2014 CEH news review of the year 22 December 2014

Update to the Coded List of Freshwater Algae of Britain and Ireland 17 December 2014

Dull, damp November - latest UK hydrological summary 12 December 2014

NERC Council considers charitable status for CEH 10 December 2014

Wales Office Minister Baroness Randerson sees innovative environmental research during visit to CEH 28 November 2014

Understanding midge behaviour key to reducing cattle and sheep diseases 14 November 2014 

Experts meet to agree international action on reducing agriculture's contribution to air pollution 13 November 2014

Mild and wet month transforms UK hydrological situation 12 November 2014

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology appointed to coordinate £6.5M Valuing Nature Programme 7 November 2014

Major London summit values our environmental life support systems 6 November 2014

Bats hang out with their friends despite moving house often 30 October 2014

Seabird ecologist Francis Daunt receives Marsh Award for Ornithology 30 October 2014

New UK-China water resources research partnership 24 October 2014

Funds available to support short research visits to two CEH field sites 20 October 2014

New studentships to examine ecological resilience in lakes 17 October 2014

Public help needed to map fungus infecting invasive ladybird 16 October 2014

September 2014 fifth driest since 1766: UK Hydrological Summary 15 October 2014

Investigating the risks posed by pharmaceuticals to wildlife and ecosystems 13 October 2014

City life key to harlequin ladybird invasion 13 October 2014

Air pollution increases river flows 6 October 2014 

Adult vendace, Britain's rarest freshwater fish, found in Bassenthwaite Lake 2 October 2014

CEH in UK-India partnership on water security 1 October 2014 

CEH Director of Impact and Innovation appointed 27 September 2014

First England Red List for vascular plants shows a fifth of wildflower species under threat 15 September 2014

Cool, unsettled and wet - August 2014 Hydrological Summary for the UK 15 September 2014

The Big Bumblebee Discovery: initial results of citizen science experiment published 9 September 2014

New scientific review investigates potential influences on recent UK winter floods 27 August 2014

Ibuprofen levels in some rivers could adversely affect fish health 22 Aug 2014

CEH leads global network on geoengineering in lakes 18 Aug 2014

Thundery downpours cause flash floods - latest UK hydrological summary 14 Aug 2014

Scientists warn of impacts of animal species loss 25 Jul 2014

Domestic shower and river spray linked with Crohn's disease bacterium 24 Jul 2014

Water resources outlook remains healthy after warm and generally dry June – latest UK Hydrological Summary 15 Jul 2014

CEH supports international river basin management 11 Jul 2014

Queen bumblebees disperse far from their birthplace before setting up home, DNA analysis reveals 1 Jul 2014

Biological Records Centre, pioneer of citizen science, celebrates its 50th anniversary 26 Jun 2014

A changeable, unsettled and often wet month - May 2014 Hydrological Summary for the UK 13 Jun 2014

Update on urban hydrology research from CEH and BGS 13 Jun 2014

World-leading hydrological science for environmental flows 11 Jun 2014

Scientists identify top 30 high risk invasive alien species with potential to threaten British biodiversity 10 Jun 2014

PBMS staff supporting Universities Week at Natural History Museum event 6 Jun 2014

New atlas reveals trends in British and Irish dragonfly species 28 May 2014

TELLUS project launches maps and data 20 May 2014

Water resources outlook remains healthy – April 2014 Hydrological Summary for the UK 16 May 2014

Celebrating 20 years of the Environmental Change Network 12 May 2014

Super-charged tropical trees: Borneo’s productive trees vitally important for global carbon cycling 9 May 2014

New free practical guide covers when and how to use citizen science for monitoring the environment 8 May 2014

Pollutants affecting health and development of wild bird along urban rivers 2 May 2014

Auchencorth Moss monitoring site given WMO-GAW Regional Status 1 May 2014

Nitrogen on the table: pollution, climate and land use 25 April 2014

Launch of national peak river flow data service 11 April 2014

Mild March but legacy of exceptional winter rainfall remains – March 2014 Hydrological Summary for the UK 11 April 2014

Launching the UK Soil Observatory 10 April 2014

Butterfly fightback in 2013 but numbers still below average 9 April 2014

20 years of the Environmental Change Network – register for the May symposium 7 April 2014

New research projects announced to help save UK forests, woods and trees 25 March 2014

Exceptional rainfall, floods and gales – February 2014 Hydrological Summary for the UK 17 March 2014

Scientists to tackle burden of cattle disease on UK farms 4 March 2014

Farmland butterflies thrived in 2013 19 February 2014

Hydrological information and science from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology 14 February 2014

Notable persistent floodplain inundation: January 2014 Hydrological Summary for the UK 14 February 2014

The Big Bumblebee Discovery: large-scale citizen science! 12 February 2014

The recent storms and floods in the UK – new report 9 February 2014

Geoengineering in lakes: e-Conference seeks to build scientific consensus 7 February 2014

New Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Science Strategy launched during visit by Science Minister 31 January 2014

Announcement of first plenary speakers for lakes e-conference 30 January 2014

The Moth versus the Crowd – Tracking an alien invader of conker trees using people power 23 January 2014

Multiple manifestations of flooding all witnessed in December 2013, with relative impacts varied across the UK 16 January 2014


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