yes 23283 View xml
2019-02-15 521198 Research challenges for cultural ecosystem services and public health in (peri-)urban environments article Dr. Jan Dick, Dr. Laurence Jones, Dr. Lindsay Claire Maskell, Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton, Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 22993 View xml
2019-02-14 522264 The impact of farm size on agricultural sustainability article Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 23258 View xml
2019-02-13 522383 A temporal sediment record of microplastics in an urban lake, London, UK article Alice Horton Yes 23304 View xml
2019-02-01 522631 Adaptive strategies in a poly-extreme environment: differentiation of vegetative cells in Serratia ureilytica and resistance to extreme conditions article Yes 23414 View xml
2019-02-01 522620 The persistence of carbon in the African forest understory article Dr. Lindsay F. Banin Yes 23408 View xml
2019-02-01 522582 Grasslands - more important for ecosystem services than you might think article Prof. James Bullock Yes 23392 View xml
2019-02-01 522532 The impact of uncertainty on cooperation intent in a conservation conflict article Dr. Juliette Young Yes 23371 View xml
2019-02-01 522417 Peat swamp forest conservation withstands pervasive land conversion to oil palm plantation in North Selangor, Malaysia article Yes 23323 View xml
2019-02-01 522372 An analytical framework for spatially targeted management of natural capital article Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton, Claire M. Wood, Dr. Reto Schmucki, Prof. James Bullock Yes 23322 View xml
2019-02-01 522450 Increased nitrogen enrichment and shifted patterns in the world's grassland: 1860–2016 article Prof. Ute Maria Skiba Yes 23320 View xml
2019-02-01 522445 Evaluating environmental risk assessment models for nanomaterials according to requirements along the product innovation Stage-Gate process article Dr. Sam Harrison, Dr. Stephen Lofts, Dr. Marianne Matzke, Dr. David Spurgeon Yes 23317 View xml
2019-02-01 522439 Spatial ecology of a range-expanding bumble bee pollinator article Dr. Claire Carvell Yes 23315 View xml
2019-02-01 522433 An approach to identifying the relative importance of different radionuclides in ecological radiological risk assessment: application to nuclear power plant releases article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 23312 View xml
2019-02-01 522340 The future depends on what we do today – projecting Europe’s surface water quality into three different future scenarios article Dr. Michael Hutchins Yes 23308 View xml
2019-02-01 522426 Hedges for invertebrates and plants: how current and historic hedgerow management alters their structural condition and value as a semi-natural habitat book_section Dr. Jo Staley, Dr. Marc Botham, Prof. Richard Pywell Yes 23305 View xml
2019-02-01 522413 Two common invertebrate predators show varying predation responses to different types of sentinel prey article Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Prof. Richard Pywell Yes 23303 View xml
2019-02-01 522391 Differences in the phenology of Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and native coccinellids in Central Europe article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 23297 View xml
2019-02-01 522342 Understanding high-end climate change: from impacts to co-creating integrated and transformative solutions article Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 23286 View xml
2019-02-01 522341 Transition pathways to sustainability in greater than 2°C climate futures of Europe article Simona Pedde, Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 23285 View xml
2019-02-01 522313 Using observed river flow data to improve the hydrological functioning of the JULES land surface model (vn4.3) used for regional coupled modelling in Great Britain (UKC2) article Dr. Alberto Martínez-de la Torre, Dr. Eleanor Blyth Yes 23279 View xml
2019-02-01 513704 Leaf age effects on the spectral predictability of leaf traits in Amazonian canopy trees article Dr. France Gerard Yes 23269 View xml
2019-02-01 522270 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: January 2019 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Sandie Clemas Yes 23261 View xml
2019-02-01 522267 Host specificity pattern and chemical deception in a social parasite of ants article Dr. Karsten Schönrogge Yes 23259 View xml
2019-02-01 522157 Field effects studies in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: lessons to be learnt article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23249 View xml
