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1984-01-01 6861 Effects of trees on soil properties, a resampling of J.D.Ovington's plots at Bedgebury monograph Yes 13505 View xml
1984-01-01 6857 Environmental issues in the 1980s: rural land use monograph Yes 13509 View xml
1984-01-01 6649 Chemical composition of rainfall and wet deposition over northern Britain. article Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13601 View xml
1984-01-01 6645 Die Postulate von Koch und ie Luftverschumtzung article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13605 View xml
1984-01-01 21340 Radionuclide levels and distribution in grazed saltmarsh in West Cumbria article Yes 10171 View xml
1984-01-01 12562 Effects of soil trenching and coring on the formation of ectomycorrhizas on birch seedlings grown around mature trees article Yes 11951 View xml
1984-01-01 6278 Landscape evaluation and the impact of changing land use on the rural environment: the problem and an approach book_section Yes 13793 View xml
1984-01-01 6035 Report on the discussions of the syndicate on the use of agrochemicals. book_section Yes 13865 View xml
1984-01-01 6031 Studies by ITE on the impact of agriculture on wildlife and semi-natural habitats in the uplands . book_section Yes 13869 View xml
1984-01-01 6027 Effects of drainage on natural vegetation. book_section John Sheail Yes 13873 View xml
1984-01-01 6023 What are the main recent impacts of agriculture on wildlife? Could they have been predicted, and what can be predicted for the book_section Yes 13877 View xml
1984-01-01 5972 The effect of the wreck of seabirds in February 1983 on auk populations on the Isle of May (Fife) article Michael Harris, Prof. Sarah Wanless Yes 13897 View xml
1984-01-01 6866 The phosphorus deficiency bioassay: sample and data handling procedures monograph Yes 13502 View xml
1984-01-01 6860 Rabies Working Party: Workshop meeting to assess the "Ontario" model monograph Yes 13506 View xml
1984-01-01 6648 The contamination of rain samples by dry deposition on rain collectors. article Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13602 View xml
1984-01-01 21339 An assessment of variation due to laboratory and field conditions in the measurement of radionuclides article Yes 10172 View xml
1984-01-01 507894 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1983 monograph Yes 8930 View xml
1984-01-01 5241 Ecology in the 80s book Yes 14165 View xml
1984-01-01 6281 The use of simple data in the production of strategic sampling systems - its application to the Highland Region, Scotland book_section Yes 13790 View xml
1984-01-01 5041 Britain's railway vegetation book Yes 14297 View xml
1984-01-01 6034 Report on the discussions of the syndicate on uplands. book_section Yes 13866 View xml
1984-01-01 6030 The impact of upland pasture improvement on solute outputs in surface waters. book_section Yes 13870 View xml
1984-01-01 6026 Impacts of agriculture on southern grasslands. book_section Yes 13874 View xml
1984-01-01 6013 Mersey estuary bird mortalities book_section Yes 13882 View xml
1983-12-01 511917 Gully - meter users manual monograph Yes 17972 View xml
1983-10-13 5852 1977 United Kingdom joint flight experiment: final report monograph Yes 21055 View xml
1983-09-01 509686 On the episodic nature of wet deposited sulphate and acidity conference_item Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 16860 View xml
1983-09-01 509684 Chemical composition of rainfall and wet deposition over northern Britain conference_item Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 16861 View xml
1983-02-01 511198 Seasonal and diel changes in plasma cortisol levels of the brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17926 View xml
1983-01-01 6854 Interactions between ecology and economics monograph Yes 13511 View xml
1983-01-01 6712 The availability and use of archival sources of information book_section John Sheail Yes 13575 View xml
1983-01-01 6708 Ecological mapping from ground, air and space book Yes 13579 View xml
1983-01-01 507892 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1982 monograph Yes 8931 View xml
1983-01-01 19347 Provisional atlas of the hoverflies of (Diptera: syrphidae) of the British isles book Yes 10619 View xml
1983-01-01 6273 Estimates of present forest cover in Great Britain book_section Yes 13795 View xml
1983-01-01 10439 Rotifer occurrence in relation to water temperature in Loch Leven, Scotland article Dr. Linda May Yes 12254 View xml
1983-01-01 6715 Aerial photographs as records of changing vegetation patterns book_section Yes 13572 View xml
1983-01-01 6711 Analysis of spatial data book_section Yes 13576 View xml
1983-01-01 5144 Marine gymnamoebae book Yes 14231 View xml
1983-01-01 9537 Distribution maps of the amphibians & reptiles of the British Isles book Yes 12470 View xml
1983-01-01 8754 Succession of mycorrhizal fungi on birch: infection of seedlings planted around mature trees article Yes 12750 View xml
1983-01-01 5305 Distribution and breeding of the barn owl Tyto alba on Anglesey, North Wales monograph Yes 14116 View xml
1983-01-01 5297 A land characteristic data bank for Great Britain monograph Yes 14124 View xml
1983-01-01 6714 The British Rail land survey book_section Yes 13573 View xml
1983-01-01 6710 Strategy for successful survey book_section Yes 13577 View xml
1983-01-01 7277 Provisional atlas of the Characeae of the British Isles, including a catalogue of specimens held in the Herbarium of the Britis book Yes 13314 View xml
1983-01-01 8817 Birds of prey and pollution: interim report monograph Michael Harris, Michael Harris, Michael Harris Yes 12727 View xml
1983-01-01 7146 Biological influences in some units of sand dune landscapes book_section Yes 13366 View xml
