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2017-02-01 516752 Characterization of phosphorus compounds in soils by deep ultraviolet (DUV) Raman microspectroscopy article Dr. Ryo Sekine Yes 21755 View xml
2017-02-01 516742 Projecting impacts of climate change on habitat availability in a macrophyte dominated chalk river article Andrew House, Colin Roberts, Dr. Gareth Howard Old, Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21752 View xml
2017-02-01 516734 During a winter of storms in a small UK catchment, hydrology and water quality responses follow a clear rural-urban gradient article Dr. Michael Hutchins, James Miller Yes 21744 View xml
2017-02-01 516733 Managing rivers for multiple benefits – a coherent approach to research, policy and planning article Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21743 View xml
2017-02-01 516722 Soil networks become more connected and take up more carbon as nature restoration progresses article Dr. Robert Griffiths, Prof. Mark J Bailey, Prof. Mark J Bailey Yes 21735 View xml
2017-02-01 516684 Yield and dry matter simulation using the Saltmed model for five quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) accessions under deficit irrigation in south Morocco article Prof. Ragab Ragab Yes 21721 View xml
2017-02-01 516066 Editorial to the special issue in Fundamental and Applied Limnology: Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes – 12th ISBMCF article Yes 21635 View xml
2017-02-01 516418 ICP Vegetation : 30th Task Force Meeting, 14th - 17th February 2017, Poznan, Poland : programme & abstracts book Dr. Harry Harmens, Prof. Gina Mills Yes 21571 View xml
2017-02-01 516408 Making better use of local data in flood frequency estimation monograph Prof. Harry Dixon, Matt Fry, Filip Kral, Catherine Sefton, Lisa Stewart, Dr. Gianni Vesuviano Yes 21569 View xml
2017-02-01 516402 Trends in atmospheric evaporative demand in Great Britain using high-resolution meteorological data article Emma Robinson, Dr. Eleanor Blyth, Dr. Douglas Clark, Dr. Jon Finch, Dr. Ali Rudd Yes 21551 View xml
2017-02-01 516366 Which metal represents the greatest risk to freshwater ecosystem in Bohai Region of China? article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Dr. Monika D. Juergens Yes 21539 View xml
2017-02-01 513818 The soundscape of Arctic charr spawning grounds in lotic and lentic environments: can passive acoustic monitoring be used to detect spawning activities? article Yes 21522 View xml
2017-02-01 516264 No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide article Stephanie Rorke, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 21507 View xml
2017-02-01 516277 Impacts of atmospheric and precipitation change on aboveground-belowground invertebrate interactions book_section Dr. Jo Staley Yes 21506 View xml
2017-02-01 516244 How chemicals and heavy metals contribute to antimicrobial resistance article Dr. Andrew C Singer Yes 21501 View xml
2017-02-01 516228 Links between soil microbial communities and plant traits in a species-rich grassland under long-term climate change article Dr. Anna Oliver Yes 21486 View xml
2017-02-01 516216 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: January 2017 monograph Mr. Jamie Hannaford, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21475 View xml
2017-02-01 516173 In praise of hedgerows article Yes 21472 View xml
2017-02-01 516015 Assessing the impact of climate change and extreme value uncertainty to extreme flows across Great Britain article Christel Prudhomme Yes 21463 View xml
2017-02-01 516168 Responses of the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana to changes in CO2 concentration: a proteomic approach article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes 21454 View xml
2017-02-01 516134 Mains water leakage: implications for phosphorus source apportionment and policy responses in catchments article Prof. Helen Jarvie, Dr. Mike Bowes, Dr. Edward Tipping, Prof. Helen Jarvie, Dr. Mike Bowes, Dr. Edward Tipping Yes 21430 View xml
2017-02-01 516053 Methane in shallow subsurface sediments at the landward limit of the gas hydrate stability zone offshore western Svalbard article Dr. Andrew W. Stott Yes 21418 View xml
2017-02-01 516061 Comparative toxicity of pesticides and environmental contaminants in bees: are honey bees a useful proxy for wild bee species? article Prof. Matthew Heard, Dr. Jan Baas, Dr. Elma Lahive, Alex Robinson, Dr. David Spurgeon, Dr. Claus Svendsen, Dr. Helen Hesketh Yes 21396 View xml
2017-02-01 515930 How does elevated ozone reduce methane emissions from peatlands? article Dr. Andrew W. Stott Yes 21351 View xml
2017-02-01 515667 Management effects on greenhouse gas dynamics in fen ditches article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 21349 View xml
