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2018-10-01 521398 A vision for global biodiversity monitoring with citizen science article Dr. Tom August, Dr. Tom August, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 23027 View xml
2018-10-01 521370 Estimating radiological exposure of wildlife in the field article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23023 View xml
2018-10-01 521150 The STORE platform for data and resource sharing in radiation biology, radioecology and epidemiology conference_item Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 23001 View xml
2018-10-01 521148 Recovery of the Red Forest from a fire event conference_item Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett, Prof. Nick Beresford, Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton, Claire Wells, Jacky Chaplow Yes 22998 View xml
2018-10-01 521276 Firefly genomes illuminate parallel origins of bioluminescence in beetles article Dr. John Day Yes 22992 View xml
2018-10-01 521286 Effects of removing sheep grazing on soil chemistry, plant nutrition and forage digestibility: lessons for rewilding the British uplands article Rob Rose Yes 22991 View xml
2018-10-01 521195 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: September 2018 monograph Simon Parry, Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Sandie Clemas Yes 22984 View xml
2018-10-01 521174 Physical and chemical impacts of a major storm on a temperate lake: a taste of things to come? article Dr. Heidrun Feuchtmayr, Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes 22979 View xml
2018-10-01 521142 A day in the life... Professor Nick Beresford MRSB, radioecologist working in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 22978 View xml
2018-10-01 521098 Patterns of predator behaviour and wood warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix nest survival in a primeval forest article Dr. Richard K Broughton Yes 22967 View xml
2018-10-01 520824 Habitat diversity and structure regulate British bird richness: implications of non-linear relationships for conservation article Dr. Lisa Rachel Norton, Dr. Peter Andrew Henrys, Dr. Clare Rowland, Dr. Clare Rowland, Dr. Daniel Morton Yes 22888 View xml
2018-10-01 520616 On biogenic turbulence production and mixing from vertically migrating zooplankton in lakes article Dr. Stephen Thackeray Yes 22808 View xml
2018-10-01 520583 Evidence-based logic chains demonstrate multiple impacts of trace metals on ecosystem services article Dr. Felicity Hayes, Dr. David Spurgeon, Dr. Stephen Lofts, Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 22791 View xml
2018-10-01 520580 Valuing improvements in biodiversity due to controls on atmospheric nitrogen pollution article Prof. Laurence Jones, Prof. Gina Mills, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 22789 View xml
2018-10-01 520126 Prior specification in Bayesian occupancy modelling improves analysis of species occurrence data article Dr. Gary D. Powney, Dr. Nick Isaac Yes 22681 View xml
2018-09-12 523187 Insights into rainfall undercatch in differing gauge types and heights: the impact of wind speed and rainfall event intensity conference_item Katie Muchan, Prof. Harry Dixon Yes 23559 View xml
2018-09-11 522899 Hydrological outlook UK - September 2018 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Stephen Turner Yes 23508 View xml
2018-09-01 522467 Development and application of the Ecological Risk due to Flow Alteration (ERFA) methodology in Cambodia – progress on the TEFRIC project conference_item Dr. Cedric Laize, Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 23335 View xml
2018-09-01 522422 Microbial characterization of groundwater in urban environments of Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda conference_item Dr. Daniel Steven Read, Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 23333 View xml
2018-09-01 522460 Quantifying and valuing the role of UK vegetation in the removal of particulate matter conference_item Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Prof. Laurence Jones, Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Daniel Morton, Edward Carnell, Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 23328 View xml
2018-09-01 522459 Concentrations and fluxes of black carbon in Beijing using single particle soot photometry measurements conference_item Dr. Ben Langford, Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 23327 View xml
2018-09-01 522457 Concentrations and fluxes of water soluble inorganic aerosol components above tropical rainforest conference_item Dr. Chiara F. Di Marco, Dr. Chiara F. Di Marco, Dr. Eiko Nemitz Yes 23326 View xml
2018-09-01 522461 Aerosol fluxes above Beijing conference_item Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Dr. Ben Langford, Dr. Chiara F. Di Marco Yes 23324 View xml
2018-09-01 522088 The ecology of British upland landscapes. I. Composition of landscapes, habitats, vegetation and species article Claire M. Wood, Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 23265 View xml