2019-02-01 521838 Oribatid mites show how climate and latitudinal gradients in organic matter can drive large-scale biodiversity patterns of soil communities article Dr. A Keith Yes 23248 View xml
2019-02-01 522218 Wonders of tick saliva article Prof. Patricia Nuttall Yes 23245 View xml
2019-02-01 522213 Uncovering mechanisms behind mosquito seasonality by integrating mathematical models and daily empirical population data: Culex pipiens in the UK article Mr. David Andrew Ewing, Dr. Bethan Purse, Stefanie Schäfer, Dr. Steven White Yes 23244 View xml
2019-02-01 522215 Flexibility, variability and constraint in energy management patterns across vertebrate taxa revealed by long‐term heart rate measurements article Dr. Sarah Burthe Yes 23243 View xml
2019-02-01 522211 Different ecosystem services, same (dis)satisfaction with compensation: a critical comparison between farmers’ perception in Scotland and Brazil article Dr. Jan Dick Yes 23240 View xml
2019-02-01 522210 The diversity of population responses to environmental change article Christopher Reading Yes 23239 View xml
2019-02-01 522203 Joint nitrogen and phosphorus management for sustainable development and climate goals article Yes 23236 View xml
2019-02-01 522199 Effect of temperature on zooplankton vertical migration velocity article Dr. Stephen Thackeray Yes 23233 View xml
2019-02-01 522153 Preface. Shallow lakes research: advances and perspectives article Dr. Linda May Yes 23225 View xml
2019-02-01 522146 Decision support framework to identify lakes that are likely to meet water quality targets if external inputs of phosphorus from agriculture are reduced article Dr. Linda May, Philip J Taylor, Dr. Bryan M. Spears, Dr. Pam Naden Yes 23224 View xml
2019-02-01 522142 Who knows best? Understanding the use of research-based knowledge in conservation conflicts article Dr. Juliette Young Yes 23222 View xml
2019-02-01 521904 Increased fire severity alters initial vegetation regeneration across Calluna-dominated ecosystems article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 23161 View xml
2019-02-01 521782 Global multi-pollutant modelling of water quality: scientific challenges and future directions article Mr. Richard J Williams Yes 23144 View xml
2019-02-01 521795 Validation of ammonia diffusive and pumped samplers in a controlled atmosphere test facility using traceable Primary Standard Gas Mixtures article Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Sarah Leeson, Dr. Matthew Jones, Dr. Christine Braban Yes 23122 View xml
2019-02-01 521805 Using dissolved organic matter fluorescence to identify the provenance of nutrients in a lowland catchment; the River Thames, England article Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Dr. Pam Naden, Dr. Mike Bowes, Colin Roberts, Mr. Peter Michael Scarlett, Mr. David Nicholls, Linda Armstrong, Heather Wickham, Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 23117 View xml
2019-02-01 521729 Simulation of timothy nutritive value: a comparison of three process-based models article Marcel Van Oijen Yes 23100 View xml
2019-02-01 521731 Models for assessing engineered nanomaterial fate and behaviour in the aquatic environment article Mr. Richard J Williams, Dr. Virginie Keller, Dr. Stephen Lofts, Dr. Claus Svendsen Yes 23099 View xml
2019-02-01 521614 δ15N of lichens reflects the isotopic signature of ammonia source article Dr. Lucy Sheppard, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 23081 View xml
2019-02-01 521610 Response of sediment organic phosphorus composition to lake trophic status in China article Yes 23078 View xml
2019-02-01 521401 Macroinvertebrate community responses to river impoundment at multiple spatial scales article Prof. Michael Acreman, Dr. Cedric Laize Yes 23028 View xml
2019-02-01 521366 Optimizing land management strategies for maximum improvements in lake dissolved oxygen concentrations article Dr. Alex Elliott Yes 23020 View xml
2019-02-01 521036 Phosphorus footprint in China over the 1961–2050 period: historical perspective and future prospect article Prof. Helen Jarvie Yes 22937 View xml
2019-01-28 522120 Assessment of cyclists’ exposure to ultrafine particles along alterative commuting routes in Edinburgh article Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 23220 View xml
2019-01-21 522382 A catchment‐scale perspective of plastic pollution article Alice Horton Yes 23300 View xml
