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Conservation from space: Landscape diversity helps to conserve butterflies

Rugged, hilly landscapes with a range of different habitat types can help maintain more stable butterfly populations and thus aid their conservation...


Ponds, soils and headwater streams reports published

Information on the state of Britain’s ponds, headwater streams and soils is presented in three reports published today (4 February 2010) by the...


Worsening North Sea conditions could be increasing Atlantic puffins mortality in winter

A recent increase in winter mortality in Atlantic puffins could be due to worsening conditions within the North Sea, according to new findings...


News Archive - 2009

2009 Review of the CEH year - 24 December 2009 November 2009, Monthly Hydrological Summary for the UK - 21 December 2009 CEH scientists speak on...


2009 Review of the CEH year

Over the last twelve months Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) scientists have worked on a large number of research projects progressing...


November 2009, Monthly Hydrological Summary for the UK

Truly exceptional weather conditions were experienced across some areas of the UK during November 2009 leading to severe flooding in Cumbria and...


CEH scientists speak on changing water resources availability and blog on a 'back to basics' approach to climate science

CEH science activities cover many of the issues under discussion at the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (7-18 December...


Scientists at climate talks say changes to the nitrogen cycle cannot be ignored

“The nitrogen cycle is changing faster than that of any other element.” United Nations Environment Programme. An international group of scientists...


Biodiversity under threat from increasing nitrogen emissions

The earth's natural biodiversity is under threat from too much nitrogen, a conference in Edinburgh attended by more than 100 international scientists...


UK Flooding - Briefing from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Context The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology jointly operates the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme in conjunction with with the British...