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Drought conditions intensify, February 2012 Hydrological Summary confirms

February was a further month when synoptic patterns greatly restricted the passage of Atlantic frontal systems across most of southern and eastern...


Insect DNA offers clues about animals' changing habitats and predator-prey relationships

The long-term impact of climate change on natural communities of wild animals could be better understood thanks to a new study which sheds light on...


New look and data for UK's Air Pollution Information System (APIS)

The UK’s leading web database on the impacts of air pollution on the natural environment, APIS , has been given a makeover – it’s now easier than...


Long-term Lake District research documented in journal special issue

Long-term scientific studies at Windermere and other lakes in the English Lake District have been documented in a special issue of the journal...


Farm 'weeds' have crucial role in sustainable agriculture

Plants often regarded as common weeds such as thistles, buttercups and clover could be critical for safeguarding fragile food webs on UK farms,...


UK Hydrological summary for January 2012 published - NW-SE rainfall gradient

The synoptic patterns which have produced a remarkably sustained exaggeration in the NW-SE rainfall gradient across the UK continued in January 2012...


Continental mosquito with 'vector' potential found breeding in UK after 60 year absence

A species of mosquito not seen in the UK since 1945 has been discovered breeding in the country. Populations of the mosquito, found across mainland...


The following Q&A provides more information on the news story "Continental mosquito with ‘vector’ potential found breeding in UK after 60-year absence"

Q&A: The mosquito 1. What is Culex modestus ? Culex modestus (which has no common name in English) is a species of mosquito that is locally...


Invasive alien predator leading to rapid declines of European ladybirds

A new study provides compelling evidence that the arrival of the invasive non-native Harlequin ladybird to mainland Europe and subsequent spread has...


New tool helps project the impacts of climate change on wetlands

A new web-based tool has been created to help wetland managers in England and Wales project the impacts of climate change in the next 50 years. The...