Our research

Taking new observations and developing new analysis techniques and models, we are improving our ability to forecast flood and drought events and minimise the impacts of extreme weather.

We use satellite data and past-climate records combined with world-leading models to study the role of the land in the Earth System and its impact on future climates. We work with partners in the UK to improve national-scale flood and drought event forecasts, assessments and mitigation strategies. We work overseas including in Africa, China and India to improve observations, analysis and modelling of extreme weather events.

World-class science and innovation

  • Hydrological modelling to support flood estimation in data-sparse regions and for future scenarios.
  • Development and application of a state-of-the-art land surface model, including its use for climate and Earth System model predictions.

Modelled soil moisture map of the world

Science Groups

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Flooded road sign
International podcast discusses flooding and hydrology with CEH scientist
Providing understanding of interacting physical, chemical and biological processes.
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Predicting future states of climate change
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JULES: Simulating responses to weather and climate change on local, national and global scales.
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Providing advanced warning for the public and to safeguard the economy
Dunwich Heath boggy ponds
Helping wetland managers understand the impacts of climate change
Development of a storm close to Hombori, a village from Northern Mali in the Sahel photo: F Guichard and L Kergoat, copyright CNRS Photothèque
Investigating extreme weather events across West Africa