New Publication: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Science Review 2006-2007 - 14th December

Integrated Science for Our Changing World: CEH's Science Strategy for 2008-2013 - 12th December

Lancaster Team wins National Young Entrepreneurs Competition - 12th December

New spin out company: Oxford Expression Technologies - 23rd November

Lakes and streams change colour as they return to a more natural state - 22nd November

New report: Assessing the potential risk of groundwater flooding - 8th November

New publication: Planet Guernsey - 1st November

Monthly Hydrological Summary for the UK - September 2007 - 23rd October

Nobel prize for climate change work - 12th October

Recovery from acid rain ‘much slower than expected’ - 9th October

Wallingford becomes CEH's headquarters - 1st October

New Monthly Hydrological Summary for the UK - August 2007 - 25th September

CEH scientists interviewed on Radio 4’s Connect programme - 21st September

Cheaper toxic waste disposal solutions - 11th September

OGC Gateway Review Confirms CEH Restructuring on Target - 10th September

New research identifies how one storm can affect another - 6th September

Higher river levels as more CO2 makes plants less thirsty - 30th August

Analysis of unprecedented summer flooding in England & Wales - 15th August

Conservation biology prize for CEH scientist - 10th August

Scientists at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology release preliminary analysis of current UK flooding - 31st July

BBC Wildlife magazine lists past and present CEH scientists as top conservationists - 31st July

Rising surface ozone reduces plant growth & adds to global warming - 25th July

SAS provides CEH with business software solutions - 19th July

Countryside Survey goes digital - 19th July

First hydrological analysis of June UK flood events to be published this week - 10th July

Soil microbes reach BBC Radio 4 - 18th June

Are you in love with ladybirds? - 14th June

Evidence on international research activities presented to Parliament - 6th June

UK's biggest ever Countryside Survey starts - 18th May

'A' level student receives major award at the Royal Society - 7th March

International Polar Year 2007-2008 - 26th February

Lifetime Achievement Award for Seabird work - 26th February

Environmental managers hear about our latest aquatic plant research - 26th February

Migrant Butterflies and Moths Invade the UK as European Temperatures rise - 8th January