The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Press Releases to journalists from a wide range of media outlets, announcing findings from new research or giving details of significant events at CEH which are of interest to a wider audience.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology press releases - 2014

2014/10 - Experts meet in Edinburgh to agree international action on reducing agriculture's contribution to air pollution - 13 November 2014 Experts from 25 countries are in Edinburgh this week to agree how to reduce emissions of ammonia from agriculture.

2014/09 - New research shows that bats will hang out with their friends this Halloween - 30 October 2014 New research has shown that despite moving house frequently, bats choose to roost with the same social groups of ‘friends’. 

2014/08 - City life key to harlequin ladybird invasion - 13 October 2014 A new paper published in the Journal of Biogeography today (13 October 2014) concludes that the harlequin ladybird, an invasive alien species first recorded in the UK in 2004, has a preference for urban areas and sunnier habitats. 

2014/07 - Adult vendace, Britain's rarest freshwater fish, found in Bassenthwaite Lake - 2 October 2014 Two adult vendace, Britain’s rarest freshwater fish and a relic of the last ice age, were found in Bassenthwaite Lake in north-West England last month, more than a decade after being declared ‘locally extinct’. Last year, a single young vendace was recorded during the annual fish survey. 

2014/06 - New scientific review investigates potential influences on recent UK winter floods - 27 August 2014 A comprehensive review of all potential factors behind the 2013/2014 UK winter floods is published today in the journal Nature Climate Change. The paper does not definitively answer whether human activity played a role in the magnitude of the winter flood events. It does, though, examine how factors such as the state of the global oceans may have interacted with wind patterns and subsequent high-level atmospheric features. 

2014/05 - DNA analysis reveals that queen bumblebees disperse far from their birthplace before setting up home - 1 July 2014 Researchers are closer to understanding patterns of family relatedness and genetic diversity in bumblebees. The findings could help farmers, land managers and policy makers develop more effective conservation schemes for these essential pollinators. 

2014/04 - New atlas reveals trends in British dragonfly species- 28 May 2014 - A new atlas of the dragonflies of Britain and Ireland is published today. The atlas is the result of a five year research project by the British Dragonfly Society (BDS) which builds on data collected over the last two centuries. 

2014/03 - Super-charged tropical trees: Borneo’s productive trees vitally important for global carbon cycling - 9 May 2014 - A team of scientists has found that the woody growth of forests in north Borneo is half as great again as in the most productive forests of north-west Amazonia, an average difference of 3.2 tons of wood per hectare per year.

2014/02 - Nitrogen pollution, climate and land use: why what we eat matters - 25 April 2014 - A new report quantifies for the first time how much our food choices affect pollutant nitrogen emissions, climate change and land-use across Europe.

2014/01 - The Moth vs the Crowd - Tracking an alien invader of conker trees using people power - 23 January 2014 - An army of citizen scientists has helped the professionals understand how a tiny ‘alien’ moth is attacking the UK’s conker (horse-chestnut) trees, and showed that naturally-occurring pest controlling wasps are not able to restrict the moth’s impact.

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