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1981-01-01 6651 Changes in epicuticular wax of Pinus sylvestris exposed to polluted air. article Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13599 View xml
1981-01-01 6814 A bibliographically-annotated checklist of the birds of Shetland monograph Yes 13527 View xml
1981-01-01 10398 Loch Leven phytoplankton succession book_section Yes 12270 View xml
1981-01-01 7920 Peatland ecology in the British Isles: a bibliography book Yes 13084 View xml
1981-01-01 7064 Grey squirrel damage and management book_section Yes 13398 View xml
1981-01-01 7060 The subcortical fauna of oak: scolytid beetles as potential vectors of oak wilt disease. book_section Yes 13402 View xml
1981-01-01 7056 Within-species variants of trees for planting derelict land book_section Julia Wilson Yes 13406 View xml
1981-01-01 7052 Toadstools and trees book_section Yes 13410 View xml
1981-01-01 7042 Root growth and its relation to the water economy of a Sitka spruce plantation book_section Yes 13418 View xml
1981-01-01 5285 A bulk precipitation sampler for use in a geochemical cycling project. A description of the construction, installation and ope monograph Yes 14136 View xml
1981-01-01 7038 The recovery of ground vegetation in coppicewood: the significance of buried seed book_section Yes 13422 View xml
1981-01-01 5281 A geochemical cycling study in an upland grassland catchment: an introduction to the project monograph Yes 14140 View xml
1981-01-01 7034 Hedgerows as a resource book_section Yes 13426 View xml
1981-01-01 507888 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1980 monograph Yes 8933 View xml
1981-01-01 21342 Estimation of soil bulk-density from loss-on-ignition values. article Anthony Harrison Yes 10169 View xml
1981-01-01 6811 Habitat classification, fox populations and rabies spread monograph Yes 13528 View xml
1981-01-01 6272 Fox populations, habitat characterisation and rabies control article Yes 13796 View xml
1981-01-01 10500 Ten years of ice records for Loch Leven, Kinross. article Yes 12231 View xml
1981-01-01 7903 Provisional atlas of the invertebrates of Europe. Maps 1-27 book Yes 13089 View xml
1981-01-01 7033 Trees in town and country book_section Yes 13427 View xml
1981-01-01 7067 Viruses of trees book_section Yes 13395 View xml
1981-01-01 7063 Factors affecting the breeding of sparrowhawks and the occurrence of their song-bird prey in woodlands book_section Yes 13399 View xml
1981-01-01 7059 Insects on exotic broadleaved trees of the Fagaceae, namely Quercus borealis and species of Nothofagus book_section Yes 13403 View xml
1981-01-01 7055 Analysis of the variation within Sitka spruce, lodgepole pine and loblolly pine book_section Yes 13407 View xml
1981-01-01 7051 Nutritional variants of birch book_section Yes 13411 View xml
1981-01-01 7045 An improved method of estimating the contribution of crown leachates to the chemical composition of rain collected beneath tree book_section Yes 13415 View xml
1981-01-01 7041 The role and use of water in Sitka spruce plantations book_section Yes 13419 View xml
1981-01-01 5284 Preliminary studies of adsorption losses of phosphate from dilute solutions monograph Yes 14137 View xml
1981-01-01 7037 Monitoring in woodlands book_section Yes 13423 View xml
1981-01-01 6810 Primary production, decomposition and nutrient cycling in a bracken grassland ecosystem monograph Yes 13529 View xml
1981-01-01 12574 The third correlative equation concerning heat and water balance on the land article Yes 11949 View xml
1981-01-01 5049 Cryopreservation: an introduction to cryopreservation in culture collections book Yes 14289 View xml
1981-01-01 5045 Butterfly research in I.T.E. book Yes 14293 View xml
1981-01-01 10379 The assessment of size variation in Loch Leven phytoplankton: methodology and some of its uses in the study of factors influenc article Yes 12284 View xml
1981-01-01 7930 Forest and woodland ecology: an account of research being done in ITE book Yes 13078 View xml
1981-01-01 7878 Butterfly Monitoring Scheme: instructions for independent recorders book Yes 13098 View xml
1981-01-01 7866 A preliminary review of the occurrence of Asellus (Crustacea Isopoda) in the British Isles book Paul Harding Yes 13106 View xml
1981-01-01 5898 Land classes in Great Britain: preliminary descriptions for users of the Merlewood method of land classification monograph Yes 13905 View xml
1981-01-01 7502 Provisional atlas of the marine dinoflagellates of the British Isles book Yes 13202 View xml
1981-01-01 7032 Scottish deciduous woodlands: a cause for concern? book_section Dr. Terry Parr Yes 13428 View xml
1981-01-01 5141 Effect of birch on moorlands book Yes 14234 View xml
1981-01-01 5235 The culture and use of free-living protozoa in teaching book Yes 14170 View xml
1981-01-01 7066 Deer and their woodland habitats book_section Yes 13396 View xml
1981-01-01 5203 Radionuclides in terrestrial ecosystems; a review of their distribution and movement book Yes 14194 View xml
1981-01-01 7062 Population studies of woodland butterflies book_section Yes 13400 View xml
1981-01-01 7058 Physiological approaches to the conservation and improvement of Triplochiton scleroxylon - a West African timber tree book_section Yes 13404 View xml
1981-01-01 7054 Betula pubescens - the affinities of types in the Scottish highlands with those of continental Europe: a study of leaf morpholo book_section Yes 13408 View xml
1981-01-01 7050 Growth of sycamore and birch in relation to soil chemical properties book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 13412 View xml