2017-02-01 515669 Improving the quantity, quality and transparency of data used to derive radionuclide transfer parameters for animal products. 2. Cow milk article Prof. Brenda Jane Howard, Claire Wells, Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett, Dr. David Howard Yes 21280 View xml
2017-02-01 515489 Immediate and long-term effect of tannins on the stabilization of soil aggregates article Yes 21219 View xml
2017-02-01 515429 Contrasting response of summer soil respiration and enzyme activities to long-term warming and drought in a wet shrubland (NE Wales, UK) article Prof. Bridget Emmett, Prof. Bridget Emmett Yes 21213 View xml
2017-01-19 515891 Values and structure of dose burdens in small mammals of the Chernobyl zone in 19 years after the accident article Prof. Nick Beresford Yes 21363 View xml
2017-01-18 515966 Sequence and organization of the complete mitochondrial genome of the blackfly Simulium variegatum (Diptera: Simuliidae) article Dr. John Day Yes 21357 View xml
2017-01-18 515839 Development of a risk based prioritisation protocol for standing waters in Great Britain based on a georeferenced inventory - phase 2 monograph Yes 21355 View xml
2017-01-16 516104 Process-based modelling of NH3 exchange with grazed grasslands article Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Massimo Vieno, Dr. Eiko Nemitz, Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Prof. Mark Sutton Yes 21427 View xml
2017-01-13 522921 Hydrological outlook UK - January 2017 monograph Simon Parry, Stephen Turner Yes 23483 View xml
2017-01-09 515739 Inter-specific nest re-use by barn swallows Hirundo rustica article Dr. Richard K Broughton Yes 21323 View xml
2017-01-01 524095 Development of a nitrophobe/nitrophile classification for sand dunes monograph Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 23662 View xml
2017-01-01 524093 Monitoring of forest removal and groundworks to rejuvenate dunes at Newborough Warren – Ynys Llanddwyn SSSI. Vegetation change, second year results for 2016 monograph Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 23652 View xml
2017-01-01 523976 Investigating the sensitivity of river wetted habitat to changes in flow: a literature review monograph Dr. François Edwards, Dr. Cedric Laize Yes 23639 View xml
2017-01-01 522605 Use of the complement inhibitor coversin to treat HSCT-associated TMA article Yes 23406 View xml
2017-01-01 522027 Monitoring functionally-important plant diversity across Great Britain; the natural capital of common plants monograph Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 23189 View xml
2017-01-01 521466 United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme annual report 2016 monograph Dr. Marc Botham, Dr. David Roy Yes 23059 View xml
2017-01-01 520551 Missing links of Natura 2000 article Owen Mountford Yes 22769 View xml
2017-01-01 519946 Forest tree marginal populations in Europe - report on the state of knowledge on forest tree marginal and peripheral populations in Europe article Kevin Donnelly Yes 22611 View xml
2017-01-01 519791 Investigating the drivers of air pollution and personal exposure within informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. conference_item Dr. Marsailidh M Twigg, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Dr. Jan Dick, Dr. Christine Braban Yes 22595 View xml
2017-01-01 516929 Compensatory water effects link yearly global land CO2 sink changes to temperature article Prof. Chris Huntingford Yes 21882 View xml
2017-01-01 516921 Predicting future biomass yield in Miscanthus using the carbohydrate metabolic profile as a biomarker article Mr. Dafydd Elias, Prof. Niall P McNamara Yes 21874 View xml
2017-01-01 516043 Validation of spaceborne and modelled surface soil moisture products with cosmic-ray neutron probes article Dr. Ross Morrison Yes 21848 View xml
2017-01-01 515262 Habitat selection by breeding whinchats Saxicola rubetra at territory and landscape scales article Mr. John W. Redhead Yes 21843 View xml
2017-01-01 515668 The impact of ditch blocking on the hydrological functioning of blanket peatlands article Prof. Chris Evans Yes 21842 View xml
2017-01-01 516871 Effective restoration of aquatic ecosystems: scaling the barriers article Dr. Bryan M. Spears Yes 21822 View xml
2017-01-01 516837 Setting conservation priorities for migratory networks under uncertainty article Dr. Kiran L Dhanjal-Adams Yes 21798 View xml
2017-01-01 516801 Do fish go with the flow? The effects of periodic and episodic flow pulses on 0+ fish biomass in a constrained lowland river article Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21775 View xml
2017-01-01 516788 Challenging convention: the winter ecology of brown trout (Salmo trutta ) in a productive and stable environment article Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21767 View xml
2017-01-01 516779 Large extents of intensive land use limit community reorganization during climate warming article Dr. Tom Oliver, Dr. David Roy Yes 21763 View xml
