2013 Review of the Year 19 December 2013

Drought and climate change: an uncertain future? 17 December 2013

Water resources outlook remains healthy despite contrasting synoptic patterns through November 12 December 2013

NERC proceeds to the next stage of its review of the governance and ownership of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology 9 December 2013

COSMOS soil moisture network for UK under development 5 December 2013

Harlequin ladybirds escape enemies while native species succumb 3 December 2013

CEH plays key role in UK election to the Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme 27 November 2013

Wet October leads to rapid reduction in soil moisture deficits in England & Wales 14 November 2013

Introducing the Hydrological Outlook UK 13 November 2013

CEH land cover maps available to researchers and students through Environment Digimap service 6 November 2013

Carbon storage recovers faster than plant biodiversity in re-growing forests 6 November 2013

CEH success in £100m investment in environmental science doctoral training 5 November 2013

CEH researchers participate in new study on tropical forest biology 1 November 2013

Celebrating three decades archiving the nation's river flow and groundwater data 24 October 2013

Brenda Howard of CEH contributes to IAEA Fukushima remediation report 23 October 2013

Britain's rarest freshwater fish, the vendace, reappears in Bassenthwaite Lake 23 October 2013

CEH InVESTs in Natural Capital training course 18 October 2013

September rainfall totals modest but overall water resources healthy 11 October 2013

CEH scientist participates in IAEA expert review mission on remediation around Fukushima Daiichi plant 10 October 2013

CEH’s Professor Rosemary Hails appointed to chair the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE) October 2013

Studies address legacy of phosphorus impairment across ecosystems 25 September 2013

Europe-wide studies into cormorant-fishery conflicts published 24 September 2013

Warm August with below average rainfall across most of the country 16 September 2013

Water and climate change in the UK – assessing the evidence 10 September 2013

Science Minister David Willetts visits the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology 10 September 2013

New developments in real-time hazard impact modelling of surface water flooding 5 September 2013

Ecologists get first bumblebees' eye view of the landscape 22 August 2013

Notable heatwave but general water resources outlook remains healthy 14 August 2013

Leading environmental research organisations sign new agreement 6 August 2013

CEH welcomes NERC Centre Evaluation results 5 August 2013

Shifting patterns of temperature volatility in the climate system 24 July 2013

Dipper eggs warn of hidden pollutants in rivers 23 July 2013

UK's water resources outlook remains healthy after largely dry June 15 July 2013

Environment grand challenge funding success for CEH scientists 25 June 2013

Lonely bees make better guests 20 June 2013

Summer of success for Biological Records Centre at CEH 19 June 2013

Distinctly autumnal feel to May as below average temperatures persist 14 June 2013

Phosphorus footprint study wins prize at Clean Technology conference 13 June 2013 [NEED NEW INTERNAL LINK]

Satellite tagging reveals gannet colonies maintain exclusive fishing grounds 7 June 2013

The new CEH Science Development Group 6 June 2013

Open Farm Sunday visitors asked to count pollinating insects 4 June 2013

Puffin count on Isle of May NNR in Scotland gives surprising result 31 May 2013

Leaking ammonia leading to biodiversity loss and health risks, new themed volume of papers reveal 28 May 2013

Unkempt weedy land unintentionally boosts wildlife 22 May 2013

Cattle disease bacteria widespread in the UK 20 May 2013

Research achievements of Prof David Fowler FRS CBE recognised by NERC 16 May 2013

Termination of recharge season approaches after cold April 16 May 2013
Mobile phone app to help monitor UK's native ladybirds after foreign invasion 10 May 2013

Climate impacts evidence for biodiversity changes in the UK's countryside 9 May 2013

Banned pollutants are still found in sparrowhawks 2 May 2013

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Biodiversity visits CEH HQ in Wallingford 30 Apr 2013

Policymakers and scientists develop recommendations for implementing the 2020 European Biodiversity Strategy 22 Apr 2013

Cocktail of multiple pressures combine to threaten the world's pollinating insects 22 Apr 2013

Rhododendron model illuminates tree disease threat 18 Apr 2013

Half of Tamiflu prescriptions went unused during 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, sewage study concludes 16 Apr 2013

Cold March with widespread and disruptive spring snowfall – latest UK hydrological summary published 12 Apr 2013

Biochar slashes bioenergy soil emissions 29 Mar 2013

New CEH Science Director for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science appointed 28 Mar 2013

Washout 2012 was the worst year for UK butterflies on record 26 March 2013

Sustaining the quality of freshwaters for recreation 21 March 2013

Cold and relatively dry February, but continuing risk of groundwater flooding in vulnerable areas 13 March 2013

Tropical forests may be more resilient to global warming than previously thought 11 March 2013

What is the evidence for glacial shrinkage across the Himalayas? 8 March 2013

New products to speed up lake recovery examined 7 March 2013

CEH and James Hutton Institute build scientific research links with China 1 March 2013

Scientists take to air and sea to track progress on greenhouse gases 1 March 2013

Global implications of enhanced nitrogen deposition over China 21 February 2013

Smarter use of nutrients can help protect human health and the environment - new scientific report published 18 Feb 2013

WISER methods to assess ecological recovery of European water bodies highlighted in journal special issue 15 Feb 2013

Flooding risk remains as January rain and snow keep UK water resources healthy 14 Feb 2013

New developments in the hydrological use of weather radar 11 Feb 2013

Young ants using sounds to maintain social status in their colony 7 Feb 2013

Tropical rainforests, 'lungs' of the planet, reveal true sensitivity to global warming 7 Feb 2013

Key science-policy event on European biodiversity and ecosystem research 4 February 2013

Deforestation triggers carbon collapse of tropical peatlands 31 January 2013

Linking biodiversity research and policy-making at IPBES-1 in Bonn 25 January 2013

Grass-feeding butterflies defy 2012 deluge 17 January 2013

UK's water resources outlook healthy but high risk of further flooding 16 January 2013



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