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1986-01-01 5302 Guidelines for managing woods in Aberdeenshire for song birds book_section Yes 14119 View xml
1986-01-01 5298 The ecology of the pine beauty moth in commercial woods in Scotland book_section Dr. Allan Watt Yes 14123 View xml
1986-01-01 5294 Are the occurrences of sheathing mycorrhizal fungi in new and regenerating forests and woodlands in Scotland predictable? book_section Yes 14127 View xml
1986-01-01 21337 Transfer of radionuclides to man from greylag geese Anser anser and Wigeon Anas penelope grazing the saltmarshes at Ravenglass article Yes 10174 View xml
1986-01-01 5247 The Cumbria environment - an overview book_section Yes 14159 View xml
1986-01-01 6853 Merlewood publications 1974-1985. 3rd edition monograph Yes 13512 View xml
1986-01-01 6007 The potential impact of fish culture on wild stocks of Atlantic salmon in Scotland book_section Yes 13888 View xml
1986-01-01 5301 Principles underlying bird numbers in Scottish woodlands book_section Yes 14120 View xml
1986-01-01 4320 An ecological classification of land - its application to planning in the Highland Region, Scotland book_section Yes 14599 View xml
1986-01-01 6881 Roudsea Wood, Meathop Wood, and other woodland sites in north-west England: a bibliography of research publications, mainly fro monograph Yes 13493 View xml
1986-01-01 6871 Review of nitrogen distribution and cycling in forest ecosystems monograph Yes 13497 View xml
1986-01-01 10438 Seasonal variation in size spectra of phytoplankton assemblages in Loch Leven, Scotland article Yes 12255 View xml
1986-01-01 5233 Coastal dune management guide book Yes 14172 View xml
1986-01-01 6640 The weathering of Scots pine epicuticular wax in polluted and clean air. article Prof. David Fowler, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13609 View xml
1986-01-01 5293 What are the effects of trees on soils? book_section Yes 14128 View xml
1986-01-01 5246 Acid deposition in Cumbria book_section Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 14160 View xml
1986-01-01 5237 Distribution and status of bats in Europe book Yes 14168 View xml
1986-01-01 6935 Hydrological data United Kingdom 1984 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels January to December book Yes 13470 View xml
1986-01-01 5300 Mammals of Scottish upland woods book_section Yes 14121 View xml
1986-01-01 6870 Development and application of a resin-bag method to determine available nitrogen in forest soils monograph Yes 13498 View xml
1986-01-01 6639 Rainfall acidity in Northern Britain - exploring the data. article Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13610 View xml
1986-01-01 5204 Register of permanent vegetation plots book Mark Hill Yes 14193 View xml
1986-01-01 10314 Amount of phosphorous entering Loch Leven book_section Yes 12288 View xml
1986-01-01 5296 Ground flora and succession in commercial forests book_section Mark Hill Yes 14125 View xml
1986-01-01 5292 Whither forestry? The scene in AD 2028 book_section Yes 14129 View xml
1986-01-01 5146 Pasture-woodlands in lowland Britain: a review of their importance for wildlife conservation book Yes 14229 View xml
1986-01-01 5249 Trees and Wildlife in the Scottish uplands book Yes 14157 View xml
1986-01-01 5245 Pollution in Cumbria book Yes 14161 View xml
1986-01-01 18995 Introduction. Environmental controls over ecosystem processes book_section Yes 10642 View xml
1986-01-01 18304 The Llyn Brianne Acid Waters Study, Central Wales article Yes 10722 View xml
1986-01-01 5025 Acidified catchment classification and modelling book Yes 14313 View xml
1986-01-01 5978 The status of the Atlantic salmon in Scotland book Yes 13894 View xml
1986-01-01 5971 A comparison of the induced polypeptides and RNAs of three orbiviruses isolated from ticks (Ixodes uriae) collected in seabird article Prof. Patricia Nuttall Yes 13898 View xml