2018-09-01 522089 The ecology of British upland landscapes. II. The influence of policy on the current character of the uplands and the potential for change article Claire M. Wood, Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 23264 View xml
2018-09-01 521507 Effects of air pollution on natural vegetation and crops monograph Dr. Harry Harmens, Dr. Felicity Hayes, Dr. Katrina Sharps Yes 23071 View xml
2018-09-01 521436 Hierarchies of evolutionary radiation in the world’s most species rich vertebrate group, the Neotropical Pristimantis leaf litter frogs article Emily Waddell Yes 23050 View xml
2018-09-01 521410 Aging reduces the toxicity of pristine but not sulphidised silver nanoparticles to soil bacteria article Dr. Carolin Schultz, Dr. Claus Svendsen, Dr. Elma Lahive, Dr. Marianne Matzke Yes 23033 View xml
2018-09-01 521409 Riparian buffers in tropical agriculture: scientific support, effectiveness and directions for policy article Dr. Julia Drewer Yes 23031 View xml
2018-09-01 521393 Developing the global potential of citizen science: assessing opportunities that benefit people, society and the environment in East Africa article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy, Dr. Tom August Yes 23026 View xml
2018-09-01 521379 Bending the rules: exploitation of allochthonous resources by a top-predator modifies size-abundance scaling in stream food webs article Dr. François Edwards Yes 23024 View xml
2018-09-01 521365 Seasonal and diurnal surveillance of treated and untreated wastewater for human enteric viruses article Dr. David Martin Cooper, Dr. David Martin Cooper Yes 23018 View xml
2018-09-01 521362 Quantification of pharmaceutical related biological activity in effluents from wastewater treatment plants in UK and Japan article Dr. Monika D. Juergens, Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes 23015 View xml
2018-09-01 521361 The ecology of peace: preparing Colombia for new political and planetary climates article Yes 23014 View xml
2018-09-01 521360 Construction, validation, and application of nocturnal pollen transport networks in an agro-ecosystem: a comparison using light microscopy and DNA metabarcoding article Callum Macgregor Yes 23012 View xml
2018-09-01 521359 Logging and soil nutrients independently explain plant trait expression in tropical forests article Mr. Dafydd Elias Yes 23010 View xml
2018-09-01 521346 Potential landscape-scale pollinator networks across Great Britain: structure, stability and influence of agricultural land cover article Mr. John W. Redhead, Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Prof. Richard Pywell, Prof. Richard Pywell, Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen, Dr. Tom Oliver Yes 23008 View xml
2018-09-01 521342 Exploring the demarcation requirements of fish breeding and nursery sites to balance the exploitation, management and conservation needs of Lake Victoria ecosystem article Dr. Linda May Yes 23007 View xml
2018-09-01 521341 Tree crown overlap improves predictions of the functional neighbourhood effects on tree survival and growth article Dr. Jill Thompson Yes 23006 View xml
2018-09-01 521102 An efficient survey method for estimating populations of marsh tits Poecile palustris, a low-density woodland passerine article Dr. Richard K Broughton, Dr. Shelley Hinsley, Dr. Shelley Hinsley Yes 22969 View xml
2018-09-01 521051 Negotiating local vs. global needs in the International Long-Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Network’s Socio-Ecological Research Agenda article Dr. Jan Dick Yes 22961 View xml
2018-09-01 521050 A large committed long-term sink of carbon due to vegetation dynamics article Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 22947 View xml
2018-09-01 521049 Prospects and challenges of environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring in freshwater ponds article Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 22946 View xml
2018-09-01 521038 Improving estimates of environmental change using multilevel regression models of Ellenberg indicator values article Prof. James Bullock Yes 22939 View xml
2018-09-01 521037 downscale: an R package for downscaling species occupancy from coarse-grain data to predict occupancy at fine-grain sizes article Louise Barwell Yes 22938 View xml
2018-09-01 521032 Changing the retention properties of catchments and their influence on runoff under climate change article Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 22935 View xml
2018-09-01 521031 Resistance of soil protein depolymerization rates to eight years of elevated CO2, warming, and summer drought in a temperate heathland article Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes 22934 View xml
2018-09-01 521029 Land use driven change in soil pH affects microbial carbon cycling processes article Dr. Ashish Malik, Dr. Jeremy Puissant, Tim Goodall, Jodey Peyton, Jodey Peyton, Kelly Mason, Dr. Jeanette Whitaker, Prof. Richard Pywell, Dr. Robert Griffiths Yes 22932 View xml
