Press Release Archive - 2009

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Press Releases to journalists from a wide range of media outlets, announcing findings from new research or giving details of significant events at CEH which are of interest to a wider audience.

In addition to the 18 press releases listed below which were issued by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in 2009, research carried out by CEH scientists also made major contributions to press releases issued during 2009 by the following organisations: the Natural Environment Research Council, Butterfly Conservation, Microbial Solutions, the Environment Agency, Defra, International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, Sense about Science, Willis Re, Rural Environment and Land Use Programme, PLOS, Welsh Assembly Government, Shopdirect, UKERC, Scottish Government, and many Universities.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology press releases - 2009

2009/18 - Overuse of nitrogen fertilizer threatens global biodiversity hotspots - 20 November 2009 - The earth's natural biodiversity is under threat from too much nitrogen - this is the conclusion of a conference held in Edinburgh attended by more than 100 scientists from 30 countries.

2009/17 - New discovery may help manage nanoparticle wastes from consumer products - 12 November 2009 - A new discovery about nanoparticle behaviour in sewage treatment plants could improve the environmental management of nanoparticle wastes from foods, cosmetics, medicines, cleaning and personal care products. 

2009/16 - Soils, butterflies and beetles responding to changing pressures on UK environment - 6 November 2009 - The first major review of trends in terrestrial ecology at 12 key sites within the UK Environmental Change Network has shown that soils, vegetation and animal communities all responded to environmental change over the study period.

2009/15 - The Great Autumn Ladybird Invasion - 16 October 2009 - As ladybirds crawl into our homes, scientists are asking for photos to be sent in to the UK Ladybird Survey to help track the harlequin ladybird invasion. 

2009/14 - UK’s biggest ever Countryside Survey: England results published - 23 September 2009 - The results of the biggest and most comprehensive survey of England’s countryside and its natural resources are unveiled in a report published today (23 September) by the Countryside Survey partnership.

2009/13 - Butterflies use more ‘environmental space’ in warmer areas - 23 September 2009 - Butterflies basking in the relatively warm South of Britain are likely to be more liberal in their choice of where to live than their cousins in the cooler and wetter North, according to new findings published today (23 September 2009) in the journal Ecology Letters

2009/12 - Major upgrade to industry standard flood estimation software - 9 September 2009 - A major upgrade to the industry standard UK flood estimation software, WINFAP-FEH, has been launched. WINFAP-FEH 3 incorporates recent scientific advances to the Flood Estimation Handbook statistical methods, and offers improved functionality and ease of use. 

2009/11 - Restoring degraded ecosystems benefits biodiversity and human well-being - 30 July 2009 - Ecological restoration in areas of environmental degradation can help reverse global biodiversity losses as well as promote recovery of ecosystem services, according to new findings published online in the journal Science.

2009/10 - Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly away home - 30 June 2009 - Scientists presenting at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, which opens today (30 June), will say that the harlequin ladybird is likely to threaten over 1000 native species in Britain. 

2009/9 - European climate change reports launched in Brussels - 23 June 2009 - Two new reports examining climate change adaptation and policy-making integration across Europe have been launched at a special event in Brussels.

2009/8 - How science saved the Large Blue butterfly - 16 June 2009 - On the 25th anniversary of the Large Blue butterfly's reintroduction to Britain, ecologists are for the first time publishing the decades of research that helped them rescue this spectacular and rare butterfly.

2009/7 - Britain celebrates butterfly conservation success story - 16 June 2009 - The 25th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Large Blue butterfly to Britain has been celebrated by a special event in Somerset, now home to some of the world's largest colonies of the rare butterfly.

2009/6 - ECW wins Environmental Building Award - 28 May 2009 - The Environment Centre Wales building has won the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Wales 2009 Sustainability Award. ECW is a partnership venture between the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Bangor University.

2009/5 - The best things in life might not always be free - 29 Apr 2009 - Leaders from the public, private and NGO sectors will come together in London with prominent academics to highlight a new approach to managing the environment to sustain a growing global population under a changing climate.

2009/4 - Plants absorb more carbon under hazy skies - 22 Apr 2009 - Plants absorbed carbon dioxide more efficiently under the polluted skies of recent decades than they would have done in a cleaner atmosphere, according to new findings published in Nature. 

2009/3 - Symposium tackles link between health of environment and economy - 25 Feb 2009 - How can we value our natural capital to ensure a sustainable economy, will be among the questions discussed at the ‘Valuing our Life Support Systems’ symposium on 29 April 2009 in London. 

2009/2 - Ant sounds mimicked by invading butterflies - 5 Feb 2009 - Queen ants make distinctive sounds inside ant colonies according to new findings published today in the leading journal Science. 

2009/1 - Bio-Linux Goes Global - 12 Jan 2009 - The NERC Environmental Bioinformatics Centre (NEBC), based at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, has released the latest version of NEBC Bio-Linux, a specialised computing system designed for the environmental genomics research community.

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