The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Press Releases to journalists from a wide range of media outlets, announcing findings from new research or giving details of significant events at CEH which are of interest to a wider audience.

In addition to the press releases listed below, which were issued by CEH in 2006, research carried out by scientists at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology made major contributions to other press releases issued during 2006 by the following organisations: the Natural Environment Research Council, the Met Office, the Woodland Trust, the American Geophysical Union, Rothamsted Research, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Royal Geographical Society, CCLRC, Butterfly Conservation, and many Universities.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology press releases - 2006

2006/8 - Early Spring in Europe matches recent climate warming - 25 Aug 2006 - Conclusive proof that Spring is arriving earlier across Europe than it did 30 years ago has been published in the journal Global Change Biology. 

2006/7 - Pipefish population explosion will not save starving seabirds - 15 Aug 2006 - An unexplained population explosion of snake pipefish is occurring in the seas around northern Britain. But the abundance of these fish will not prevent large numbers of puffins, terns and kittiwakes from starving to death. 

2006/6 - A clear view through muddy water - 10 Aug 2006 - Two leading laboratories in South Oxfordshire have teamed up again to gain a unique understanding of the role of the minute particles involved in river pollution. 

2006/5 - Farm animals keep vole army at bay - 24 May 2006 - Giving a mix of farm animals a controlled 'right to roam' will help to improve biodiversity and solve a vole conservation dilemma in upland Britain, according to new research published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology.

2006/4 - The nitrogen challenge - global warming's missing link? - 23 Mar 2006 - A large team of researchers led by staff from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have met to start a €27 million project investigating the global nitrogen cycle, a little known but important cause of global warming, air pollution and biodiversity loss.

2006/3 - Lost flower records to show climate change effects - 1 Mar 2006 - Recently discovered records from the 1920s found in an attic are set to bring new life to an annual hunt for wild flowers. 

2006/2 - Rising CO2 increases river flow by making plants less thirsty - 16 Feb 2006 - Scientists in Oxfordshire have released new findings that could have major implications for future water resources across the planet. 

2006/1 - Researchers revolutionise opportunities for the European water industry - 15 Feb 2006 - A team of international researchers, led by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, has developed a new toolkit that revolutionises the opportunities for water industry software developers. 

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