2018-09-01 521028 Technical note: A simple theoretical model framework to describe plant stomatal “sluggishness” in response to elevated ozone concentrations article Prof. Chris Huntingford, Dr. Rebecca Oliver Yes 22931 View xml
2018-09-01 521015 Changes in phylogenetic community structure of the seedling layer following hurricane disturbance in a human-impacted tropical forest article Dr. Jill Thompson Yes 22924 View xml
2018-09-01 520909 Weekly water quality monitoring data for the River Thames (UK) and its major tributaries (2009–2013): the Thames Initiative research platform article Dr. Mike Bowes, Linda Armstrong, Heather Wickham, Heather Wickham, Mr. David Nicholls, Mr. Peter Michael Scarlett, Colin Roberts, Prof. Helen Jarvie, Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Dr. Daniel Steven Read, Nuria Bachiller-Jareno, Dr. Daniel Steven Read Yes 22923 View xml
2018-09-01 520972 Soil resources and element stocks in drylands to face global issues article Dr. Kasia Sawicka Yes 22920 View xml
2018-09-01 520977 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: August 2018 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 22917 View xml
2018-09-01 520818 Enhancing drought monitoring and early warning for the UK through stakeholder co-enquiries article Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Lucy Barker Yes 22907 View xml
2018-09-01 520877 Enhanced global primary production by biogenic aerosol via diffuse radiation fertilization article Dr. Rich Ellis, Dr. Rich Ellis Yes 22902 View xml
2018-09-01 520803 Climate sensitive size-dependent survival in tropical trees article Dr. Jill Thompson Yes 22879 View xml
2018-09-01 520788 Seasonality alters drivers of soil enzyme activity in subalpine grassland soil undergoing climate change article Dr. Jeremy Puissant, Dr. Robert Griffiths Yes 22874 View xml
2018-09-01 520713 Changes in the mountain river discharge in the northern Tien Shan since the mid-20th Century: results from the analysis of a homogeneous daily streamflow data set from seven catchments article Dr. Muhammad Afzal Yes 22860 View xml
2018-09-01 520666 A rule based quality control method for hourly rainfall data and a 1 km resolution gridded hourly rainfall dataset for Great Britain: CEH-GEAR1hr article Dr. Maliko Tanguy Yes 22833 View xml
2018-09-01 520258 Fighting talk: organisational discourses of the conflict over raptors and grouse moor management in Scotland article Dr. Juliette Young Yes 22707 View xml
2018-09-01 520192 Predicted no-effect concentration (PNEC) and assessment of risk for the fungicide, triadimefon based on reproductive fitness of aquatic organisms article Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes 22689 View xml
2018-09-01 520100 Uncertainties and implications of applying aggregated data for spatial modelling of atmospheric ammonia emissions article Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Dr. Tony Dore, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 22645 View xml
2018-09-01 520058 Impact of two centuries of intensive agriculture on soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in the UK article Dr. Vicky Bell, Edward Carnell, Mr. Samuel James Tomlinson, Dr. Tony Dore, Dr. Ulrike (Ulli) Dragosits, Dr. Pam Naden, Dr. Edward Tipping Yes 22635 View xml
2018-09-01 520054 Seasonal and spatial dynamics of enteric viruses in wastewater and in riverine and estuarine receiving waters article Dr. David Martin Cooper Yes 22634 View xml
2018-09-01 519975 Phosphorus fluxes to the environment from mains water leakage: seasonality and future scenarios article Dr. Mike Bowes, Prof. Helen Jarvie, Dr. Mike Bowes, Prof. Helen Jarvie Yes 22629 View xml
2018-09-01 519918 Widespread asymmetric response of soil heterotrophic respiration to warming and cooling article Yes 22606 View xml
2018-09-01 519897 Balancing macronutrient stoichiometry to alleviate eutrophication article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 22602 View xml
2018-08-17 520821 Technical note: Approximate Bayesian computation to improve long-return flood estimates using historical data article Dr. Adam Griffin, Lisa Stewart Yes 23336 View xml
2018-08-16 521679 Ballynahone Bog - Atmospheric ammonia concentration survey: Impacts of a new poultry farm monograph Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang Yes 23678 View xml
2018-08-08 522900 Hydrological outlook UK - August 2018 monograph David Boorman, Stephen Turner Yes 23507 View xml
2018-08-01 522466 Investigating river wetted habitat sensitivity to flow change conference_item Dr. Cedric Laize, Dr. François Edwards Yes 23337 View xml
2018-08-01 522272 An assessment of the biodiversity information needs of the UK’s environmental public bodies monograph Yes 23262 View xml
2018-08-01 521883 Demystifying academics to enhance university-business collaborations in environmental science article Dr. Colin MacKechnie Yes 23142 View xml
