Press Release Archive - 2017

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Press Releases to journalists from a wide range of media outlets, announcing findings from new research or giving details of significant events at CEH which are of interest to a wider audience.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology press releases - 2017

2017/05 - About time! Predicting midge seasonality key to reducing livestock diseases - 28 March 2017 - Ecologists at the UK-based Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) have led a study which informs optimal strategies for control of devastating midge-borne diseases like bluetongue and Schmallenberg virus that affect cattle and sheep in the UK and beyond.

2017/04 - Flower-rich habitats increase survival of bumblebee families - 15 March 2017 - New research led by the UK’s Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has revealed for the first time that flower-rich habitats are key to enhancing the survival of bumblebee families between years.

2017/03 - Future climate change will affect plants and soils differently - 7 March 2017 - A new European study has found that soil carbon loss is more sensitive to climate change compared to carbon taken up by plants.

2017/02 - Study offers guidance on how to protect Europe's olive trees from being ravaged by deadly Xylella fastidiosa pathogen - 24 February 2017 - Experts at the UK-based Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have devised a scientific model which could help predict the spread of the deadly Xylella fastidiosa which is threatening to destroy Europe's olive trees.

2017/01 - Adaptive management of soil conservation is essential to improving water quality, research shows - 13 January 2017 - The quality of our rivers and lakes could be placed under pressure from harmful levels of soluble phosphorus, despite well-intended measures to reduce soil erosion and better manage and conserve farmland for crop production, a new study shows.