Press Release Archive - 2011

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Press Releases to journalists from a wide range of media outlets, announcing findings from new research or giving details of significant events at CEH which are of interest to a wider audience.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology press releases - 2011

2011/10 - Researchers put new spin on world's water cycle - 13 October 2011 - The final report of the Water and Global Change programme (WATCH), an extensive analysis of the world's water resources, is made available today, significantly expanding our understanding of climate change and land use impacts on the global hydrological cycle.

2011/09 - A spot of summer fun: make your mark on ladybird maps - 11 July 2011 - Scientists are asking families for help this month by counting and photographing ladybirds they find in their gardens, parks and fields. The information that people collect will help to create detailed ladybird maps for the UK.

2011/08 - New UK Land Cover Map launched this week - 6 July 2011 - The UK's new Land Cover Map is published today (Wednesday 6 July), providing a continuous coverage of habitat distributions across the countryside at a 25m resolution. The map was developed using a combination of satellite images and national scale digital mapping data.

2011/06 - Spotted! New atlas reveals trends in British ladybird species - 15 June 2011 - The first atlas of Britain and Ireland's ladybirds is published today, 15 June 2011. The atlas is the result of a six-year research project by the UK Ladybird Survey, building on data collected over the last two centuries.

2011/07 - New £3.28m to examine sustainability of bioenergy crops within the UK - 14 June 2011 - The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) is leading a new seven-member consortium project studying the impact of bioenergy crop land-use changes on soil carbon stocks and GHG emissions.

2011/05 - New study of storm generation could improve rainfall prediction in West Africa - 12 June 2011 - A new study of how storms are generated could improve rainfall prediction in dry regions of Africa, where drought and short growing seasons are common. The research is published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

2011/04 - Distribution of British soil bacteria mapped for the first time - 20 April 2011 - Britain’s soil bacteria have been mapped for the first time in the most comprehensive study of a country’s soil biodiversity to date. The results are published today (20 April 2011) in the journal Environmental Microbiology.

2011/03 - Excessive nitrogen harms the economy and environment - first European assessment published - 11 April 2011 - A major new study has found that nitrogen pollution is costing each person in Europe around £130 - £650 (€150 – €740) a year. The first European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA) was launched at a major scientific conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on Monday 11 April. 

2011/02 - Effectiveness of wastewater treatment may be damaged during a severe flu epidemic - 2 March 2011 - Existing plans for antiviral and antibiotic use during a severe influenza pandemic could reduce wastewater treatment efficiency prior to discharge into receiving rivers, resulting in water quality deterioration at drinking water abstraction points. 

2011/01 - Kittiwakes’ trans-Atlantic winter odyssey linked to breeding success - 5 January 2011 - One of Britain's best known seabirds winters on opposite sides of the Atlantic depending on whether its breeding attempt has been successful according to new research published today in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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