1983-01-01 10396 The plankton ecology of Loch Leven book_section Dr. Linda May Yes 12272 View xml
1983-01-01 5304 Breeding of the magpie Pica pica on Anglesey, North Wales monograph Yes 14117 View xml
1983-01-01 6856 Current mycorrhizal research: abstracts of communications presented at the Mycorrhiza Group Meeting, Lancaster University, Marc monograph Yes 13510 View xml
1983-01-01 6594 Seabird populations of the Isle of May article Michael Harris Yes 13646 View xml
1983-01-01 6713 Land characteristic data banks developed from map-derived material book_section Yes 13574 View xml
1983-01-01 6709 Introduction (Ecological mapping from ground, air and space) book_section Yes 13578 View xml
1983-01-01 6275 A stratification system for ecological sampling book_section Yes 13794 View xml
1982-02-01 511199 Recovery of the brown trout, Salmo trutta L., from acute handling stress: a time-course study article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17925 View xml
1982-01-01 5303 A wing-tagging system for marking larger passerine birds monograph Yes 14118 View xml
1982-01-01 10497 The spawning of perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland. article Yes 12233 View xml
1982-01-01 5207 Vegetation change in upland landscapes book Yes 14190 View xml
1982-01-01 5295 Preliminary studies on the laboratory simulation of nutrient transfers within a podzol soil monograph Yes 14126 View xml
1982-01-01 5160 Predatory birds, pesticides and pollution book Yes 14218 View xml
1982-01-01 5275 Plant growth analysis book Yes 14142 View xml
1982-01-01 6849 The effect of afforestation with Sitka spruce on soil carbon dynamics at Gisburn: a simple model study monograph Yes 13515 View xml
1982-01-01 7882 Culture Centre of Algae and Protozoa: list of strains 1982 book Yes 13096 View xml
1982-01-01 7504 Provisional atlas of the myxomycetes of the British Isles book Yes 13200 View xml
1982-01-01 7272 Distribution maps of the butterflies of the British Isles book Yes 13316 View xml
1982-01-01 6650 Rainfall acidity in northern Britain. article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13600 View xml
1982-01-01 6821 The effect of afforestation on carbon and nitrogen in the soil at Gisburn: a pilot study monograph Yes 13524 View xml
1982-01-01 5206 The use of land classification in resource assessment and rural planning book Yes 14191 View xml
1982-01-01 5270 Parasitic protozoa in British wild animals book Yes 14147 View xml
1982-01-01 507890 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1981 monograph Yes 8932 View xml
1982-01-01 6016 Seedling demography in quarry habitats book_section Yes 13880 View xml
1982-01-01 4308 A field key for classifying British woodland vegetation. Part 1 book Yes 14611 View xml
1982-01-01 6820 Population dynamics: models based on individual growth, resource allocation and competitive ethology monograph Yes 13525 View xml
1982-01-01 5289 A system for the digitisation and processing of V-notch weir hydrograph records monograph Yes 14132 View xml
1982-01-01 6852 Study on models of single populations monograph Yes 13513 View xml
1982-01-01 7498 Atlas of the lichens of the British Isles. Volume 1 book Yes 13206 View xml
1982-01-01 7392 Towards an understanding of plant responses to pollutants. book_section Yes 13234 View xml
1982-01-01 6014 Regional variation in quarries. book_section Yes 13881 View xml
1982-01-01 10468 The composition and abundance of phytoplankton in Loch Leven (Scotland) 1977-1979 and a comparison with the succession in earli article Yes 12244 View xml
1982-01-01 5230 Climatological maps of Great Britain book Yes 14173 View xml
1982-01-01 6818 Soil temperature in a deciduous woodland in north-west England monograph Yes 13526 View xml
1982-01-01 507636 Lower Mekong Basin Water Balance Study phase 1 report monograph Yes 8966 View xml
1982-01-01 5288 Burrows and burrowing of the puffin (Fratercula arctica) monograph Yes 14133 View xml
1982-01-01 6851 A preliminary visual presentation of land classes in Britain monograph Yes 13514 View xml
1982-01-01 5236 Culturing algae. A guide for schools and colleges book Yes 14169 View xml
1982-01-01 7391 Air pollutants in agriculture and horticulture book_section Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13235 View xml
1982-01-01 5983 Ecology of quarries: the importance of natural vegetation book Yes 13890 View xml
1981-10-13 5817 Remote sensing in hydrology monograph Yes 21054 View xml
1981-01-01 7067 Viruses of trees book_section Yes 13395 View xml
1981-01-01 7063 Factors affecting the breeding of sparrowhawks and the occurrence of their song-bird prey in woodlands book_section Yes 13399 View xml
1981-01-01 7059 Insects on exotic broadleaved trees of the Fagaceae, namely Quercus borealis and species of Nothofagus book_section Yes 13403 View xml
1981-01-01 7055 Analysis of the variation within Sitka spruce, lodgepole pine and loblolly pine book_section Yes 13407 View xml
1981-01-01 7051 Nutritional variants of birch book_section Yes 13411 View xml
1981-01-01 7045 An improved method of estimating the contribution of crown leachates to the chemical composition of rain collected beneath tree book_section Yes 13415 View xml
1981-01-01 7041 The role and use of water in Sitka spruce plantations book_section Yes 13419 View xml
1981-01-01 7037 Monitoring in woodlands book_section Yes 13423 View xml
1981-01-01 7033 Trees in town and country book_section Yes 13427 View xml
1981-01-01 5235 The culture and use of free-living protozoa in teaching book Yes 14170 View xml
1981-01-01 6651 Changes in epicuticular wax of Pinus sylvestris exposed to polluted air. article Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13599 View xml