1981-01-01 7044 Wet deposition and the movement of pollutants through forests book_section Yes 13416 View xml
1981-01-01 5287 A data bank for a geochemical cycling study monograph Yes 14134 View xml
1981-01-01 7040 Site factors influencing the growth of stands of Scots pine in Great Britain book_section Yes 13420 View xml
1981-01-01 7036 Changes in the growth and structure of a young plantation forest book_section Yes 13424 View xml
1981-01-01 6270 An integrated system of land classification article Yes 13798 View xml
1980-01-01 7300 Wet and dry deposition of sulphur and nitrogen compounds from the atmosphere. book_section Prof. David Fowler Yes 13297 View xml
1980-01-01 7269 Atlas of the bumblebees of the British Isles Bombus and Psithyrus (Hymenoptera:Apidae) book Yes 13317 View xml
1980-01-01 5274 Modelling book Yes 14143 View xml
1980-01-01 5234 Conserving otters book Yes 14171 View xml
1980-01-01 5023 Methods for studying acid precipitation in forest ecosystems: definitions and research requirements book Yes 14315 View xml
1980-01-01 6807 Annual rings of birch (Betula pubescens ssp tortuosa (Ledeb) (Nyman)), climate and defoliation: an exploratory study monograph Yes 13531 View xml
1980-01-01 7030 Provisional atlas of the Arachnida of the British Isles. Part 1 Pseudoscorpiones book Yes 13430 View xml
1980-01-01 6583 Toxic metals in puffins Fratercula arctica from the Isle of May and St Kilda article Yes 13656 View xml
1980-01-01 12599 Effect of species, source of litter, type of soil, and climate on litter decomposition: microbial decomposition of tree and shr article Dr. David Howard Yes 11948 View xml
1980-01-01 10443 On the ecology of Notholca squamula Muller in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland. article Dr. Linda May Yes 12251 View xml
1980-01-01 4603 Scottish deciduous woodlands article Dr. Terry Parr, Dr. Terry Parr Yes 14494 View xml
1980-01-01 5142 Historical ecology: The documentary evidence book John Sheail Yes 14233 View xml
1980-01-01 507885 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1979 monograph Yes 8934 View xml
1980-01-01 4312 Land classification for ecological survey book Yes 14607 View xml
1980-01-01 6808 Recording soil profile descriptions for computer retrieval monograph Yes 13530 View xml
1979-03-22 516605 Hydrological Research in the United Kingdom (1975-1980) monograph Yes 21685 View xml
1979-01-01 7442 Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles. Part 7 Odonata: Dragonflies 2nd edition book Paul Harding Yes 13225 View xml
1979-01-01 5896 Ecological survey of Britain article Yes 13906 View xml
1979-01-01 5243 An illustrated guide to river phytoplankton book Yes 14163 View xml
1979-01-01 5238 Distribution of freshwaters in Great Britain book Yes 14167 View xml
1979-01-01 7078 Even-aged plantations as a habitat for birds book_section Yes 13385 View xml
1979-01-01 7074 An ecological basis for predicting the growth and stability of plantation forests book_section Yes 13389 View xml
1979-01-01 7441 Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles. Part 6 Orthoptera: Grasshoppers and crickets 2nd edition book Yes 13226 View xml
1979-01-01 5273 Sampling book Yes 14144 View xml
1979-01-01 7077 Evaporation of water from plantation forest. book_section Yes 13386 View xml
1979-01-01 7073 Biological opportunities for genetic improvement in forest productivity book_section Yes 13390 View xml
1979-01-01 5205 Synoptic Limnology: The Analysis of British Freshwater Ecosystems book Yes 14192 View xml
1979-01-01 6696 The ecology of even-aged forest plantations. book Yes 13584 View xml
1979-01-01 10470 The distribution of zoobenthos and sediments in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland. article Yes 12243 View xml
1979-01-01 7444 Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles. Part 9 Vespidae: Social wasps. 2nd edition book Paul Harding Yes 13223 View xml
1979-01-01 7439 Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles. Part 5 Formicidae: Ants. 2nd ed book Paul Harding Yes 13227 View xml
1979-01-01 7076 Decomposition and nutrient release in even-aged plantations book_section Yes 13387 View xml
1979-01-01 5208 Virus diseases of trees and shrubs book Yes 14189 View xml
1979-01-01 7079 The way ahead in research and practice. book_section Yes 13384 View xml
1979-01-01 7075 The development of a flora in even-aged plantations book_section Mark Hill Yes 13388 View xml
1979-01-01 507884 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1978 monograph Yes 8935 View xml
1979-01-01 6683 The epizootiology of rabies monograph Yes 13590 View xml
1979-01-01 6652 Turbulent transfer of sulphur dioxide to a wheat crop article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13598 View xml
1979-01-01 14436 Utilisation of the neutron probe (Utilizacao da sonda de neutron) monograph Yes 11535 View xml
1978-03-22 516606 Institute of Hydrology Research Report 1976-8 monograph Yes 21684 View xml
1978-03-01 516826 Establishment of herb rich swards - interim report monograph Yes 21789 View xml
1978-03-01 4349 Deciduous woodland survey of Scotland monograph Dr. Terry Parr Yes 14594 View xml
1978-01-01 10312 The monitoring of Loch Leven macrophytes - second interim report monograph Yes 12290 View xml
1978-01-01 7267 Provisional atlas of the bryophytes of the British Isles book Yes 13318 View xml
1978-01-01 7500 Provisional atlas of the mammals of the British Isles book Yes 13204 View xml
1978-01-01 8523 Overlays of environmental and other factors for use with Biological Records Centre Distribution Maps book Yes 12864 View xml
1978-01-01 5213 Biological Records Centre book Yes 14184 View xml