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1988-01-01 7632 The effects of land management on acidification of aquatic ecosystems and the implications for the development of ameliorative book_section Yes 13170 View xml
1988-01-01 5042 Demonstrating effects of clearfelling in forestry and the influence of temperature and moisture on changes in cellulose decompo book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 14296 View xml
1988-01-01 5038 Changes in tensile strength loss of cotton strips with season and soil depths under 4 tree species book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 14300 View xml
1988-01-01 5034 Use of cotton cloth in microcosms to examine relationships between mycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungi. book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 14304 View xml
1988-01-01 5030 A critical evaluation of the cotton strip assay book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 14308 View xml
1988-01-01 5026 Standardization of rotting rates by a linearizing transformation book_section Anthony Harrison Mark Hill Yes 14312 View xml
1988-01-01 7298 Chemical interactions between cloud droplets and trees book_section Prof. David Fowler Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13298 View xml
1988-01-01 7292 Acid deposition at high elevation sites book Prof. David Fowler Yes 13302 View xml
1988-01-01 4539 The breeding biology of guillemots Uria aalge on the Isle of May over a six year period article Michael Harris, Prof. Sarah Wanless Yes 14532 View xml
1988-01-01 6947 Hydrological data United Kingdom Hydrometric Register and Statistics 1981-5: a catalogue river flow gauging stations and observ book Yes 13458 View xml
1988-01-01 733 Llyn Brianne acid waters project. Second technical summary report monograph Colin Neal, Colin Neal, Colin Neal Yes 15934 View xml
1988-01-01 10498 Studies on the control of the early spring diatom maximum in Loch Leven 1981. book_section Yes 12232 View xml
1988-01-01 6635 The influence of altitude on wet deposition. Comparison between field measurements at Great Dun Fell and the predictions of a s article Prof. David Fowler, Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13614 View xml
1988-01-01 21334 Radiocaesium accumulation in myccorhizal fungi Lactarius rufus and Inocybe longicystis in upland Britain following the Chernoby article Yes 10176 View xml
1988-01-01 21328 Sources of variation in environmental radiochemical analysis article Yes 10180 View xml
1988-01-01 4998 Integration and evaluation of rural policy in a period of rapid change book_section Yes 14329 View xml
1988-01-01 6285 The extent of land under different management regimes in the uplands and the potential for change book_section Yes 13786 View xml
1988-01-01 18394 Stream acidification trends in the Welsh uplands - a modelling study of the Llyn Brianne catchments article Colin Neal, Colin Neal Yes 10714 View xml
1988-01-01 7635 Provisional atlas of the ticks (Ixodoidea) of the British Isles book Yes 13167 View xml
1988-01-01 7631 Recent developments in the diagnosis and quantification of forest decline. book_section Dr. Neil Cape Yes 13171 View xml
1988-01-01 5033 Decomposition of cellulose in relation to soil properties and plant growth book_section Anthony Harrison Anthony Harrison, Anthony Harrison Yes 14305 View xml
1988-01-01 7297 Particles in orographic cloud and the indications of their transport to plant surfaces book_section Prof. David Fowler Yes 13299 View xml
1988-01-01 7275 Provisional atlas of the centipedes of the British Isles book Yes 13315 View xml
1987-11-01 515971 Nature conservation in upland conifer forests. Interim report to Forestry Commission and Nature Conservancy Council monograph Yes 21358 View xml
1987-09-15 511177 Androgen levels and erythrocytosis in maturing brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17870 View xml
1987-09-10 511181 A comparison of the effects of overhead cover on the growth, survival and haematology of juvenile Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., brown trout, salmo trutta L., and rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri Richardson article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17862 View xml
1987-09-10 511182 Lymphocytopenia and interrenal activity during sexual maturation in the brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17860 View xml
1987-09-10 511179 Crowding causes prolonged leucopenia in salmonid fish, despite interrenal acclimation article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17861 View xml