2017-01-01 516741 Projected novel eco-hydrological river types for Europe article Dr. Cedric Laize, Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21748 View xml
2017-01-01 516739 Climate change effects on the stability and chemistry of soil organic carbon pools in a subalpine grassland article Dr. Jeremy Puissant Yes 21747 View xml
2017-01-01 516718 Network size, structure and mutualism dependence affect the propensity for plant-pollinator extinction cascades article Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen, Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock, Prof. Matthew Heard, Dr. Daniel Stephen Chapman Yes 21732 View xml
2017-01-01 516712 Management and control methods of invasive alien freshwater aquatic plants: a review article Yes 21729 View xml
2017-01-01 516707 Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biome article Dr. Lindsay F. Banin Yes 21728 View xml
2017-01-01 516687 Species range expansion constrains the ecological niches of resident butterflies article Dr. Reto Schmucki Yes 21723 View xml
2017-01-01 516436 Evaluation of topsoil inversion in U.K. habitat creation and restoration schemes article Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 21583 View xml
2017-01-01 515967 Sewage sludge treated with metal nanomaterials inhibits earthworm reproduction more strongly than sludge treated with metal metals in bulk/salt forms article Dr. Elma Lahive, Dr. Marianne Matzke, Dr. Alan Lawlor, Sarah Thacker, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Dr. David Spurgeon, Dr. Claus Svendsen, Dr. Stephen Lofts Yes 21577 View xml
2017-01-01 516265 Troubling travellers: are ecologically harmful alien species associated with particular introduction pathways? article Dr. Colin A Harrower, Dr. David Roy, Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 21517 View xml
2017-01-01 516101 Earthworms and mesofauna from an isolated, alkaline chemical waste site in northwest England article Maria Briones Yes 21420 View xml
2017-01-01 516092 The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project article Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen, Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock Yes 21416 View xml
2017-01-01 516083 Air quality improvement in a megacity: implications from 2015 Beijing Parade Blue pollution control actions article Prof. David Fowler Yes 21412 View xml
2017-01-01 516052 Abundance distributions for tree species in Great Britain: a two-stage approach to modeling abundance using species distribution modeling and random forest article Dr. Simon Mark Smart Yes 21402 View xml
2017-01-01 516011 Responses of fish and invertebrates to floods and droughts in Europe article Christel Prudhomme, Prof. Michael Acreman Yes 21399 View xml
2017-01-01 516010 Testing the ecosystem service cascade framework and QUICKScan software tool in the context of land use planning in Glenlivet Estate Scotland article Dr. Jan Dick, Esther Carmen, Christopher Andrews Yes 21375 View xml
2017-01-01 515991 Evidence review of the potential wider impacts of climate change mitigation options: agriculture, forestry, land use and waste sectors monograph Dr. Bill Bealey, Dr. Alison L Kay Yes 21370 View xml
2017-01-01 515882 Leaf dry matter content is better at predicting above-ground net primary production than specific leaf area article Dr. Simon Mark Smart, Prof. Bridget Emmett, Prof. Bridget Emmett, Prof. Jack Cosby, Dr. Sabine Reinsch Yes 21368 View xml
2017-01-01 515973 Vertically transmitted rhabdoviruses are found across three insect families and have dynamic interactions with their hosts article Dr. Melanie Gibbs Yes 21361 View xml
2017-01-01 515870 Hydrological summary for the United Kingdom: December 2016 monograph Katie Muchan, Stephen Turner, Sandie Clemas, Sandie Clemas Yes 21347 View xml
2017-01-01 515836 Observational evidence for cloud cover enhancement over western European forests article Dr. Christopher Taylor Yes 21342 View xml
2017-01-01 515816 Increased soluble phosphorus loads to Lake Erie: unintended consequences of conservation practices? article Prof. Helen Jarvie Yes 21339 View xml
2017-01-01 515700 Inorganic carbon dominates total dissolved carbon concentrations and fluxes in British rivers: application of the THINCARB model – thermodynamic modelling of inorganic carbon in freshwaters article Prof. Helen Jarvie, Colin Neal Yes 21299 View xml
2017-01-01 515653 Linking changes in antibiotic effluent concentrations to flow, removal and consumption in four different UK sewage treatment plants over four years article Prof. Andrew C Johnson, Dr. Monika D. Juergens, Dr. Andrew C Singer Yes 21284 View xml
2017-01-01 515569 A synthesis of empirical plant dispersal kernels article Prof. James Bullock, Dr. Steven White, Dr. Steven White, Dr. Danny Hooftman Yes 21282 View xml
2017-01-01 515509 Relating farmer's perceptions of climate change risk to adaptation behaviour in Hungary article Prof. Paula A. Harrison Yes 21227 View xml