2019-01-08 522098 Toward a generic analytical framework for sustainable nitrogen management: application for China article Dr. Stefan Reis, Clare Howard, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 23215 View xml
2019-01-01 522623 Modelling the physical states, element stoichiometries, and residence times of topsoil organic matter article Dr. Edward Tipping, Ed Rowe Yes 23410 View xml
2019-01-01 522598 Effects of street lighting technologies on the success and quality of pollination in a nocturnally pollinated plant article Callum Macgregor Yes 23401 View xml
2019-01-01 522547 Studying the impact of biomass burning aerosol radiative and climate effects on the Amazon rainforest productivity with an Earth system model article Yes 23378 View xml
2019-01-01 522504 Soil parameters, land use, and geographical distance drive soil bacterial communities along a European transect article Dr. Robert Griffiths, Prof. Mark J Bailey Yes 23353 View xml
2019-01-01 522436 Strong but intermittent spatial covariations in tropical land temperature article Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 23314 View xml
2019-01-01 522306 Modelling carbon stock and carbon sequestration ecosystem services for policy design: a comprehensive approach using a dynamic vegetation model article Dr. Laurence Jones Yes 23313 View xml
2019-01-01 522392 Atmospheric deposition at groundwater dependent wetlands phase 2 : nutrient source apportionment case studies from England and Wales monograph Dr. Laurence Jones, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang Yes 23296 View xml
2019-01-01 522292 Effect of restoration on saltmarsh carbon accumulation in eastern England article Annette Burden, Angus Garbutt, Prof. Chris Evans Yes 23287 View xml
2019-01-01 522326 Large-scale predictions of salt-marsh carbon stock based on simple observations of plant community and soil type article Angus Garbutt Yes 23281 View xml
2019-01-01 522258 A site-specific analysis of the implications of a changing ozone profile and climate for stomatal ozone fluxes in Europe article Dr. Felicity Hayes, Prof. Gina Mills, Mhairi Coyle Yes 23255 View xml
2019-01-01 522240 On the synergistic use of optical and SAR time-series satellite data for small mammal disease host mapping article Yes 23253 View xml
2019-01-01 522212 Representation of fire, land-use change and vegetation dynamics in the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator vn4.9 (JULES) article Yes 23241 View xml
2019-01-01 522204 Complex influences of meteorological drought time-scales on hydrological droughts in natural basins of the contiguous United States article Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 23237 View xml
2019-01-01 522169 Estimating age‐dependent survival from age‐aggregated ringing data — extending the use of historical records article Dr. Stephen Freeman Yes 23232 View xml
2019-01-01 522093 P and K additions enhance canopy N retention and accelerate the associated leaching article Dr. Lucy Sheppard, Sarah Leeson, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 23214 View xml
2019-01-01 522090 Development and application of environmental DNA surveillance for the threatened crucian carp (Carassius carassius) article Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 23206 View xml
2019-01-01 522051 Plastic and genetic responses of a common sedge to warming have contrasting effects on carbon cycle processes article Yes 23197 View xml
2019-01-01 522037 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: December 2018 monograph Lucy Barker, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas Yes 23192 View xml
2019-01-01 520940 An assessment of the potential for Natural Flood Management to offset climate change impacts article Dr. Alison L Kay, Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Dr. Vicky Bell, Helen Davies Yes 23191 View xml
2019-01-01 522002 EJP-CONCERT. D 9.13 – Improving models and learning from post-Fukushima studies monograph Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett, Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23185 View xml
2019-01-01 521452 Response of crop yield to different time-scales of drought in the United States: spatio-temporal patterns and climatic and environmental drivers article Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 23054 View xml
2019-01-01 521064 A novel application of remote sensing for modelling impacts of tree shading on water quality article Nuria Bachiller-Jareno, Dr. Michael Hutchins, Dr. Mike Bowes Yes 22964 View xml
2019-01-01 521061 Temporal and spatial variations of trophic status of a small lowland river article Yes 22963 View xml