1987-09-10 511180 The effects of acute and chronic stress on the levels of reproductive hormones in the plasma of mature male brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17858 View xml
1987-09-10 511186 Poor water quality suppresses the cortisol response of salmonid fish to handling and confinement article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17859 View xml
1987-05-01 511175 Androgen binding in the skin of mature male brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17871 View xml
1987-04-01 735 Llyn Brianne acid waters project. An investigation into the effects of afforestation and land management on stream acidity. Fir monograph Colin Neal, Colin Neal, Colin Neal Yes 15933 View xml
1987-03-23 516617 Report of the Institute of Hydrology for 1985/86 monograph Yes 21694 View xml
1987-03-09 516486 An ecological survey of the upper Ceunant Llennyrch Gorge and assessment of effects. Maentwrog Dam proposed replacement monograph Mark Hill Yes 21626 View xml
1987-03-01 511183 On the use of dexamethasone to block the pituitary-interrenal axis in the brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17872 View xml
1987-01-01 5307 Phosphate retention in the organic horizon of a stagnopodzol soil monograph Mr. Steven Hughes Yes 14114 View xml
1987-01-01 5223 Reference materials for ecological analysis book_section Yes 14178 View xml
1987-01-01 5217 Aluminium fractionation in fresh waters book_section Yes 14182 View xml
1987-01-01 4988 The effects of forestry on soils, soil water and surface water chemistry book_section Yes 14334 View xml
1987-01-01 4984 Socio-economic survey in upland areas: field work based upon the Merlewood land classification system: research note book_section Yes 14338 View xml
1987-01-01 4980 Soil fertility and commercial forest felling: research note book_section Yes 14342 View xml
1987-01-01 4976 Phosphorus in grasslands: its understanding, control and use book_section Kenneth Taylor Yes 14346 View xml
1987-01-01 5064 Nitrogen cycling in a Quercus/Fraxinus (oak/ash) woodland in northern England, examined using the computer model FORTNITE book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 14278 View xml
1987-01-01 5053 Angling and wildlife in fresh waters book Yes 14286 View xml
1987-01-01 5024 Acidification and fish in Scottish lochs book Yes 14314 View xml
1987-01-01 11920 The bathymetry and hydrology of some lochs vulnerable to acid deposition in Scotland book_section Yes 12026 View xml
1987-01-01 8819 Birds and pollution: annual report monograph Michael Harris, Michael Harris Yes 12725 View xml
1987-01-01 11924 Tail deformities in brown trout from acid and acidified lochs in Scotland book_section Yes 12022 View xml
1987-01-01 6882 A comparison of solute concentrations of streams draining different rock types in two areas of upland Britain monograph Yes 13492 View xml
1987-01-01 10495 A re-assessment of phosphorus inputs to Loch Leven (Kinross, Scotland): rationale and an overview of results on instantaneous l article Yes 12234 View xml
1987-01-01 5221 Mineralisation of organic phosphorus in relation to soil factors, determined using isotopic 32P labelling book_section Anthony Harrison Yes 14179 View xml
1987-01-01 4994 Environmental aspects of plantation forestry in Wales book Yes 14331 View xml
1987-01-01 4987 The effects of forestry on upland streams - with special reference to water quality and sediment transport book_section Graham Leeks Yes 14335 View xml
1987-01-01 4983 Changes in the hills and uplands: research note book_section Yes 14339 View xml
1987-01-01 4979 An assessment of amenity tree planting in England and Wales: research note book_section Yes 14343 View xml
1987-01-01 4975 The nitrogen cycle in upland agriculture: its understanding, control and use book_section Yes 14347 View xml
1987-01-01 5063 The importance of research in temperate forests book_section Yes 14279 View xml
1987-01-01 6283 The potential consequence of land use change for nature conservation book_section Yes 13788 View xml
1987-01-01 5052 The temperate forest ecosystem book Yes 14287 View xml
1987-01-01 11923 The status of fish in streams associated with lochs vulnerable to acid deposition in Scotland book_section Yes 12023 View xml
1987-01-01 11918 The status of fish populations in waters likely to have been affected by acid deposition in Scotland book_section Yes 12027 View xml
1987-01-01 6936 Hydrological data United Kingdom 1985 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels January to December book Yes 13469 View xml
