Sheep in a UK landscape - image by Shutterstock
We examine the impacts of agriculture on the environment
Atmospheric pollution - image by Shutterstock
We research the effects of atmospheric pollution across the globe
Photo - Shutterstock
Assessing the extent, quality, trends and vulnerability of the UK's natural capital
CEH has been involved in ecohydrological investigations at Braunton Burrows in North Devon
Research at the land-sea interface
Emerald Damselfly - photo by Heather Lowther
Global biodiversity is under great pressure
Melting glacier - photo by Shutterstock
Will climate change affect us?
Climate models - photo by Shutterstock
Simulating past and future climate changes
Drought affected ground at Whim Bog, Scotland. Photo - Heather Lowther
We have a long history of drought research
Taking a pill - image by Shutterstock
Our work on the impacts of pharmaceuticals on the environment
Powerlines - image by Shutterstock
Our scientists work on hydropower, bio- and wind- energy
Flooding at Crowmarsh on the River Thames - Image by Gwyn Rees
Our research helps predict and mitigate the impacts of floods
Surveying the swamps - image by Laurence Carvalho
We study how freshwater organisms interact with the environment
Habitat mapping for Countryside Survey - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
We lead on the the UK Countryside Survey and UK Land Cover Map
Flooding at Wallingford - image by Harry Dixon
Our hydrologists help monitor, model and manage floods and droughts
Harlequin ladybird - Image by Richard Comont
Our work is critical for managing invasive species across Europe
White tailed bumble bee on lavender - Image by Denise Pallett
We carry out research on a wide range of pollinators