Grazers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions - 8 April 2010

Livestock may reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide from semi-arid, cool temperate grasslands, not increase them, according to a paper published in Nature this week, co-authored by Dr Mark Sutton of CEH.

Creeping thistle managed with grazing - 8 April 2010

Careful grazing management can prove more effective than herbicide use in controlling the aggressive Creeping thistle, a new study co-authored by CEH suggests. The study is published in the journal Grass and Forage Science.

Ecological research needs of business - 6 April 2010

The ecological research needs of business is a new paper involving Professor Bridget Emmett from CEH. The paper can be viewed at the Journal of Applied Ecology website.

CEH's Carbon Catchments Initiative - 1 April 2010

The CEH Carbon Catchments are a network of four UK peatland sites which aim to quantify the overall carbon balance of individual peatlands. More information on this initiative is now available on the CEH website.

Biodiversity News and Views - 1 April 2010

The CEH-coordinated ALTERNET project has launched a Biodiversity News and Views website to help raise public awareness of issues relating to biodiversity and the natural world.



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