2018-08-01 521048 New European socio-economic scenarios for climate change research: operationalising concepts to extend the shared socio-economic pathways article Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 22945 View xml
2018-08-01 521046 Uncertainties in projected runoff over the conterminous United States article Christel Prudhomme, Christel Prudhomme Yes 22944 View xml
2018-08-01 521042 Soil multifunctionality and drought resistance are determined by plant structural traits in restoring grassland article Mrs. Joanna Savage, Mr. Simon Oakley, Prof. Richard Pywell, Prof. Richard Pywell, Prof. James Bullock Yes 22941 View xml
2018-08-01 521034 Effects of interspecific coexistence on laying date and clutch size in two closely related species of hole-nesting birds article Dr. Shelley Hinsley Yes 22936 View xml
2018-08-01 521020 Different CO2 acclimation strategies in juvenile and mature leaves of Ottelia alismoides article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes 22928 View xml
2018-08-01 521019 Microbes follow Humboldt: temperature drives plant and soil microbial diversity patterns from the Amazon to the Andes article Dr. Jeanette Whitaker, Prof. Niall P McNamara Yes 22927 View xml
2018-08-01 521016 Cryptic genetic variation and adaptation to waterlogging in Caledonian Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris L. article Kevin Donnelly, Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes 22926 View xml
2018-08-01 520882 Geographic and temporal variations in turbulent heat loss from lakes: a global analysis across 45 lakes article Yes 22906 View xml
2018-08-01 520828 Global drivers of population density in terrestrial vertebrates article Dr. Nick Isaac Yes 22905 View xml
2018-08-01 520859 Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition article Prof. Richard Pywell, Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock Yes 22896 View xml
2018-08-01 520791 Social structure of coal tits Periparus ater in temperate deciduous forest article Dr. Richard K Broughton, Dr. Shelley Hinsley, Dr. Shelley Hinsley Yes 22895 View xml
2018-08-01 520842 Dung beetle assemblages, dung removal and secondary seed dispersal: data from a large-scale, multi-site experiment in the Western Palaearctic article Rob Rose Yes 22894 View xml
2018-08-01 520827 Seven decades of mountain hare counts show severe declines where high-yield recreational game bird hunting is practised article Yes 22889 View xml
2018-08-01 520809 Phylogeny and classification of novel diversity in Sainouroidea (Cercozoa, Rhizaria) sheds light on a highly diverse and divergent clade article Christopher Reading Yes 22882 View xml
2018-08-01 520798 Literature review on the performance of diffusive samplers for the measurement of ammonia in ambient air and emissions to air monograph Dr. Christine Braban, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Ms. Yuk Sim Tang, Dr. Nicholas J Cowan, Janet Poskitt Yes 22880 View xml
2018-08-01 520802 Developing a global operational seasonal hydro-meteorological forecasting system: GloFAS-Seasonal v1.0 article Christel Prudhomme Yes 22878 View xml
2018-08-01 520777 Equilibrium forest demography explains the distribution of tree sizes across North America article Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 22872 View xml
2018-08-01 520771 Management of observed hydrometric data - recommendations monograph Yes 22870 View xml
2018-08-01 520769 The role played by invasive species in interactions with endangered and threatened species in the United States: a systematic review article Dr. Manuel Angel Dueñas Yes 22869 View xml
2018-08-01 520744 Overcoming undesirable resilience in the global food system article Prof. James Bullock, Prof. Matthew Heard, Prof. Richard Pywell Yes 22868 View xml
2018-08-01 518512 Flood event attribution and damage estimation using national-scale grid-based modelling: winter 2013/14 in Great Britain article Dr. Alison L Kay Yes 22861 View xml
2018-08-01 520709 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: July 2018 monograph Lucy Barker, Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Sandie Clemas Yes 22859 View xml
2018-08-01 520708 Vinasse application and cessation of burning in sugarcane management can have positive impact on soil carbon stocks article Dr. A Keith, Prof. Niall P McNamara Yes 22858 View xml
2018-08-01 520701 Air quality simulations for London using a coupled regional-to-local modelling system article Dr. Massimo Vieno Yes 22856 View xml
2018-08-01 520686 Caste-specific demography and phenology in bumblebees: modelling BeeWalk data article Dr. Stephen Freeman Yes 22851 View xml
2018-08-01 520683 Land-use emissions play a critical role in land-based mitigation for Paris climate targets article Prof. Chris Huntingford, Dr. Edward Comyn-Platt, Dr. Garry Hayman Yes 22848 View xml
2018-08-01 520682 Changes in the soil to brown rice concentration ratio of radiocaesium before and after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident in 2011 article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 22847 View xml