2017-01-01 515493 A roadmap for improving the representation of photosynthesis in Earth system models article Yes 21220 View xml
2017-01-01 515298 Persistent organic pollutants in sediment and fish in the River Thames catchment (UK) article Dr. Monika D. Juergens, Prof. Andrew C Johnson Yes 21176 View xml
2017-01-01 515263 Effect of monitoring network design on land use regression models for estimating residential NO2 concentration article Dr. Stefan Reis, Dr. Stefan Reis Yes 21163 View xml
2016-12-16 516077 Helminth burden and ecological factors associated with alterations in wild host gastrointestinal microbiota article Dr. Lindsay Newbold, Dr. Sarah Burthe, Dr. Anna Oliver, Dr. Francis Daunt Yes 21410 View xml
2016-12-15 515525 Changes in biodiversity and trade-offs among ecosystem services, stakeholders, and components of well-being: the contribution of the International Long-Term Ecological Research network (ILTER) to Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) article Dr. Jan Dick, Dr. Terry Parr Yes 21239 View xml
2016-12-09 515467 Anticoagulant rodenticides in red kites (Milvus milvus) in Britain 2010 to 2015: a Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme (PBMS) report monograph Mr. Lee Anthony Walker, Jacky Chaplow, Claudia Moeckel, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Elaine Potter, Prof. Richard Shore Yes 21202 View xml
2016-12-07 515673 COMET workshop report. Thirty years after the Chernobyl accident: what do we know about the effects of radiation on the environment?: Chernihiv, Ukraine, 30th Aug. - 1st Sept. 2016 monograph Ms. Catherine Louise Barnett Yes 21352 View xml
2016-12-05 515303 The winter floods of 2015/2016 in the UK - a review monograph Terry Marsh, Katie Muchan, Lucy Barker, Mr. Jamie Hannaford Yes 21182 View xml
2016-12-02 515302 CAPER 2006. Meeting of the Committee on Air Pollution Effects Research (CAPER). Book of abstracts monograph Prof. David Fowler Yes 21177 View xml
2016-12-01 516735 rnrfa: an R package to retrieve, filter and visualize data from the UK National River Flow Archive article Matt Fry Yes 21745 View xml
2016-12-01 516476 EFSA Scientific Colloquium 22 – Epigenetics and risk assessment: where do we stand? article Dr. David Spurgeon Yes 21622 View xml
2016-12-01 516435 Does atmospheric nitrogen deposition lead to greater nitrogen and carbon accumulation in coastal sand dunes? article Dr. David Martin Cooper, Prof. Laurence Jones Yes 21582 View xml
2016-12-01 516342 Spatial patterns and environmental constraints on ecosystem services at a catchment scale article Prof. Bridget Emmett, Dr. David Martin Cooper, Dr. Simon Mark Smart, Dr. Amy Rose Carmel Thomas, Prof. Jack Cosby, Prof. Chris Evans, Dr. Susan Jarvis, Mr. Gearoid Webb, Ed Rowe, Prof. Laurence Jones, Dr. Adam J. Vanbergen, Dr. A Keith, Heather Carter, Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira, Mr. Steven Hughes, Dr. Inma Lebron Robinson Yes 21535 View xml
2016-12-01 516327 Measurements of δ13C in CH4 and using particle dispersion modeling to characterize sources of Arctic methane within an air mass article Charles George, Dr. Garry Hayman Yes 21531 View xml
2016-12-01 515982 Genetic structure in the European endemic seabird, Phalacrocorax aristotelis, was shaped by a complex interaction of historical and contemporary, physical and non-physical drivers article Annika Perry, Prof. Sarah Wanless, Dr. Francis Daunt, Dr. Stephen Cavers Yes 21521 View xml
2016-12-01 516257 A prioritization process for invasive alien plant species incorporating the requirements of EU Regulation no. 1143/2014 article Dr. Daniel Stephen Chapman Yes 21510 View xml
2016-12-01 516220 Ecological drivers influence the distributions of two cryptic lineages in an earthworm morphospecies article Dr. David Spurgeon, Dr. Alan Lawlor, Dr. Elma Lahive Yes 21478 View xml
2016-12-01 516170 Insights from a chronology of the development of atmospheric composition monitoring networks since the 1800s article Dr. Christine Braban, Dr. Christine Braban Yes 21453 View xml
2016-12-01 516162 Informed debate on the use of fire for peatland management means acknowledging the complexity of socio-ecological systems article Dr. Alan Gray Yes 21447 View xml
2016-12-01 516131 Determining the effects of life stage, shared prey density and host plant on intraguild predation of a native lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) by an invasive coccinellid (Harmonia axyridis) article Prof. Helen Elizabeth Roy Yes 21432 View xml
2016-12-01 516084 Improving the spatial resolution of air-quality modelling at a European scale – development and evaluation of the Air Quality Re-gridder Model (AQR v1.1) article Dr. Massimo Vieno Yes 21413 View xml
2016-12-01 515928 Ecophysiology matters: linking inorganic carbon acquisition to ecological preference in four species of microalgae (Chlorophyceae) article Prof. Stephen Christopher Maberly Yes 21376 View xml