1987-01-01 5225 Chemical analysis in environmental research book Yes 14176 View xml
1987-01-01 5219 Non-suppressed ion chromatography in "acid rain" analysis book_section Dr. Neil Cape Yes 14180 View xml
1987-01-01 21336 A 86Rb bioassay to determine the potassium status of trees article Anthony Harrison Yes 10175 View xml
1987-01-01 4992 Agriculture and conservation in the hills and uplands book Yes 14332 View xml
1987-01-01 4982 Long-term studies of vegetation change at Moor House NNR: research note book_section Yes 14340 View xml
1987-01-01 4978 Hill weed compensatory allowances: very alternative crops for the uplands book_section Yes 14344 View xml
1987-01-01 4974 The extent and composition of upland areas in Great Britain book_section Yes 14348 View xml
1987-01-01 5062 Angling and wildlife conservation - are they incompatible? book_section Yes 14280 View xml
1987-01-01 6282 The ITE land classification book_section Yes 13789 View xml
1987-01-01 11922 The status of fish populations in some lochs vulnerable to acid deposition in Scotland book_section Yes 12024 View xml
1987-01-01 6888 Farm extensification: implications of EC Regulation 1760/87 monograph Yes 13490 View xml
1987-01-01 5224 The determination of total phosphorus in soils by acid digestion book_section Yes 14177 View xml
1987-01-01 5218 The determination of total sulphur in vegetation book_section Yes 14181 View xml
1987-01-01 500671 Association of Plutonium with soil organic matter article Yes 10074 View xml
1987-01-01 4989 Opportunities for vegetation management in plantation forests book_section Mark Hill Yes 14333 View xml
1987-01-01 4985 Management of change in the hills and uplands: concluding comments book_section Yes 14337 View xml
1987-01-01 4981 Soil fertility and nature conservation: research note book_section Yes 14341 View xml
1987-01-01 4977 Approaches to reinstatement of damaged footpaths in the Three Peaks area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park book_section Yes 14345 View xml
1987-01-01 4973 Effects of man on upland vegetation book_section Yes 14349 View xml
1987-01-01 5065 The role of expert systems in temperate forest research book_section Yes 14277 View xml
1987-01-01 5061 Fish introductions and translocations - their impact on the British isles book_section Yes 14281 View xml
1987-01-01 11921 The chemical status of some lochs vulnerable to acid deposition in Scotland book_section Yes 12025 View xml
1986-11-01 511189 Independence of the pituitary-interrenal axis and melanotroph activity in the brown trout, Salmo trutta L., under conditions of environmental stress article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17907 View xml
1986-07-25 501149 Radiation: a guide to a contaminated countryside. article Yes 10024 View xml
1986-02-23 509840 An outfall siting study near Cockshot Point, Windermere monograph Yes 16996 View xml
1986-02-23 509856 The thermal characteristics of Furzton reservoir - a preliminary desk study monograph Yes 16995 View xml
1986-01-01 511188 Estrogen-binding sites in the liver of sexually mature male and female brown trout, Salmo trutta L. article Dr. Thomas Pottinger Yes 17906 View xml
1986-01-01 6933 Hydrological data United Kingdom 1983 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows and groundwater levels January to December book Yes 13471 View xml
1986-01-01 5299 What do we know about insects in Scottish woods? book_section Yes 14122 View xml
1986-01-01 6873 Long-term studies of vegetation change at Moor House NNR: guide to recording methods and the database monograph Yes 13495 View xml
1986-01-01 6638 Acid Rain or 'Pollution Climate'? article Dr. Neil Cape, Prof. David Fowler Yes 13611 View xml
1986-01-01 21338 The temporal distribution of bomb 14C in a forest soil. article Anthony Harrison Yes 10173 View xml
1986-01-01 5248 Radioactivity in terrestrial ecosystems book_section Yes 14158 View xml
1986-01-01 18393 Research and development of a streamflow dilution gauging technique for the Llyn Brianne Acid Waters Study, Wales book Yes 10715 View xml
1986-01-01 7905 Landscape changes in Britain book Yes 13088 View xml
1986-01-01 6008 Salmon population studies based upon Scottish catch statistics: statistical considerations book_section Yes 13887 View xml
1986-01-01 5975 The food of young razorbills on the Isle of May and a comparison with that of young guillemots and puffins article Michael Harris, Prof. Sarah Wanless Yes 13895 View xml
1986-01-01 5306 Measurement of carbon dioxide evolution from decomposing materials using conductimetry monograph Yes 14115 View xml