1985-11-01 511192 Cortisol can increase the susceptibility of brown trout, Salmo trutta L., to disease without reducing the white blood cell count article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17904 View xml
1985-09-22 511195 Stress-induced elevation of plasma α-MSH and endorphin in brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger, Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17928 View xml
1985-09-01 511193 The effects of 11-ketotestosterone and testosterone on the skin structure of brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17929 View xml
1985-07-01 516829 Scottish Coastal Survey. Appendix 4 - Bryophytes distribution maps monograph Yes 21790 View xml
1985-06-01 516828 Scottish Coastal Survey. Appendix 6 - Bryophytes in the Scottish Coastal Survey monograph Yes 21791 View xml
1985-06-01 511191 Changes in skin structure associated with elevated androgen levels in maturing male brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17903 View xml
1985-02-01 511190 Acclimation of the brown trout, Salmo trutta L., to the stress of daily exposure to malachite green article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17905 View xml
1985-01-01 7084 Exploiting tree crop-symbiont specificity book_section Julia Wilson Yes 13379 View xml
1985-01-01 7080 The capacity for vegetative propagation in trees book_section Yes 13383 View xml
1985-01-01 6869 Population dynamics and epidemiology of territorial animals monograph Yes 13499 View xml
1985-01-01 6642 Biophysical mechanisms in the update of air-pollutants article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13607 View xml
1985-01-01 507922 Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Annual Report 1984 monograph Yes 8923 View xml
1985-01-01 12538 Effects of afforestation on water resources article Yes 11953 View xml
1985-01-01 3082 Report of the acid rain inquiry held in Edinburgh on 27th-29th September 1984 organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust monograph Yes 15013 View xml
1985-01-01 7212 Acidification of soils by trees and forests. article Yes 13348 View xml
1985-01-01 7083 Variability in flower initiation in forest trees book_section Yes 13380 View xml
1985-01-01 6932 Hydrological data United Kingdom 1982 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels January to December book Yes 13472 View xml
1985-01-01 6868 Numerical analysis of soil physiological data monograph Yes 13500 View xml
1985-01-01 6641 Deposition of sulphur in the UK. article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13608 View xml
1985-01-01 17846 Aspects of the uptake of radionuclides by sheep grazing on an estuarine saltmarsh. 2. Radionuclides in sheep tissues article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 10780 View xml
1985-01-01 5973 Fish fed to young guillemots, Uria aalge, and used in display on the Isle of May, Scotland article Michael Harris, Prof. Sarah Wanless Yes 13896 View xml
1985-01-01 6953 The 1984 drought book Terry Marsh Yes 13453 View xml
1985-01-01 7082 Branching, crown structure and the control of timber production book_section Yes 13381 View xml
1985-01-01 6931 Hydrological data United Kingdom 1981 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels January to December book Yes 13473 View xml
1985-01-01 6867 Mathematical ecology: a bibliography of publications by ITE staff monograph Yes 13501 View xml
1985-01-01 6694 Attributes of trees as crop plants book Yes 13585 View xml
1985-01-01 5139 Effects of air pollutants on agricultural crops book Prof. David Fowler Yes 14236 View xml
1985-01-01 5242 Handbook of European Sphagna book Yes 14164 View xml
1985-01-01 9460 Multiple regression in hydrology book Yes 12499 View xml
1985-01-01 502381 Progeny and clone X site interaction in Troplochiton scleroxylon K. SCHUM in southern Nigeria book Yes 9780 View xml
1985-01-01 17845 Aspects of the uptake of radionuclides by sheep grazing on an estuarine saltmarsh. 1. The influence of grazing behaviour and en article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard Yes 10781 View xml
