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The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Press Releases to journalists from a wide range of media outlets, announcing findings from new research or giving details of significant events at CEH which are of interest to a wider audience.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology press releases - 2015

2015/01 - Target farm emissions to combat air pollution and crop loss, say UN experts - 12 July 2015 - Measures to reduce agricultural emissions could be the most cost-effective way of tackling threats to global food productivity and human health, according to a UN expert meeting. 

2015/02 - Free mobile phone app will help monitor UK’s grasshoppers and crickets - 5 August 2015 - ‘iRecord Grasshoppers’ a free mobile phone app to help monitor the UK’s grasshoppers, crickets, earwigs, stick insects and cockroaches, is launched today.

2015/03 - Severe droughts could lead to widespread losses of butterflies by 2050 - 10 August 2015 - Widespread drought-sensitive butterfly population extinctions could occur in the UK as early as 2050 according to a new study published today in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change.

2015/04 - Leaf-mining moths threaten horse-chestnut trees in Scotland and Ireland - 17 September 2015 - A leaf-mining moth, which damages the UK’s iconic horse-chestnut trees, has been recorded for the first time in Ireland and Scotland. In response, scientists have launched ‘LeafWatch’ a mobile phone app and are asking for help from the public to map the northwards spread.

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