1985-01-01 6010 The status of the River Dee in a national and international context book_section Yes 13885 View xml
1985-01-01 5979 The biology and management of the River Dee book Yes 13893 View xml
1985-01-01 7081 Dry matter partitioning in tree crops book_section Yes 13382 View xml
1985-01-01 6643 Acid inputs from the atmosphere in the United Kingdom. article Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13606 View xml
1985-01-01 6723 Morphology and breeding of puffins at Isle of May and St Kilda, Scotland article Michael Harris Yes 13566 View xml
1985-01-01 5276 Woodlice in Britain and Ireland: distribution and habitat book Paul Harding Yes 14141 View xml
1985-01-01 6581 Two cases of guillemots, Uria aalge helping to rear neighbours' chicks on the Isle of May article Prof. Sarah Wanless, Michael Harris Yes 13658 View xml
1985-01-01 7921 Poole Harbour: ecological sensitivity analysis of the shoreline book Yes 13083 View xml
1985-01-01 7501 Provisional atlas of the marine algae of Britain & Ireland book Yes 13203 View xml
1985-01-01 6009 Vertebrates, except salmon and trout, associated with the River Dee book_section Yes 13886 View xml
1984-10-13 5963 Analysis of digital radar data from SAR-580 in relation to soil/vegetation moisture and roughness monograph Yes 21056 View xml
1984-07-01 511197 Ectoparasite induced changes in epidermal mucification of the brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17927 View xml
1984-01-01 10472 Eutrophication and fisheries in Loch Leven book_section Yes 12241 View xml
1984-01-01 6863 Effects of trees on soil properties, a resampling of J.D.Ovington's plots at West Tofts monograph Yes 13503 View xml
1984-01-01 6859 A study of the effects of the changes in data structure on a preliminary land classification of the Iberian peninsula monograph Yes 13507 View xml
1984-01-01 6647 On the episodic nature of wet deposited sulphate and acidity. article Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13603 View xml
1984-01-01 507635 Lower Mekong Basin Water Balance Study phase 2 report monograph Yes 8967 View xml
1984-01-01 10313 Eutrophication of Loch Leven book_section Yes 12289 View xml
1984-01-01 5145 Moorland management: a study of Exmoor. book Yes 14230 View xml
1984-01-01 9538 Distribution maps of the mammals of the British Isles book Yes 12469 View xml
1984-01-01 6033 Report on the discussions of the syndicate on lowlands. book_section Yes 13867 View xml
1984-01-01 6029 Some ecological principles underlying hill sheep management. book_section Yes 13871 View xml
1984-01-01 6025 Uses and effects on bird populations of organochlorine pesticides. book_section Yes 13875 View xml
1984-01-01 6012 Cadmium and mercury in seabirds. book_section Yes 13883 View xml
1984-01-01 5982 Metals in animals book Yes 13891 View xml
1984-01-01 6862 Effects of trees on soil properties, a resampling of J.D.Ovington's plots at Abbotswood monograph Yes 13504 View xml
1984-01-01 6858 Effects of trees on soil properties, a resampling of J.D.Ovington's Pinus nigra var maritima plots at Bedgebury, Abbotswood, an monograph Yes 13508 View xml
1984-01-01 6646 Transfer to terrestrial surfaces article Prof. David Fowler Yes 13604 View xml
1984-01-01 21341 Radionuclides in natural terrestrial ecosystems article Yes 10170 View xml
1984-01-01 12563 Soil temperature and the tree line: a note article Yes 11950 View xml
1984-01-01 6279 The use of simple data in the production of strategic sampling systems book_section Yes 13792 View xml
1984-01-01 6032 The use of remote sensing for monitoring change in agriculture in the uplands and lowlands. book_section Yes 13868 View xml
1984-01-01 6028 The effects of eutrophication on aquatic wildlife. book_section Yes 13872 View xml
1984-01-01 6024 Models for predicting changes in rural land use in Great Britain book_section Yes 13876 View xml
1984-01-01 6011 Lead poisoning in mute swans - an East Anglian survey book_section Yes 13884 View xml
1984-01-01 5980 Agriculture and the environment book Yes 13892 View xml